Why You Should Be Visiting Tumblr Daily… After This Site, Of Course

TUMBLRWhile Twitter and Facebook continue to garner most of the attention when social media sites are talked about, there is a much smaller gem out there that I have found myself gravitating to more and more over the last couple of months: Tumblr.

If you are a member of a fandom, such as Olitz, WestAllen, Captain Swan, or Ichabbie, then you already know Tumblr is the place to be online. However, if you aren’t a member of a fandom, or don’t even know what the hell a fandom is, you’ll find that Tumblr still has a lot to offer via it’s various communities.

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It was blustery cold outside; 17 degrees I think. But I was present, in the church’s basement, when New York City’s top cop, Commissioner Bill Bratton was brave to admit to a mostly black audience in Jamaica, queens, at the Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York for a Black History month event, February 2015, that police played a part in some of the darkest moments in black history. The worst parts of black history were possible due to the racist culture and nature of the police. Slavery, The United States original and greatest sin (colonizing Indians on reservations came later), sat on a foundation that was codified by laws—LAWS !!! And then enforced by the police, slave catcher, etc. He went on to discuss how Peter Stuyvesant, a Dutch settler used black slave labor to build New Amsterdam (now called Manhattan), then he build a police force. He acknowledged the distrust seeded historically by the role of police in enforcing laws that were the foundation of slavery and Jim Crow discrimination. And he talked about the risk that attitudes born of policing neighborhoods where most crimes are committed by blacks can unconsciously harden into bias against all blacks. And ever since then, the stories of police and black citizens have been intertwined, again and again…and it was always bloody, most times, ending in death. I started to cry. A stranger—parishioner patted my shoulder to calm me down!!!!
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I am so angry, I can chew rocks!! When will Blacks stop being America’s boogyman? There are still people out there who feel that the Brown shooting was self-defense… white people. Such people may even feel that Rodney King’s brutal beating and the killing of Amadou Diallo and Eric Garner were justified… white people. The young man in the Brown shooting was UNARMED—not a knife-wielding, gun-toting, muscle-bound hulk. I thought that the police were only supposed to use their firearms as a last resort or when there is no other way to stop an individual from causing deadly harm to the officer or to another person, particularly with a weapon… white people. Basically, an individual’s defense is supposed to be comparable to the degree of harm he or she is confronted with… white people. There are those who feel that unarmed minorities cannot be subdued without killing them… white people.
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Educational Obstacles Young Girls Face in School

While growing up in a predominately White school district, I suffered from a lot of social and educational barriers that hindered me from reaching my full potential at times. I struggled with very deep self-identity issues, as I became more aware of the fact that white students would get away with saying and disrupting the class a lot more than I could. I eventually fostered feelings of wanting to be a little white girl. I also began to notice that some of my white teachers would reference black people in a negative tone during general discussions. I was even spat on and called a “nigger” several times out of my school day, that resulted in nothing less than, “I am sorry you had to endure that”, from the principal of my elementary school. To say the least, I had some major social barriers that caused a few educational deficits.
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Opie and Anthony Shock Jocky Fired By SiriusXM


If anyone should know by now that belligerent rants on social media can virtually ruin your career, and perhaps even your life, it should be high profile personalities whose count of followers have exceeded the amount of money they make per year. Take for instance, Anthony Cumia, radio shock jock who makes up one half of Satellite and Sirius’s “Opie and Anthony” talk radio show. Reportedly, Cumia whose talk radio career has extended for nearly two decades has been fired by Sirius XM for posting “racially-charged” and “hate-filled” comments on Twitter.
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While African immigrants attend college at a much higher rate than U.S. born Blacks. Their motivation of course, is very different—in that they leave their country, which has no opportunities and come to the United States that has many opportunities. “They come to do something with their lives, not to sit around and do nothing.” Exclaimed David, my male Ugandan friend who sat across from me in a Cuban restaurant. “Our cultures are very different.” CeCe, my female friend continued. I said yes, but for American Blacks, it’s a culture of low expectations also…dating back to the days of slavery (CeCe rolled her eyes at me, but I ignore it). “American Blacks were faced with institutionalized racism; do you know what that even means?” I asked. “It means that the system that was erected due to biased inequality in this country was woven so deeply into the fabric of this country’s laws, policies and practices based solely on race—so Black students just gave up.” I finished, taking a bite of my chicken.
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Jennifer Hudson Slays the Pink Carpet

How amazing does singer Jennifer Hudson look?

The 32-year old Oscar winner slayed the pink carpet at the taping of this year’s Black Girls Rock Awards Ceremony.

Jennifer left the lace front at home and accentuated her short new do with fuchsia lips, a black mini, fishnets and thigh high boots.

Jennifer, who performed at this year’s show, called her look “Biker Chic” on Instagram and said fans should expect to see a similar look when she hits the promo trail for her upcoming film Black Nativity
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Rihanna Channels Medusa for GQ


When not selling out stadiums as part of her Diamonds World Tour, Rihanna is slaying magazine covers across the globe.

For their 25th Anniversary issue, British GQ called on photographer Damien Hirst, who decked the singer out in nothing but a python and seashell bikini bottom.

According to Hirst, his love for his subject is rooted in her attitude. “At the end of the day the only interesting people are the people who go, ‘Fuck off. This is what I think.’ And you know what? That’s why I like Rihanna. She’s very ‘Fuck the lot of you, this is what I think.’”
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