Zoe Ever After Ratings + Brandy Beggin & Pleadin

ZOE EVER AFTER RATINGS - BRANDY RELEASES NEW MUSIC - BRANDY BEGGIN AND PLEADINPreliminary overnight ratings for Brandy’s new comedy Zoe Ever After are looking pretty good. The BET original series pulled in just over a million viewers and garnered a 1.0 in demo. Those numbers would ordinarily render a network show dead on arrival, but in cable land, especially BET, those numbers are actually worth celebrating.

It should also be noted that BET made the first episode of Zoe Ever After available for viewing online just days before its premiere. I wondered why the network would do that, as most likely it would affect the show’s premiere numbers. But based on what it takes to be renewed on BET, I can only assume they knew what they were doing.
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Watch the First Episode of Brandy’s “Zoe Ever After”

Watch the First Episode of “Zoe Ever After” Before it’s January 5 Premiere Date

WATCH THE FIRST EPISODE OF ZOE EVER AFTERBrandy’s new show Zoe Ever After doesn’t officially air until January fifth; however, as of today BET has chosen to make the debut episode available to fans online.

As previously reported, Brandy stars as Zoe Moon, a newly divorced single mom looking to break out of the shadow of her famous ex-husband by starting her own cosmetics company.

Zoe will be joined by a hilarious cast of characters that include Dorian Missick as her ex-husband Gemini Moon, Tory Devon Smith as her assistant Valenté, and Haneefah Wood as her best friend Pearl.
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Brandy Reprises Role in “Chicago the Musical”

brandy reprises role in chicago the musicalBrandy is returning to the stage next spring to reprise her role as Roxie Hart in the Los Angeles production of Chicago the Musical. The Zoe Ever After star originally made her Broadway debut in the play over the summer when she enjoyed a 12-week sold-out run at the Ambassador Theatre.

No doubt Brandy hopes to reproduce the same magic when she beings her one-week engagement in the musical on April 26 at the Pantages Theatre in downtown L.A.
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More “Zoe Ever After” Promo

ZOE EVER AFTER STARRING BRANDYFans looking forward to Brandy’s upcoming BET comedy Zoe Ever After are in luck. The network has made another preview available- one that features the show’s theme song which Brandy wrote and performs herself.

Zoe Ever After is set to debut next month and stars Brandy as Zoe Moon, a newly divorced mom looking to step outside the shadow of her famous ex-husband by starting her own cosmetics company.
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Preview Brandy’s New BET Show “Zoe Ever After”

PREVIEW ZOE EVER AFTERSo here it is you guys, your first look at Brandy’s new BET comedy Zoe Ever After.

Set to premiere in January 2016, the show revolves around Zoe Moon, a newly divorced mom seeking to make a name for herself outside the shadow of her famous ex-husband.

Zoe teams up with her sassy best friend and flamboyant gay assistant, and together they embark on turning Zoe into what she’s always wanted to be: the owner of her own cosmetics company.
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Brandy’s New BET Show Gets a New Name

Brandy ‘s New Show Zoe Moon Gets a Name Change

BRANDY'S NEW BET SHOW GETS A NAME CHANGEAs previously reported, Brandy and BET have teamed up for a new hour long comedy-drama titled Zoe Moon. The show is set to air sometime in early January 2016, but when it does, it will do so under the new name Zoe Ever After.

BET announced the name change when it unveiled the show’s cast, which consists of Dorian Missick (Zoe’s ex-husband Gemini Moon), Jaylon Gordon (Zoe’s son Xavier), Tory Devon Smith (Zoe’s assistant Valenté), Haneefah Wood (Zoe’s best friend Pearl) and Ignacio Serricchio (Zoe’s new love interest Miguel).
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New Brandy Photo Shoot from Renny Vasquez

NEW BRANDY PHOTO SHOOTMake-up artist to the stars, Renny Vasquez, has just unveiled a gorgeous new Brandy photo shoot, rumored to be featured in his first coffee table book.

Brandy said the pair met by chance in a restaurant a few years back and have been inseparable ever since. “Renny is more than just a make-up artist. He is simply an artist. One thing I love most about working with Renny is that I can solely trust him. He knows my face, he has my best interest at heart, he continues to evolve his techniques, and he’s passionate about what he does.”
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Brandy Makes Her Return to TV

According to TvLine, Brandy is heading for the hills… Beveryly Hills, that is. Word has it the 32 year old singer/actress will be joining the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 when it returns to the Fox line-up this fall.

Brandy will reportedly play Marissa Jackson-Lewis, an up and coming politician who is running for congress in California. A source close to the show described the character as a cross between Hillary Clinton, sans the pants suits, and Barack Obama.

90210 is due to return on Tuesday, September 13th. Brandy’s first appearance however isn’t scheduled until sometime in October.

Brandy A Has Been? I Think Not

Whenever a musical act stumbles upon a rough patch in their career and the hits seem harder and harder to come by, the public often times takes it upon themselves to start referring to that artist as a has been. This is the case with Brandy, a singer who has sold over 20 million records, won several Grammys, been a television star, a movie star, graced the cover of dozens of magazines and once had endorsement deals that Forbes said totaled over 10million dollars. Despite her many accomplishments in several different fields of the entertainment industry, the fact that she hasn’t had a certified hit single in the last few years causes a lot of people to discount her and her talents. This no doubt is the reason why the singer has taken to posting You Tube videos of herself singing in her bathroom and performing at small venues like she did earlier this week. Brandy is trying to remind the public that despite the lukewarm reception to her last few albums, she is still an amazing voice in R n’ B music to be reckoned with. Just as I believe R n’ B needs the Monica’s of the world, they need the Brandy’s too. They need artists who put music first and want to make a connection with their fans that is based on something real. I think Brandy did just that when she performed several songs Tuesday evening at the R&B Live event in Hollywood, California. Brandy went old skool on the crowd- performing with a live band- no smoke- no mirrors- no crazy get-ups- just a microphone and her amazing voice.

Check the clip below of the singer belting out one of her biggest hits… Almost Doesn’t Count.