Great Sex… Are You Getting Any?


Okay ladies, I’m giving you diamonds and pearls here, so please pay close attention. I will try to address most of the sexual problems here and if not, there’s always next month to continue, for however long it takes to resolve these issues, such as:

1. speed demons in bed
2. robots
3. spitty kissers
4. nipple pinchers, and so on…

Suffer no more. I will share some strategies for turning a so-so lover into a lover who CAN and WILL rock your world…with a few carefully laid hints. Trust mother, I’ve been there. You meet a guy, you’re into him—he’s into you, things are going so well, until…he sucks in bed. His technique is lacking and he’s doing that annoying thing with his tongue/hand/leg (take your pick). You finally ask yourself, “How did he get this far knowing so little?” Finally you’re thinking about the last slice of pineapple cheesecake in the refrigerator and you want to get it before your greedy roommate beat you to it OR you’re envisioning the cute expensive boots you saw in Bloomingdale’s. It’s never a good sign when your mind leaves the bedroom and into a department store. Then, you hope that your boring lover will turn out the lights and lock up when he’s done so that you can get some damn sleep, because a sista’s got things to do tomorrow. But what’s a girl to do? Years ago, the immature me would’ve thrown him back into the dating pool and kept it moving.

A lot of women usually suffer in silence, tsk-tsk. OR you can teach an old dog some new tricks. Let’s get one thing straight! Making a guy better in bed is actually about making sex better for you, period. And believe it or not, despite the sexual revolution and women’s lib, a lot of Black women are still Victorian in their thinking and are afraid to ask for what they want in bed. That’s why white women are taking your men, because brothers want some “brain” and you sistas won’t oblige.

Fortunately, there are women like myself who are bold and assertive and know how to ask for what we want instead of planning shopping sprees in the middle of sex. So now, pay attention, because basically, it’s all about honest communication:

The Orally Challenged Spitty Kisser
A lot of guys do not know how to kiss, period. Some kiss with tight lips locked up like fort knox. Some kiss very drooly, like a teething baby (are you dry-heaving yet?). You can do the immature thing during a make-out session and grab a towel to wipe your mouth…and if he continues, you fetch a mop…that being said, I like to also add that a lot of guys don’t know how to please a woman orally either. For most women, this flaw is a complete deal breaker. It’s not something you can teach. I of course disagree. You can’t go in thinking that you’re going to get perfect sex every time. If you really like him and think he’s worth the time, work with
him…simply ask him, “How do you like to be kissed?” Believe it or not, most guys are open and upfront about discussing it. Soon, after you do this, he’ll be eager to emulate and reciprocate. Once you have an open line of communication going, you can continue telling him what you like and how.

The Speed demon
I once had a boyfriend tell me he was done, while I was unlocking my front door to get into my apartment…just kidding. For a lot of men, anticipation is simply too much for them…more than they can handle. If he’s that way, maybe you shouldn’t build it up too much. If you’re going to see him that night, don’t send dirty emails or leave sexy phone messages, because as he watches you disrobe…one part schoolgirl outfit, one part striptease, he’s already ejaculated in his shorts and it’s good night Tyrone.

The Jack hammer
You ever had a guy nail you…literally, like an oil derrick? You feel like a piece of meat, right? Don’t hurt his feelings, girls. Men’s egos are very fragile and not as resilient as they’d like to think, so go easy on him. Give subtle directions with compliments—it’s all in the way you approach it. Tell him gently to slow down or “Wow, that feels good when you’re gentle”, and quickly follow it up with, “but don’t stop”. The results will please you…and him.

Nipple Pinchers/ Biters
Apparently, some lying heifer…or Rottweiler puppy, told some guy, and he told some other guys, that it felt good to us for them to chew and suck on our nipples as hard as they can. Listen up girls, if you want to keep your nipples, you must show him what you like. Try it on him what you want done to you. Then, do it his way, rough and gnawing cannibal like…he’ll get the message. Trust mother.

When he thrusts your head
Women don’t you hate that? This is a pretty common move from most guys while you’re giving them Fellatio. Sometimes when you attempt to lift your head for air, they misinterpret that to mean you’re done; so they thrust your head harder, thereby gagging you with their member and making you dry heave. Soooo not sexy. So, this is what you should do. Get several scarves and tie his arms behind his back and also blindfold him. Whisper in his ear, “I run this show…you simply relax and enjoy the ride.” And he will.

To Be Continued On The Next Article…

A.G. Thornton is a writer an author of FAMILY, FRIENDS, HUSBANDS and LOVERS…THE BEST OF ENEMIES

Are Relationship Titles for Convenience?


I have this aunt and this uncle. They have been married for more than 25 years. This past Christmas holiday they opened their gifts from each other, danced after dinner, and cuddled all night like a couple of newlyweds.

Then, after a few days of non-stop PDA and fun, my aunt packed up the suitcase she’d brought with her, got on a plane and flew across the country back to her home… where she lives… alone.

My uncle stayed in Ohio, went back to his normal routine of work and then went back to his house… where he lives… alone.

Twenty-five plus years and for the past eight or nine they’ve been separated. Oh sure, every now and then they’ll live with each other again for a few months, but then, like clockwork, they’re back to their separate corners, doing their separate things.

My aunt ventures out and dates— and I’m sure my uncle does the same— but whenever she comes back into town it’s like they’ve resumed their marriage, like nothing has ever happened. For years my aunt has been saying she’s going to divorce him and for years she never has.

One day I asked her, “Why don’t you just get the divorce already? Y’all have been apart for so long.” And do you know what she said?
She said: “Even though he’s not here and we don’t live together, we’re still legally married and, in a way, that means I’m not single.”

There you have it.

Women today are so consumed with and afraid of the idea of being alone that some would rather hold onto something that isn’t truly there just for comfort. She hasn’t yet found a new man (or the right one) and so instead of crying “alone” or “by myself” she holds onto the fact that she still has a husband, legally. It saddened me to hear this.

Marriage is a title; it takes much more than signing a piece of paper to cultivate and sustain a real marriage. But how many of us women choose to hold onto a title, any title, just to say we are technically in relationship even if the physical aspect isn’t there? Men too. I have another uncle and he’s guilty of the same thing. He lives up north, his wife lives down south, been married on paper for decades but living apart for years.

Channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw: “I wonder, is holding onto the title of a broken or false relationship better than having no relationship at all?”
What do you think, sistas?


Service is her passion, writing is her platform, women and the Black Community are her avenues. Shala Marks is a writer, editor and soon-to-be author. Marks aspires to help make a difference in society through the messages in her writings. She has a B.A. in journalism from Arizona State University. Check her out at:



Does Every Woman Need Closure?

Three different guys. Three different situations. One repetitive outcome.

Guy Number One

He was attractive, intelligent and all the ladies wanted him. I, being a lady, was no different. We flirt, talk on the phone and eventually start dating. A couple weeks later he comes to me saying, “Sorry, I just didn’t like you as much as I thought I did.” Ummm, okay?

Guy Number Two

Again, attractive, intelligent, every girl is trying to date him. We talk for hours on the phone every night. We hang out during the day. Months go by and still nothing. So, nervously, I ask, “So, are we talking?” His response: “Well, I wouldn’t say that.” Hmm, alright then.

Guy Number Three

Now he’s a bit different. Not all that attractive, but he’s sweet. Every girl isn’t checking for him, but he treats me like a queen, like he just cannot get enough of me. Life happens, we’re forced into different states. We reunite again after a few months. I’m finally back in his warm and familiar embrace. Me: “I still have feelings for you.” Him: “Well, me too, but I met someone else.” Ouch!

So, as the same scenario plays out in my love life over and over, an ugly untruth is secretly making its home where my self confidence use to reside: I’m not good enough. I was not good enough to be liked as much as one guy perceived; I was not good enough to even try being in a ‘pre-relationship’ with; and I was not good enough to be the victor in a past love vs. new fling duel.

Without me realizing it, this feeling has buried itself deep into my heart, and has grown and flourished over the years. Now, I finally meet Mr. Right who’s trying his hardest to love me, but the not good enough branches and leaves keep pushing his affection away.

So, fed up with myself and desperate to not lose the man I love, I did the unthinkable. I sucked up my pride, put my feelings on the shelf, borrowed some courage (from who knows) and asked each and every one of my old flames that awful, but necessary question: why?

I got closure and was finally able to move on. But now I’m wondering, should I have needed it? We all have bad experiences in the love department; it’s a part of life. But, as the story goes, we eventually find the perfect guy who is so wonderful and more than we could ever imagine that we instantly forget about our pasts. It’s like Lauryn Hill’s voice blasts through our minds: Nothing even matters at all.

But what happens when it does matter? What happens when you’re still holding onto past hurts and pains that your prince charming wasn’t able to sweep away? And worse, what about when your past starts affecting your future?

I’ve always thought that once I met the right guy, everything else in the past wouldn’t hold any value. Your present (and one day future) are all that matter now. So, does it say anything about your current relationship if your man wasn’t able to make you forget about your past? Or do we as women put too much responsibility on our future mates to clear out the skeletons in our closets when that’s a chore only we can/should do?
What do you think, Sistas? Is closure necessary in order to move on?

Service is her passion, writing is her platform, women and the Black Community are her avenues. Shala Marks is a writer, editor and soon-to-be author. Marks aspires to help make a difference in society through the messages in her writings. She has a B.A. in journalism from Arizona State University. Check her out at:

Relationship Deal Breakers… ?

While watching Iyanla Vanzant try and fix Basketball Wives star Eveleyn Lozada’s life, I couldn’t help but wonder what the latter’s relationship deal breakers are?

Evelyn admitted to being physically manhandled by her husband before they were married and even to knowing that he was sleeping with other women. Still, with all this knowledge in hand, she walked down the aisle and before God and family, vowed to love Chad Johnson for life.

I wish I could say Lazada is some rare case, but truth be told, I know many men and women who don’t seem to have boundaries or deal breakers when it comes to their relationships.

My ex-husband’s brother loved his wife dearly (they were childhood sweethearts) and stayed with her for years as she went through her midlife crisis- hanging out in clubs and cheating with men half her age. The marriage eventually ended when she left him and their children to move in with one of her young lovers.

You would have thought cheating would have been a deal breaker but it wasn’t. You would have thought abandoning her children would have been a deal breaker but that wasn’t either. For my ex’s brother there was no deal breaker when it came to his wife because he loved her just that much.

But for many of us, we do have deal breakers. Mine is any form of physical or emotional abuse. I also don’t play that DL ish. If I find out my significant other has a thing for men, I’m out!

What deal breakers do you have?

Kissing Frogs

Anyone that knows me knows I love to kiss. It’s amazing, but I’ll come back to that. One of my mentees called me today, frantic, she has a boyfriend (aaawww!), and he passed her a note advising her that he would like to kiss her after school (again..Aaawww!). She didn’t know what to do. They’re twelve (12). She was so excited I couldn’t help, but be excited for her. I was apprehensive…12. That’s a bit young to me. I was asked “So, how old were you?! Was it great?! Are ya’ll still friends?! Did you love him?!” …..I thought back…way back. My first frog!

The first kiss. Amazing. Yes, I remember it well, and I was just as excited as my mentee. Many that will read this knew me growing up. I’ve always been the tallest girl I know. Growing up I was taller than most boys as well. I wore the thickest glasses ever made, and I literally had teeth growing every direction…except straight. I was, for lack of a better word, hideous! That is, until the summer before my freshman year of high school. I was fourteen. Things turned around for me…instantly. I got braces. Contacts. Brand new boobs…that’s right…brand new. The boys…they came a flocking! The first one, and I’ll never forget him, John, it was the summer before his senior year. He strutted around my neighborhood in biking shorts. Biking shorts ya’ll. Now he was about 6’3″, and full grown. Read what I’m saying: a “full grown” 17 year old in biking shorts. My mother hated him. Hate. She hated him. Fortunately for him, my father no longer lived with us. He wouldn’t have made it past the door. Didn’t matter to me, he was male, and he wanted me. The tall girl that had the thick glasses and bad teeth had turned to a swan. I had a boyfriend. Heeeeyyyy!!

My mother allowed him in our house, in the living room. I now suspect so she could keep an eye on us. Well…on him anyway. I was walking him…in his biking shorts, to the front door. He grabbed my hand, bent down, and kissed me. Really…I’m being kissed…by a man! Now, I know the way I tell the story, you would think it was by far the best kiss in the world…trust me, to this day it is still the worst kiss I have ever had. He was horrible, sorry John, but even with no experience I knew that wasn’t how you kissed. The awfulness of it, however, doesn’t take away from how happy I was. It still makes me smile. To answer my mentees other questions, no I didn’t love him, but I did love the idea that he liked me. Yes…we are still friends. We joke about it a lot, and he claims he is much better now. He has 6 kids (one of whom I am the Godmother of), so I assume he has greatly improved.

Since John, I am not ashamed to say I have kissed my fair share of men. Kissing the frogs, waiting for a prince, some of them good, some of them bad, all of them necessary. Sometimes you have to go through a lot of frogs to get to a prince. It’s part of the process. You learn what you like. What you don’t like. What’s good for you. What’s bad. If you are lucky, one day you kiss the frog, and it is the sweetest most amazing thing in the world. You found your Prince, the one that you want to kiss every day. All day. For as long as you both shall live. That one kiss makes all of the frogs you went through worth it. That one kiss frees your mind, and unlocks your heart. This amazing man sent to you from God, makes all the horrible kisses…all the bad experiences…all the heartbreak…all the rejection worth it.

Do I wish my first kiss was better? Do I wish it was with someone I actually loved? Do I wish he would have been my prince, and we would have lived happily together for the rest of our lives? Of course I do. Would I trade that kiss? Not for anything in the world. It was my first kiss. It was awesome! Until I kiss my Prince, it is the one kiss I’ll never forget. It was the kiss that put me on the path to finding my Prince! So to my mentee I say, with tears in my eyes, and joy in my heart….GO GET THAT KISS GIRL!

Does He Only Text You?

I have noticed an ongoing trend in relationships these days. One where couples no longer whiseper sweet nothings in their partners ears, but rather text them.

I have several girlfriends who seem to spend more time texting their men over the phone than actually spending time with them in person.

According to a recent study on how technology has affected the dating scene, 65% of respondents felt it was okay to ask for a FIRST date via text message. 48% said it was okay to break up via text, while 30% admit to actually being dumped via text message.

Even more sobering, many women claim texting has totally ruined the act of courting. “A lot of guys don’t even call anymore, they just text,” said one female respondent. “Guys no longer feel like they have to woo you. Now it’s all about technology. They feel a text message is just as good as a phone call or one on one interaction.”

When asked how much time they actually spend with their “textmates,” most admitted that texting has cut down the one-on-one time they spend with their partners.

Natasha Reynolds, a college student, says she and her boyfriend hardly speak by phone or see each other because of their busy schedules. She admits the short length of text messages had led to misunderstandings and thus they have limited their texting time. She says she hopes it will strengthen their relationship and the way they communicate with one another.

So, how you Brown Sista readers? Do you find yourself texting your men more than you talk to them via phone or see them in person? Do you think texting has ruined the art of dating?

Have your say.

Is Love Cursed by Monogamy?

Kanye West begs us to ponder a crucial question when it comes to exclusive relationships and marriage: “Is love cursed by monogamy?” In this day and age it’s very likely that you’ve either been cheated on before, have cheated on your significant other, will cheat on your significant other in the future or will be cheated on. Is this a sad reality that we will have to come to terms with or is it possible to have a monogamous and loving relationship for a sufficient amount of time?

Imagine a world where polygamy was the norm and people were expected to date more than one person at a time. Polyamorous is a word used to describe a person who has several intimate relationships at a time. When sitting to consider the benefits of being in this type of relationship and having the acceptance of all parties involved it sounds ideal. You get to basically have your cake and eat it too. But if you are a woman dating three different men who all know about each other, you may reach a point where you start developing stronger feelings for one of the men that you’re dating…then what? It is an innate human desire to want to be with someone and experience a close relationship but what happens when you want someone exclusively to yourself? The thought of someone you love being intimate with someone else is enough to insight the green-eyed monster in anyone. How can you be nonchalant while watching the person you love, loving someone else?

I’ve heard the saying “if you’re not ready to be exclusive, don’t be in a relationship,” but what about those in polyamorous relationships? The beauty of a relationship or marriage lies in knowing that you have found someone who cherishes and loves you enough to make a commitment to be with only you. Without that sense of security, the glamour of a relationship fades. Why even be in a relationship with someone if you guys are free to date and commit to many other people? Monogamy, although a difficult concept for many to grasp, is what makes a relationship so amazing. Despite the temptations of others around you, perhaps the true test of love is being able to commit to one person and only one person. Being in a polyamorous relationship could be fun at first; the ability to have relationships with several men sounds appealing. But at some point it’s nice to feel like someone loves and cares about you enough to commit to you and share their life with you and only you.

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