Gabrielle Union to Produce New Christmas Film

GABRIELLE UNION TO PRODUCE NEW CHRISTMAS FILMActress Gabrielle Union is ready to spread her wings and has signed on to star in and executive produce the seasonal flick A Meyers Christmas. The upcoming Universal production will center on a divided family brought together over the Christmas holiday by the passing of their matriarch.

Baggage Claim writer-director David E. Talbert will helm the production, while Will Packer and Gabrielle handle things on the distribution end. Gabby and Will previously worked together on the Lifetime flick With this Ring, which starred Jill Scott, Eve and Regina Hall.
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Gabrielle Union Shares Never Before Seen Wedding Pics

Gabrielle Union Shares Never Before Seen Wedding PicsFor her #FlashbackFriday submission on Instagram, actress Gabrielle Union decided to share a couple of never before seen pics from her 2014 wedding to Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade.

The couple wed almost a year ago (August 30) in a lavish Miami ceremony, and reportedly have plans to renew their vows again this year.
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Gallery: Gabrielle in the City

Candids: Gabrielle Union Hits the Streets of New York

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - July 09, 2015Being Mary Jane actress Gabrielle Union was spotted on the streets of New York City today, reportedly leaving a meeting at her publicist’s office in the meatpacking district.

Gabrielle has a lot to promote in the upcoming months. Not only has her BET series been picked up for another year, she has also landed three new movie roles: The Birth of a Nation, Keanu and Sleepless Nights which reunites her with her Breakin’ All the Rules co-star Jamie Foxx.
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People’s ’50 Most Beautiful’ People

For the second year in a row actress Gabrielle Union has been named one of People Magazine’s ’50 Most Beautiful’ people. Gabby is joined on this year’s list by fellow Brown Sista beauties Kelly Rowland, Halle Berry Berry and Kerry Washington.

Gabrielle and Kelly both did photo shoots for the issue. Gabrielle’s dealt with beauty over 40, while Kelly’s was all about going au natural.

According to Gabrielle, her fountain of youth can literally be found in the fountain. Gabby says water is her only key to maintaining a youthful appearance. “I started drinking a gallon of water a day in my mid-thirties. It changed everything from weight maintenance to hair, skin, nails and digestion. It was truly a life saver,” she told People.

As for Miss Kelly, her shoot required her to take it off… make-up that is. Kelly says she was like “Oh my gosh” when asked to take part in People’s no make-up challenge.

The ‘Kisses Down Low’ cutie says she struggled with the concept, mostly because make-up helps hide the bags she gets under her eyes whenever she is tired. Other than that, Kelly says she skips make-up when she’s not working and that not wearing it makes her feel “clean.”

Check out behind the scenes video from both Gabby and Kelly’s photo session here and here. You can also check out the pics that made the magazine below.

Gabrielle Union To Launch Plus Size Clothing Line

Gabrielle Union is about to try her hand at being a fashion designer. The 37 year old actress is reportedly putting the finishing touches on her own line of plus size clothing. Gabrielle told BV On Style that her new collection would be called Love & Blessings by Gabrielle and that she planned to launch the line via either HSN or QVC. Gabrielle herself says she is a size 6 but came up with the idea because her sister is a plus size woman who has trouble finding clothes to fit and flatter her figure. Gabrielle says she hopes to bring sexy back to fashions for larger size ladies. Gabrielle’s line is set to make its debut in the summer of 2011. For those of you who can’t wait that long to get your sexy on, you might want to try either Torrid, ASOS Curve or Faith 21.

Sista Sighting: Gabrielle Union

Actress Gabrielle Union and basketball player Dwyane wade made a rare public appearance over the weekend. The pair were spotted attending Dwyane, and Alonzo Mourning’s, annual Summer Groove Comedy Jam. Dwyane reportedly told the media that he and Gabby are officially a couple and that today would be their coming out party.

Gabrielle Union Gets Sued By Dwayne Wade’s Wife

Basketball player Dwayne Wade’s estranged wife is suing his new girlfriend, actress and Neutrogena spokemodel, Gabrielle Union. In newly filed court documents Siohvaughn Wade alleges that Gabrielle’s conduct with her husband inflicted emotional distress on the couple’s children, who were often present when Dwayne and Gabrielle were carrying on their “illicit affair.” Siohvaughn is suing Gabrielle for $50,000 on behalf on her two young sons, who reportedly are in therapy and now suffer from extreme bouts of depression, anxiety and headaches, all because they were exposed to what the suit calls the “sexual foreplay” of Dwayne and the woman their father introduced to them as his “girlfriend” and the reason why “your mom and I are going to divorce.”

Neither Siohvaughn nor Gabrielle has spoken out about the suit. However, when asked about her role in the break-up of the Siohvaughn/Dwayne marriage by Essence magazine last year, Gabrielle responded by saying: “The only marriage that I’ve ever been a part of destroying is my own, and it’s not my place to talk about anybody else’s.”

Gabrielle Union On Insecurities

You wouldn’t think someone as beautiful as Gabrielle Union would have insecurities when she looks in the mirror- however the actress says that in spite of her success in an industry that puts a premium on good looks- she still has days in which she doubts her worth and beauty. Read what the actress calls “Things You Generally Don’t Share” on her official online blog below…

If you ask my parents they would say I was a perfect child, a model child, because I did everything that was asked of me. I got great grades, I was a great athlete, I was a student leader, the police were never called, there were never any major scandals on our cul-de-sac…but what was going on inside, and what I was dealing with individually and as a group of girls, was absolute turmoil. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, we were forced to deal with a lot of adult issues and situations as a collective, and often times we wouldn’t turn to each other, we would internalize everything, we didn’t have an outlet. So, I was going through MAJOR low self esteem. I was a black girl in an all white school in an all white community, never feeling good enough, but always being encouraged by my parents to be bigger, badder and better. And perfect is the standard. That’s an immense amount of pressure to put on a child. Then I’m starting to like guys. And in my own town, with me being THE black girl, the white guys weren’t really checking for me in that way. When I got to go to basketball camp and I got be around black boys, I was like cool…until I got dumped…for a light skinned girl. And then that whole thing started. My hair isn’t straight enough. My nose isn’t pointy enough. My lips are too big. My boobs aren’t big enough. And you start going through all of that. And I realize as I’ve gotten older a lot of issues that I was dealing with at 15, I am still dealing with today.

My niece is a teenager and is dealing with her skin, she’s dealing with her hair, she’s dealing with what clothes to wear, the music she listens to…I would love to say a lot has changed, but I certainly believe that there is a lot more work to do be done.

In the business that I am in now, it is incredibly tough, and to be honest, sometimes it is is hard to keep my head above the water, sometimes I feel like I’m drowning. I’m just really fortunate to have people, friends I can call on at any hour. You don’t get a job, and you immediately want to blame it on, if my hair was different, or maybe if my nose…or they just want to go with light-skin girls, and you start to doubt yourself, and the self-doubts and the low self-esteem starts to creep in. When that happens I know that I can call on a good friend. One day, he made me do this exercise, which I thought was ridiculous at first, standing in the mirror and finding things about my face that I loved, whether it be the freckles or my eyebrows, and just concentrating on all of the positive things…and I thought it was a load…and then, I found myself doing it one day and I found myself feeling a little bit better. So I texted him and I was like, “it worked.” But what I found is that it’s great that I have a group of girlfriends that I can rely on, but it can’t just be this one-way street of women validating women.

There’s something about a platonic, non-sexual male voice in your life, ideally your parent, your father, relative or brother, which should be a steady, consistent source of nothing but positivity. And having this friend inspired me to reach out to my own dad and tell him that he’s got to tell my niece everyday that she is a beautiful princess. I can tell her that she has a lovely jump shot, or she does well in school, but what she’s gonna start looking out for from other people, from other men, is to tell her how beautiful she is, and she’s gonna find validation in all the wrong ways. So, it is important to be that mentor, to be that guiding figure in her life, so she doesn’t accept validation from the wrong places.

We don’t generally share these stories. These are things that you generally take to the grave with you. You don’t want people to know that I hate my nose. You don’t want people to know that I have this fear a light-skinned woman walking into the room, ya’ know, you don’t want people to know that, so you take that your grave. So, I write this to let you all know that I’m still in it, but it’s getting better and there is light at the end of the tunnel. And when a young person has a mentor, it only makes the light seem that much more real.


What She Wore: Gabrielle Union

A little black dress with a yellow belt, clutch and cage sandals

The Hennessy Black Orlando launch party at Rain Ultra Lounge in Orlando, Florida.

Gabrielle transformed a simple black dress into a festive party look with bold yellow accessories and edgy cage sandals. Go bold for a night on the town by adding mix of neon accessories to your LBD.
Actress Gabrielle Union Hennessy Black Orlando Party (2)Actress Gabrielle Union Hennessy Black Orlando Party (1)Actress Gabrielle Union Hennessy Black Orlando Party (3)

Gabrielle Unions Reps For The Ladies

Gabrielle Union Mens Magazine Photo Shoot (2) We women love to talk about men and about sex. Graphically, enthusiastically. For us, it was a natural progression from slumber-party gossip about cute boys to happy-hour dishing of bedroom details. It’s almost impossible for us to over share.

We listen, advise, criticize, and analyze. And laugh a lot. It’s a bonding ritual, says sexuality researcher Debby Herbenick, Ph. D., the author of Because It Feels Good. “it helps women find out what’s normal or not.”

When Men’s Health surveyed more than 400 women about sex talk, the eager responses surprised (and dismayed) some editors — the male editors, that is. We even asked Gabrielle Union, whose new show FlashForward premieres on ABC this fall, to share her thoughts on the topic.

“When you’re in the dating phase,” she says, “you tell your friends everything. Was it big? Did he know what to do with it? Is he into oral? Everything. The dissection is complete.”

Are you cringing yet? Do you have to impress not only one woman but a whole group of them? Relax — and use this information. Here are the five topics women talked about most freely in our survey, and advice on how to become the kind of guy we love to brag about. Plus Gabrielle’s take, since we know you’re curious.

Via: Mens Health Magazine

Gabrielle: “Don’t be a know-it-all. Those are the worst, and they are talked about the worst.”
Here’s reason to relax: Your personality and your chemistry with her are more likely to be discussed than how you performed sexually. “I’ll tell my friends if a guy is playful and fun and doesn’t take things too seriously,” says Janna, 23. Miriam, 21, concurs: “We bitch if a guy doesn’t have a sense of humor.”
Win her approval: Lighten the mood. “Laughter, in some ways, is like an orgasm,” says Janice Levine, Ph. D., a psychologist in Lexington, Massachusetts, and the editor of Why Do Fools Fall in Love?”It helps release the tension that can come with first time sex.” If matters don’t proceed smoothly in bed, laugh it off without making any cracks about her specifically. Sarcasm can be taken the wrong way.

Gabrielle: “I’m not saying you need to look like a Crest commercial, but I hope you floss.”
You and your buddies aren’t the only ones who discuss superficial appearances. “God forbid he doesn’t take care of himself — we rip on him,” says Jenni, 36. Your gym time will pay off, too: “I’m going to want to brag about how hot he is,” says Victoria, 28.
Win her approval: Of course she wants to be attracted to you. “But it’s also important to her to convince her friends that the man she’s had sex with is good-looking,” says Gordon Patzer, Ph. D., author of Looks: Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined. If her pals lust over you, it boosts her ego. So think clean — clothes, body, scent. Being in shape is important, but a recent survey by the research firm Synovate reveals that poor hygiene can detract from even the most ripped set of abs.

Gabrielle: “Nobody wants to feel like just a vessel. You want equal participation, so it’s not ’68 and I owe ya one.’ ”
Pay attention to her desires. “This is big to me,” says Ashley, 25. “It makes me feel less used, so I let my girls know.” A chorus of women echoed her sentiments. “This speaks to more than just sex; it’s about how we connect,” says Karen, 32. For Kelly, 27, it’s a barometer of character: “It makes a man seem very sweet if he’s attentive, and like a selfish jerk if he’s not.”
Win her approval: We don’t want a wimp. “Some men think they’re being attentive, but they’re really being tentative,” says sex therapist Sandor Gardos, Ph. D., the founder of “They touch her hesitantly and wait to see what she does. That’s not very sexy.” Be confident, not aggressive. Make your moves without apology, but watch and listen to gauge what she likes. Or just ask!

Oral Skills
Gabrielle: “If it’s a choice between a man who gives flowers and a man who enjoys giving oral, most women would take the oral. And it’s free. Oral sex is recession-proof.”
Women will dish whether you’re awesome or awful. But at least try. “There’s nothing more disappointing than a man who doesn’t try or is just clueless,” says Katy, 28. “If he’s great, I’m thrilled and want to spill to my friends. If he was terrible, I want someone to sympathize.”
Win her approval: Be eager. “It makes a big difference if you’re showing authentic enthusiasm. Women read that,” says Gardos. Michelle, 25, told us that she and her friends compare notes on “how involved he was” during oral sex. Too many men focus only on intercourse, Gardos says. But a 2006 Australian study found that far more women are able to reach orgasm with oral sex than through intercourse alone.

Gabrielle: “If both people can climax quickly, sex doesn’t need to go on for 2 hours — at some point, Law & Order is coming on! But it’s terrible if a man is 2 minutes and you’re nowhere close.”
Breathe easy, men: If you don’t last long, women are generally forgiving — provided you make up for it. “Only if things ended immediately afterward would I ever say he didn’t last very long,” says Victoria, 28. “If he’s a one-pump and done, it does get talked about,” admits Janna, 23, “but if he makes up for it later that night or in the morning, I’ll have only good things to say.” And again, personality matters: “If we like him, we make excuses for him,” says Paula, 20. “If we don’t like him, we make fun of him. Harsh, but true.”
Win her approval: If you climax quickly, resist the panicked urge to explain. (We see through the classic, “This never happens to me, I swear.”) “Instead, make it about how sexy she is and how much she’s turned you on, not about how you aren’t in control,” says Herbenick. Then make sure she gets her turn.

Gabrielle Union Mens Magazine Photo ShootGabrielle Union Mens Magazine Photo Shoot (1)

Gabrielle Sighting+Reality Show News

Gabrielle Union Actress and soon to be Executive Producer, Gabrielle Union, was spotted over the weekend coming and going from the Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills, California. Gabby has been in the news a lot this week as reports say the actress will file suit against the blog that published what she says are false claims about her. Never a fan of urban blogs, Gabrielle has rallied against them numerous times- most recently in Essence Magazine and again in an interview with Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight.
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Gabrielle Union Will Take Your Man

Gabrielle Union First, let me start by saying I don’t for one minute believe the rumors that have been spread online about Gabrielle Union. The notion that the thirty-seven year old actress is constantly on the prowl for other women’s men just does not ring true with me. Having said that, I can’t help but laugh and find it ironic that Gabrielle is playing a man stealer in her new series, The CW mid-season replacement, The Body Politic. A preview of the new show has been released and Gabrielle’s storyline definitely seems the most interesting.
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