Vivian Green Interview: Still Beautiful

Singer Songwriter Vivian Green is back with her third album release Beautiful. Check out Brown Sista’s interview with her. We certainly missed this sistah…

BrownSista: You have been away for a while. What did you do on your break?

Vivian Green: I focused on being a mother mostly. My son’s health wasn’t so good when he was born so I took time to be with him. Which was the best because I took the time to solely tend to that and he is doing amazingly well now. Praise God.

Brownsista: I read somewhere that you said in an interview that your fans did not enjoy your second album. Why do you feel that way and what did you do differently to prevent that from happening with this album?

Vivian Green: I loved the second album. I have said that, but it only pertains to “some” fans. Fans who were upset my hair was straight and weaved and expected me to have an earthy image of some sort….I guess. Think they wanted me to have more of an organic sound when “Vivian” was more R&B than anything else. Many fans loved it and I was happy with it. I cant say I was thinking about that when making “Beautiful”….(laughs)….I love soul r&b and pop so that’s what I did with this album. As far as my image I love to change my hair from very short then grow it back(may weave it while it’s growing! lol) I love fitting clothing ALWAYS have….(laughs)…..I dont know. People get so upset when you’re just being yourself. On the cover of “Beautiful” my hair is asymmetrical…..and it’s all mine…l (laughs)…..but then 3 months later I cut it all off! again! (laughs)

Brownsista: What was the inspiration behind the single “Beautiful”?

Vivian Green: I wanted to say something positive to the guys since I’ve known for making more male-bashing songs…(laughs)….it was a nice and pleasant way to say goodbye and wish someone well without all of the anger.

Brownsista:com What mental place were you in for the creation of the album Beautiful?

Vivian Green: Very Very happy. My outlook on life now is to see the positive that I’ve been blessed with, because lots of people in the world don’t have two changes of clothing or fresh water… son’s experience in this world was just so inspiring and life is indeed, Beautiful.

Brownsista: I listened to the interlude with you and your son on this album. How much does your son influence your music and in what way?

Vivian Green: He inspired that song yes, but I cant say he has inspired others specifically. Being his mother has put such a positive outlook on my life….so the happiness in the record in general is definitely related to being his mother. How do you balance being a mommy and an artist?

Vivian Green: I am so blessed I have SO MUCH HELP. It’s so amazing….and not nanny’s and what not! lol just family and friends who love him and help me TREMENDOUSLY.

Brownsista: Do you ever find it difficult to write for other artists?

Vivian Green: Not really. I actually enjoy it and look forward to doing more of that in the future. When writing for another person I’ll say something that I would perhaps NEVER say in my own song. My alter ego gets to play and it’s fun. (laughs)

Brownsista: Is there anyone that you have never worked with that you would love to write a single for?

Vivian Green: Celine Dion LOVE HER!

Brownsista: What will be single number 2?

Vivian Green: “Too Intense”…..I think

Brownsista:com Are there any other projects we can expect from you?

Vivian Green: Just trying to promote Beautiful right now but after this dies down I’m sure I’ll find something to get into to. One of my BIGGEST dreams is to write songs for a Broadway Musical!

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Interview: Olivia

Former J Records protégée turned First Lady of G Unit, Olivia, has officially added her name to the list of divas looking to make a comeback in 2010. With new management (Rich Dollaz) and a new label (Universal), Olivia is poised to finally release the follow up to her Gold selling 2001 debut- the self titled “Olivia.”

Check out our recent interview with the singer as she gives us the scoop on what she has in store for her fans.

BrownSista: Is it true that you first got involved in music through writing poetry?

Olivia: Yes. You did your due diligence! When I was 14 I wrote a poem and it was published in this book called Shadows And Light. It ended up going to the National Library Of Congress. For years I wanted ot be a pediatrician but that is what got me into writing and wanting to do music. I’m like go to school for four years then turn around and go back to school again or do music that I love? I will do the music!

Brownsista: What happen between you and Fifty Cent in regards to you being with G-Unit?

Olivia: There was no R and B person at the label. I would call Fifty directly. Everything was so rap orientated. We had a great time doing “Candy Shop” and “Best friend”. But everything was so rap orientated that nobody really knew who I was. I didn’t want to get lost. He and I had this conversation many times. Also, all of the drama that came along with being with rappers. My parents would call me all of the time worrying for my safety. It just became too much. I don’t regret anything. I had a wonderful time with all of the guys. I haven’t spoken to Fifty but I know how he is. He is a sarcastic person. He likes to get a rise out of people in order for you to reach out to him. So it doesn’t bother me when he does his little jabs. I know him personally. If I wasn’t a confident person then it would bother me but I’m good.

Brownsista: Lets talk about your new single “Take It Off”. When can we expect a video for this?

Olivia: We are probably going to shoot it in the next week or so.

Brownsista: When is the album dropping?

Olivia: We had to push the album back because I am doing so many things. I am actually doing a mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid. The mixtape will come in about two weeks. I also am going to have a VH1 show. Which is why the album has been pushed back. The mixtape is called Under The Radar. I have a lot of collaborations on the mixtape since I won’t have any on the album because I really want people to get to know me. As far as the show, I can’t tell you much about it because we are under contract but it is going to be dope.

Brownsista: You are under new management now?

Olivia: I wanted someone who could focus on me. I am with Rich Dollaz of Dollaz Unlimited. We met through a mutual friend. I have no complaints. I knew I wanted an individual and not a company. It is the way it should be done.

Brownsista: I want to switch gears. What is your favorite food? What do you do for fun in your spare time?

Olivia: I am West Indian so I love Jamaican food. I love to shop. I have a lot of God kids so I take them to movies, we go to Dave and Busters. I love sports so I watch basketball games all the time. Most people don’t know that I am into sports and that I played basketball up until I got to college. I am a jokster. I am a clown.

Brownsista: What do you feel it is about you and your music that is going to separate you from Ciara, Brandy and all of the other R and B chicks?

Olivia: I do all types of music. My music never stays the same. I evolve. That is why when people ask me what type of music I do? I don’t like to say R and B because I am an artist period. I love Hip-Hop, Rock and Roll, House music. I am all over the place.

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Interviewed By: LJ Knight

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The Cycle: Vivica Fox (Updated)

The Cycle is seven questions with an African American woman in Entertainment. Today’s Cycle is with the lovely, vivacious, Vivica Fox.

1. LJ Knight: What projects are you presently working on? I heard that you will be on a series.

Vivica Fox: I’m working on a Nickelodeon show called True Jackson. It is in development. I will play KeKe Palmer’s mom. I am also working on a reality show. The reality show I’m developing will be about the next chapter of my life. I am moving to Miami. I have always in life loved three women. Pam Grier, Diana Ross and Jane Kennedy. Diana Ross was the fashion thing with Glam God, Pam Grier would be more the Kill Bill chick. Jane Kennedy growing up was one of the first African American sportscasters. I am a sports junkie. I grew up in Indiana. I play basketball, run track, was a cheerleader. I wake up everyday to ESPN. We came up with a very interesting concept. I am just like all of the women in their 40’s. The baby boomers. It is a new chapter. It is like starting over, and not being afraid to start over and meet new people, to enter into a new occupation. This will be a new genre for me. I am going to be falling on my face and getting embarrassed and I am willing to do that. Being in the business that we are in you have to find a way to reinvent yourself. This is how you keep longevity.

LJ Knight: I never knew that you were a sports junkie like that. You are a tomboy.

Vivica Fox: Girl, I love basketball, golf, tennis, track, football. I love it! I’m from Indiana. I have two older brothers and when I was growing up wrestling was huge so I got put in all kinds of moves and holds so I had to hang or get ran over.

2. LJ Knight: After all of the rumors about you and Fifty and your relationship ups and downs. Why did you decide to do a video with him?

Vivica Fox: Well two things. It was time to do something different. I have never played the psycho chick. I chose that role. Originally he had another role chosen for me but I told him I wanted that one. I thought it would be wonderful for us to be on the screen together. Chemistry was never the problem with us. It was going out to events, and good for people to see that. It is kind of funny that 6 years later people are so intrigued by us. It is good that we are friends.

LJ Knight: Has it really been six years? Wow! Seems like you guys were just dating a year ago.

Vivica Fox: We dated back in 2003 honey. I know girl talk about longevity. They just wouldn’t let it go. I was like no. We only dated for 4 months.

LJ Knight
: You know what it is? It is exciting.

Vivica Fox: I think we are like the jack Nicholson and whats her name, the beautiful….

LJ Knight: Anjelica Huston.

Vivica Fox
: Yes! I am the classy girl and he was the bad boy. People like that.

LJ Knight: There is no hard feelings left, you guys are cool? Strictly Platonic now?

Vivica Fox
: Yeah we are way cool and just friends.

LJ Knight: So with you guys, you simply just didn’t work out or …

Vivica Fox: We did a gig together, started to date and it did not work out. It just happens that we formally dated. Huge contradiction to people saying I was heartbroken and destroyed. (laughs) I was like what! No way! I love that he went on the Vivica tour and said it was his fault and that he was not ready. That was wonderful to see him do as a man. It was good for other young men to see.

3. LJ Knight
: Especially since a lot of men hate to take responsibility for their actions without excuses. Moving on. What does Vivica Fox do for fun?

Vivica Fox: I’m in Miami, I go to a spa. I love hanging out with my family and watching my nieces and nephews and going to their games. Spending time with my sister. I worked so hard for so many years that I missed simple celebrations. I have been grinding for a long time. They always have been so supportive. Like now we take family vacations. I took my family to Disney World. It was so cool to watch the kids get the VIP treatment where they did not have to wait in line sometimes. They were so excited. Simple things like that. To hang out with my sister and take her to Vegas for her 50th birthday to see Cher. She got to go backstage and meet Cher. Take my dad on vacation who has never seen a beach before. I love my family and I think that in life we have to take the time to treasure each other.

LJ Knight: The lifestyle and career you have it is so easy to get caught in a bunch of superficial nothingness.

Vivica Fox
: Ofcourse. You can get very caught up on whats the next gig? How can I do this? But you know what, I have done Vivica well.

4. LJ Knight: Of all the role that you have done, which one was the closest to you? Or have you not found that role yet?

Vivica Fox: Oh no no, Chante from Two Can Play That Game was all me. I was very hands on and involved with the writing. I think she was the closest to Vivica and it was my first starring role. It was not just for me but what it represented for African American women.

LJ Knight: Are you that feisty in real life when it comes to men and dating?

Vivica Fox
: I have been so career driven so I could be. But now I have settled down. I’m calmer.

LJ Knight: You are a Leo and you guys usually don’ take mess from anyone.

Vivica Fox: I’m definitely a lion.

5: LJ Knight: Many Black actresses in Hollywood complain that there are not a lot of roles for them. Do you agree?

Vivica Fox: A lot of people want to do something but they are waiting on their agent to find it for them. Their agent can only make phone calls. It is up to you to network. Also, being around the music industry as I have, I see that they do several things. They act, they sing, they are business people. You have to make it happen for you. Like right now, I have a wig line coming out. Child! We got make sure we get some good hair. Also I am working on a clothing line. I am learning to become a business woman. Often times people get so focused on that next role or next gig. But you cannot limit yourself. Maybe you need to take some vocal classes or dance classes. Here is a martial arts film coming up can you? Or here is a movie coming up where you have to sing. Can you?

LJ Knight: (laughs) Girl, you know how women are about their hair. You got to get it right. Tell me more about the wig line. What is special about your particular wigs?

Vivica Fox
: Yeah, it will be called Fox Divine. It will drop mid 2010. We are going to have extension pieces, pony tails, the colors will be good, the textures will have to be good. (laughs)

6. LJ knight: Girl, you got to get it right! Can you tell me something that your biggest fan would not know about you?

Vivica Fox: I am very sensitive. Girl, you can take me to a love story or a good movie and baby I will boo-who all over you.

LJ Knight
: (laughs)

Vivica Fox
: I am very sensitive and not afraid to cry. My dad is very sensitive and so sweet. Whenever we see each other we go into tears. People are like I know where she gets that crying s**t from! If something touches my heart, I have no problem crying. Like that little baby. The five year old girl Shaniya Davis. Girl I cried a bucket of tears. I have a soft spot. Girl! Even at a movie like Memoirs Of A Geisha. My friend said “girl do you need to compose yourself?” (laughs) I also have a great sense of humor. I love to laugh. I’m not mean. I will crack a joke on you if you do something funny. I would never embarrass anyone though.

7. LJ Knight: (laughs) Tell me about your Alter Ego shoot with Derek Blanks.

Vivica Fox
: I have seen a lot of Derek Blanks work and loved it. It is like being in a fantasy. You can create characters. I believe that we have the good side and the bad side. I did a sexy vampire because they are all the rage right now. Kind of like taking a walk on the dark side. Then I did an angel. The pictures will be released on New Years Eve. I was pleased with the shoot. He let me be very involved. This was my complete vision. I also am going to be the voice of Angel Dynamite on the Cartoon Network’s Scooby Doo Animated Series in 2010. I really want to thank my fans for being here for me over the years and I want them all to have a blessed 2010.

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Musical Quickie: Priscilla Renea

You guys remember the first article we wrote on Priscilla Renea, don’t you? If not- do check it out here. This up and coming diva, who first made a name for herself on You Tube, is poised to take the world by storm in 2010 and Brown Sista was lucky enough to get a few moments with the singer to ask her a few brief questions. Priscilla’s debut album “Jukebox” hit record store shelves on December 1st to much fanfare and her latest single “Lovesick” is just one of several standout tracks on the album.

Check out the new single here and peep what Priscialla had to say in our exclusive interview below…

Brown Sista: You are pretty young- at what age did you know for sure that you wanted to make singing a career?

Priscilla Renea: I was in the 8th grade. I knew I wanted to do something in entertainment. For a while, I wanted to be a star on Broadway and had done a few plays in school. But I began to be noticed more for my vocal ability. Since both of my parents were artists, my mom a lead singer in a band and my father, a trumpeter, it was easy for me to work more on the music side of entertainment.

Brown Sista: What do you think you and your music bring to the industry that isn’t already here?

Priscilla Renea: I wouldn’t say that the music industry as a whole is missing anything. I think that my sound is a good blend of a number of styles and genres. I grew up as a Navy brat, so through my travels and living in different parts of the country, I’ve come to appreciate all kinds of music. My music reflects all areas of music, from funky, to rock to pop to dance to R&B.

Brown Sista: Can you share with us what artists (if any) influenced your sound?

Priscilla Renea: Second to the early influences of my Mom and Dad, Lauryn Hill, Lily Allen and Michael Jackson heavily influenced my sound.

Brown Sista: Can you tell the Brown Sista family why they should pick up your album “Jukebox?”

Priscilla Renea: I cover topics that are important to everyone, from loving someone else to loving yourself. My songs tell stories and offer fans something they can relate too. Aside from the messages, my album is fun and takes listeners to a place of comfort and relaxation. Some songs paint a clear picture of a story, while others serenade you and let you relax, then still there are songs that make you dance while feeling good about yourself.

Brown Sista: I follow you on Twitter and you seem to be a fashion and beauty buff. What fashion and or beauty advice can you share with our readers?

Priscilla Renea: Be comfortable with who you are, you were created to be exactly who you are. Rock whatever makes you feel good and comfortable not what makes others feel comfortable because your comfort level impacts your confidence. Confidence and self-esteem are always beautiful. Don’t always dress how you feel, like if you feel down, don’t dress like it. Sometimes it’s good to dress how you want to feel. If you want to feel edgy and spontaneous, then put on something that says that. It can change your entire outlook for the day.

The Cycle: Jazsmin Lewis

The Cycle is 7 questions with a talented Black woman in Entertainment. Today’s Cycle will be with the very multi-talented and multifaceted Jazsmin Lewis. From musician to actress. The girl has starred in some of your favorite big budget movies as well as your classic sitcoms. She also is a skilled musician who has toured with legends like the Ohio Players, Gladys Knight, and George Clinton to name a few. Whether it be on the set of Martin to Meet The Brown’s, Ms. Lewis does it all. In fact, it seems as if there is nothing that this supernova cannot do.

1. Brown Sista: You were originally a singer. You play several instruments and you started at a very young age. Why put your energy into acting?

Jazsmin Lewis: I play everything but no wind instruments. I play the drums, piano, guitar, bass, etc. The music industry changed. It was right around the time where everything got very automated. Musicians were not as needed in the studio as they used to be. I noticed the business was changing. To be honest, I felt like I did not know how to do anything else. My degree was in music. I simply decided that I would act. It was really that simple for me. I did not know any actors, and no one ever told me that I could not do it. I tried it and I was very comfortable. I literally decided to become an actress. I called a friend of mine who did some production for a kid who was a child actor. I asked him if he knew anyone that was an actor. He was like yeah I’m producing this kid that acts. His mom was his manager. So, I called his mom, she lived down the street from me. I read for her. She signed me that day. The next day she got me an agent. I had no headshot or anything. It was just me but he signed me. He called me the next day and he had an audition for me. It was for the show Martin. I booked it. They called me the next day and told me I got it. I went to work. Every since then I just never stopped.

2. Brown Sista: You were lucky that it just fell into place for you. You have done alot of roles and are very rarely out of work. You have been in everything from sitcoms to large studio movie roles. Let me run down your resume girl. You were in Barbershop, Martin, Tyler Perry’s Meet The Brown’s, Three Can Play The Game, which is the sequel to Two Can Play That Game starring Vivica Fox, and recently The Brothers on Fox to name a few. Which role was your favorite?

Jazsmin Lewis: My favorite character was in a movie called Traci Townsend. I played the title role. It took people on such a journey. It is always great to play really flawed people. If you are too perfect, then that is not interesting to me. She came out the other side. I liked immersing myself in that.

3. Brown Sista: You have also toured with legends in your music career. Gladys Knight, Zapp, The Ohio Players. Are there any funny stories or experiences, you can share?

Jazsmin Lewis
: I was on tour with Roger Troutman and Zapp. Roger made this statement where he said ” I never come off the road.” He literally built a tour bus that was a recording bus. He never had to go home. I was with him probably a total of 3 years consistently. I was a bass player for him and I had missed sound check. I didn’t get to walk the stage before the performance. I was a girl bass player so they like to play that up. Always very girly, short skirts, heels. I am walking around on stage doing my thing. I noticed that there were alot of other band members staying on one part of the stage. I thought maybe they did not feel like moving around. It was time for my solo and I was getting ready to go hard. I walked to the other part of the stage and fell straight through the stage! I was caught by my bass. The audience did not know if it was part of the show for my to fall through the stage or what. I remember swinging one foot up, I could not get all the way up. I kinda laid on my back and did my solo. I remember playing the rest of the entire show right there. They could not pick me up. I was in like a pit. One leg through and the other one out. I was laying on my back and my bass was on my chest. When the concert was over, Roger had a thing where he would run off the stage. No one realized that I could not get up. So when it was over they left me there. I was like screaming and yelling until they came. Fortunately I did not get hurt. (laughs)

Brown Sista
: Girl, that is funny as hell. You are a soldier because once I fell through the stage that would have been the end of the show for me. I would have been hollering. The mere fact that I was in a pit would have freaked me out. I’m just not that devoted. I’m interviewing you right now, if someone busts in my house, the interview is over.

Jazsmin Lewis: (laughs)

4. Brown Sista: You have done big budget movies as well as straight to DVD. What are your thoughts on people, or actors who think that straight to DVD movies is beneath them or not a good direction to go in their careers? Why did you decide to go in that direction?

Jazsmin Lewis
: Well, my feelings on straight to DVD is that it’s the backbone in independent film making. Actors of color thrive in the indie world. More so, most actors start in independent film so to forsake what gave you your entree into film, is a little sad to me. I know this may come off a little harsh but it really irritates me when actors feel better than the medium of film making that made us who we are in many ways. I do love studio films. Some of them actually have great scripts and obviously amazing budgets. Barbershop was an MGM studio film and I would never pass on that movie. Some studios really know how to make amazing, poignant and profound films. But they are also in the business of making money so, such films may be fewer and more far between. Whereas the indie film has no one to answer too except the film maker. And usually that passion shines through. More risks are taken and more complex characters are allowed to emerge. So, I do have a hard time with actors that think they are above the independent film. Maybe the independent film is above their ability… Hmmmm ???? I will always do good indie movies. They gave me my start and they provide me an artistic outlet that satisfies me. I’ll also always do big budget films because they are also good. You just have to be discriminating and not allow yourself to get caught up in the money.

5. Brown Sista: What projects are you presently working on:

Jazsmin Lewis
: I just did an episode of The Brothers on Fox. I did an episode of Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns. I have a new show called My New Life. It is on a brand new network called TMB. They are rolling out 17 shows this spring. It is about a basketball player who has a career ending injury. He has to come home to his family. He has to find what his new life is going to be from being a super star basketball player to coming home. I play his oldest daughter. It is going to be a one hour sitcom. We go into production this week. I also have a new movie coming it is about the Ultimate Fighting Champions. All four of us grew up in an orphanage. As we got older the guys got into the fighting and became champions. It really pull you into what it is like to be a part of that sport. Which by the way is a very bloody, scary thing.

Brown Sista
: I know, I have a friend from college who does that and I always tell him that he is crazy. It is worse than boxing.

Jazsmin Lewis: It really is because there are no rules like there are in boxing.

6. Brown Sista: Tell me about your production company that you run. It is called Feliine Production.

Jazsmin Lewis: I wanted to do the characters that I wanted to do. Otherwise, I would continue to play the same recycled girl over and over again. After a while it just isn’t very interesting. I started it about 6 months after my first job. We have done 6 features, 15 shorts and some commercials. We are going into production this February. It is very female motivated. The department heads that I hire are mostly women.

7. Brown Sista: That is amazing! You have an expansive career. Do you have any advice for other upcoming actresses that are trying to become involved in film?

Jazsmin Lewis: Pick your line in the sand and stay behind it. Do not let someone coerce you into becoming or doing something you don’t believe in just for a job. It will eventually backfire. I know girls who go out with producers or directors, they do get the job but they are talked about so horribly that they never work again. Whatever your line is, find out who you are and stick with that. Find your integrity and stick with that. If you allow it, this industry can strip you of all your integrity.

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The Cycle: 7 Questions With Lincoln Height’s Erica Hubbard

The Cycle is a 7 question interview with a Beautiful Brown Sista in the Entertainment industry. Today’s Cycle will be with Erica Hubbard from the hit ABC Family series Lincoln Heights.

By: LJ Knight

1. LJ Knight: How did you get involved in acting and at what point did you decide to make it your career?

Erica Hubbard: I started acting in Chicago. I’m from Chicago. I started acting when I was about 8 or 9. I did some voice overs in Chicago. My Dad was told that if you wanted to take this serious you need to go to L.A. He said no she needs to go to college first. I went to Columbia college in Chicago and then I started taking it serious. At Columbia you can major in Theater. I minored in Theater. At that point I had been in “Save The Last Dance”, “Akeelah And The Bee”, then I moved out here.

2. LJ Knight: What is it about acting that made you gravitate towards it?

Erica Hubbard: You get to breathe and live a character and bring life to someone to point that people believe its you. I love playing a role so well that people believe that it you. I have people in my family calling me “Cassie”. They will slip up and say “Cassie, I mean Erica”. (laughs)

3. LJ Knight: Tell me about your role on Lincoln Heights. Describe Cassie.

Erica Hubbard: Cassie is an artist. She is a lover. She is madly in love with Charles. She turned 18 so she is going to college. They are trying to see what they are going to do with their love since she is going to college. She is looking at colleges at New York and L.A. She is facing the challenges of a lot of teenagers. She had a pregnancy scare, she is sexually active, she is growing.

4. LJ Knight: Of all your roles, which one do you feel the most connected to?

Erica Hubbard: LJ! You want me to pick? (laughs) I like portraying Cassie, but the role I also enjoyed was Keanu on “Akeelah And The Bee”. I could relate to her character alot, being that I was raised in that environment. I grew up in Chicago on the south side so…

5. LJ Knight: Other Black actresses say they have experienced type casting and the lack of quality roles for African American women. Have you encountered that yet?

Erica Hubbard: It is hard pursuing the entertainment industry. I think that what we have to do is when we go out for these roles we have to knock it out the box so that they forget and do not focus on race. I have done that. When I did the “Cinderella Story” with Hillary Duff, they were looking for a Caucasian girl. They liked what I brought to the role so well, that they hired me. You have to go into the room and change their minds.

6. LJ Knight: What upcoming projects do you have?

Erica Hubbard: I have one project in development with Tatyanna Ali. It is called “The Misguided Adventures Of Dating In Hollywood”. I also have “School Of Hard Knocks”. My role in School Of Hard Knocks is much different from Cassie. She is in college, her name is Trina, she is a around the way girl. She is not from the suburbs. She is more street smart.

7. LJ Knight: How different is your life now versus ten years ago?

Erica Hubbard: Ten years ago, I was on unemployment. (laughs) People don’t understand I was living off block cheese and powdered milk. Now, I can go get soy milk. (laughs) It is a blessing. What I had in me to keep going is that I did not want to go back to the way I was living. I was living with an addict. So, when I came out here, I knew I did not want to go back. I did what I had to do. I did background work on “Velicity” and “Spin City”. I worked as what they call an “extra” but I prefer to call it a background artist. Extra’s can be so degraded sometimes. I got called that so many times and I knew that I only wanted to be a series regular. It is like if I meet someone and they say they are a Janitor then they are a Custodian to me.

Lincoln Heights airs on Mondays on ABC Family

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Brown Sista Interviews Carol’s Daughter Creator Lisa Price

Brown Sista recently got the opportunity to interview Lisa Price, founder of the wildly success Carol’s Daughter beauty franchise. Lisa was busy opening up a new store in the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, but took time out of her busy schedule to talk to lil ol’ me.

1. How did your fascination with hair and skincare come about?

My fascination with hair and skincare formed out of my love for fragrance which began when I was a little girl. I started creating my own scents and creams because I loved to experiment—it’s always been a hobby and passion of mine.

2. If you had to name 3 things Black women should do to take better care of their skin, what would they be?

Exfoliate, moisturize and use sunscreen!

3. You took a hobby and turned it into a multi-million dollar business. In these tough economic times what advice would you give to women who may be thinking of doing the same?

The most important thing to remember is to always stay balanced and transparent. If you remain authentic while adapting to the changing landscape around you, you can never fail.
Find ways in your community to test drive your creation. I started with a local flea market run by our church. Use your family and friends for honest feedback. If they love the products they’ll tell their friends and so on. It’s that word of mouth promotion that is so priceless

4. You recently collaborated with Disney on their “The Princess and the Frog” movie. Can you tell us more about that collaboration?

This moment has been a long time coming, and I’m so honored to be a part of an event with such significant social importance. I’m thrilled that young African-American girls everywhere will see the movie and see someone to identify with, someone to be proud of, and someone to emulate. Princess Tiana will tell African-American women, young and old, that they can be beautiful and successful by being themselves and working hard—a powerful message that can’t be underestimated. Princess Tiana’s Beauty Collection will be available in October at Carol’s Daughter Stores and at

5. There has already been some controversy surrounding the film and the ethnicity of Princess Tiana’s Prince. What do you think of that?

There has been a lot of anticipation and excitement surrounding the film, which confirms to me that the movie is coming at such a momentous time. I am so proud of this moment that we can celebrate a beautiful brown Princess with a big heart, large dreams and the drive to make them come true. I believe people will be inspired by Tiana’s story.

6. I am aware that you have a 3 year old daughter, has she influenced you to create products for young girls?

Of course! My daughter, Becca, is a true fashionista and helps choose product scents. She loved testing out the bubble bath – we’ve never had that much fun in the bath.

7. Does your daughter have a love of all things sweet and girly and would you like to see her follow in your footsteps some day?

She does love to play dress up and everything she can do to look like Mommy is her favorite pastime. She plays with the Blackberry, she talks on the telephone, she calls for cabs to go to Manhattan – she’s a true businesswoman in training. I know whatever she wants to do, I will follow in my mother’s footsteps and encourage and support her through each stage of her life.

8. Do you have one product from your own line that is your favorite?

Yes, Hair Milk. I love all of my products, but if I had to make a choice, the one thing I could not do without is Hair Milk. It is the only product I have found that can make my hair shiny and manageable.

9. What’s next for Carol’s Daughter? Any new product launches on the horizon?

Besides the collaboration with Disney, we will be launching new skincare products this fall. For holiday, we have a Disney Gift Set featuring the Magical Beauty Collection shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath, and we have these amazing gift sets you can only find at Sephora!

10. Finally, for those like myself who may have wondered, where did the name Carol’s daughter come from?

When I was coming up with a name I made a list of things that I was and a list of things I wanted to become. There were other things on the list, like Robert’s daughter and Gordon’s girlfriend. But when I said Carol’s daughter, I got goose bumps. It sounded right.

Brown Sista’s Interview With Mya

Mya Dances With The Stars Brownsista: Why did you decide to do Dancing With The Stars at this particular time?

Mya: Dancing With The Stars has always been something that I wanted to do. I had stuff going on in Japan. I had tours and foundations. I always knew that when I had the opportunity I would do it. This is the perfect time.

Brownsista: Have you started rehearsing? Do you know who your partner is going to be?

Mya: I know who my partner is. His name is Dmitry Chaplin. He is really nice and experienced he works as a Choreographer. We recently had our first rehearsal.

Brownsista: Are you excited about this? You have done dance forever.

Mya: Well, I tap dance. I do Hip-Hop in my videos but I was never trained. So, there is a big discrepancy out there about that. I am excited because it is unfamiliar territory.

Brownsista: Are you nervous?

Mya: Oh yeah, I’m nervous. This is television so there is no edit like in the music videos. You can’t really mess up. It is hard to work with someone you never have before. They are professionals. You have to learn everything from scratch, technique plus a team. We are going to get dropped if we don’t have it right. Then we have to sell it like we know what we are doing.

Brownsista: You got to have that chemistry and flow together with the partner. That is another thing that can be difficult. Lets talk about the mix tape. What made you decide to go in this direction? You have never done a mix tape before.

Mya: Well, people have actually asked me before about doing a mix tape. I stepped of the scene for a minute. Teamed up with Young Empire and there is a demand for Mya to come back but I had to come back in a different way. Because I have a fan base and reputation for doing so many collaborations I’m like I want to do that and you know that rap dominates now so this is for the jeeps. The mix tape is really about who Mya is and the streets. If I have anything to do with it I am going to keep serving my fans. There should never be a time for any artist where they aren’t providing for their fans just because there is funny business going on.

Brownsista: You mentioned funny business, are you still signed? Are you with a new label?

Mya: I have my own label now and created a distribution. I had a conversation with J. Prep and he has been schooling me and also Damon Dash once said a quote that ‘if you are doing the same business from ten years ago then you are not growing.’ I’m glad to be surrounded around those people that care. Teach the younger generation how to step their game up on a different level. That’s really it. I have to make sure that I am hands on in every aspect of my career. I have to make sure that they understand the process and policy as far as the way Mya will be done.

Brownsista: What’s the name of your label?

Mya: Planet Nine.

Brownsista: Why Planet Nine? Did you come up with that?

Mya: Yes, I did. I am in love with outer space and that’s where I feel like my mind has been and I have been (laughs). Just in my different way of thinking. It is how I am able to grow. I don’t have a problem with major labels but I realize that when you are more hands on that you can reach directly to your fans. Even if I want to give it to my fans for free, I feel like they should have something. Even if I do it in a basement studio. They should not have to wait seven months or seven different release dates later.

Brownsista: I noticed that the label kept changing your release date. What that the reason why you decided to work on your own and say I’m not messing with you guys any more?

Mya: Its not even them. A deal can be a deal it just has to be the right deal and support system. It is like having a boyfriend. You can have many different chicks but what are you doing for me? You know what I’m saying? If you aren’t then I don’t need to be here because I can do more for myself and invest in my self. I don’t need to be in the background. It is not that serious.

Brownsista: This mix tape is called Beauty And The Streets Volume 1 and it is a little more street. It features Bun B, Shawty Lo, Nicki Minaj, and so many more.

Mya: It is not really more street. There are many dimensions to Mya. I can give you pop, dance record, go-go and all these things that make me up. I have to push the streets because that is who I am in business with and who has always supported me. It is the music business and if I want to do something for the jeeps then I should do it now while I have the freedom to do it.

Brownsista: You have been in the game for while. Every day there is a new R and B chick on the scene. What role do you play in it the game with all of the new, younger, female singers?

Mya: I might not fit anywhere and that is fine by me. I’m just going to do me. I’m not trying to fit in. I’m just trying to be happy and be productive and elevate. I want to empower myself and other people. I want to enjoy life.

Brownsista: Do you have any upcoming movies happening?

Mya: I do but I am not allowed to talk about it.

Brownsista: Ahhh! You guys always say that! (laughs)

Mya: You know they put contracts in front of your face and say you can’t do this or that until we make an announcement. (laughs)

Brownsista: So you can’t tell me anything about the role?

Mya: No. No.

Brownsista: Ok, I’m going to scratch that one of the list. See how you doing me Mya.

Mya: (laughs) No, that is how they are doing me. I would tell you if I could.

Brownsista: Are you dating anyone? You know that the fellas want to know. I have cousins who are like “ask her if she got a man?”

Mya: I have my eye on somebody but I’m not in a relationship.

Brownsista: Are you guys dating or are you crushing on him from a far?

Mya: Uhm, I’m observing. I’m in the observing stages.

Brownsista: Is he somebody we would know?

Mya: I’m not telling you! I’m not answering any of those questions don’t try to be slick! (laughs)

Brownsista: (laughs)

Mya: I’m not telling you if he is a regular Joe or a celebrity.

Brownsista: You’re not going to tell me?

Mya: I’m not telling you!

Brownsista: Mya, you are not giving me anything! You wont tell me about the possible movie or who you are dating! (laughs)

Mya: Oh no, no. Not with that part. You will find out soon enough.

Brownsista: Tell me something about Mya that your fans would not know.

Mya: Hmm, I know how to cook. Yes I throws done. Uhuh. (laughs)

Brownsista: You know what, this is my second time interviewing you and I remember the last time I asked you that question I think you told me that you box for exercise at the gym. So now you are cooking?

Mya: That was probably before my foot fractured. I haven’t been as active since. I have always been cooking but now I can really cook. I moved back home to Maryland and I’m out the studio.

Brownsista: What is your signature dish?

Mya: Hmm, well on the Italian side, There is one dish with grilled chicken and Spanish rice, collard greens. Uhuh. I do that. (laughs) I cook apple-blueberry pie for dessert.

Brownsista: You weren’t joking, you get busy. What does Mya do for fun now at this point in her life?

Mya: Relax. Light up the hookah pipe.

Brownsista: You smoke hookah? I do too.

Mya: Yeah, that is really it. Order some movies from Netflix. I like to relax. (laughs)

Brownsista: You seem very happy. You seem happier now in this interview than the previous one I did with you.

Mya: I am happy. I am taking it easy.

Brownsista: Anything else you want to add?

Mya: No, just love life, enjoy yourself and take it easy.

Brownsista: You are so happy go lucky. I love it.

Mya: (laughs)

Interview performed by LJ Knight of