Fly Free, Ichabbie Shippers, Fly Free


I Think it’s Time Ichabbie Shippers Throw in the Towel

I can’t believe I’m about to do this, but I am actually going to play devil’s advocate here and defend Sleepy Hollow writers against accusations of shipper baiting. Now here me out. I myself have lobbied this claim in the past, but I think it dawned on me tonight that the writers aren’t purposely trying to bait fans into believing Ichabbie will one day be canon. These cute Ichabbie moments they’re giving fans, are what they think fans want. These moments are supposed to be reminiscent of the closeness the Witnesses shared in season one.
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Ichabbie Hugs it Out in Season 3 Opener

Sleepy Hollow and its Ichabbie hugs- they have practically become the stuff of legends. It was the Ichabbie hug in Sin Eater that first grabbed my attention and eventually led to me becoming the filthy shipper trash I am today.

Follow-up hugs in Bad Blood and This is War would go on to become just as addicting among Ichabbie fans, so much so writers and producers of the show have actively begun shipper baiting fans using the hugs for ratings.
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A Revamped Sleepy Hollow Moves to Thursday Nights+ Premieres October 1st

Nicole Beharie and Sleepy Hollow go Head-to-Head with Kerry Washington and Scandal

SLEEPY HOLLOW SESON 3 DEBUTS OCTOBER 1STA newly slimmed down Sleepy Hollow (over half of season two’s cast is now gone) is set to return for its third season on October 1, according to a press release issued by Fox earlier today.

The show will relinquish its 9pm Monday night time slot to newbie sci-fi drama Minority Report, and will instead take up residence on Thursday nights at 9pm, right behind longtime crime drama Bones and opposite ABC’s political drama Scandal.

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Nicole Beharie Takes it Off for Allure Magazine

Nicole Beharie Nude in Allure Magazine


“Sleepy Hollow” actress Nicole Beharie is the latest Brown Sista to take it off for Allure magazine’s annual “Go Naked” issue.

Nicole joins Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black), Katherine Winnick (Vikings), Jordan Brewster (Furious 7) and Sadrina Holt (Terminator Genisys) in the upcoming May edition, which goes on sale Friday, April 17.

Nicole, who recently turned 30, says she chose to take it off as a way to celebrate and accept her body in an artistic way.
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Nicole Beharie Poses for Playboy Magazine

Sleepy Hollow Actress Nicole Beharie Poses for Playboy

nicole beharie poses for playboy magazine

“Sleepy Hollow” actress Nicole Beharie is keeping it on for an upcoming photo shoot in Playboy magazine. The 30-year old brown skin beauty will be featured in a “Becoming Attraction” pictorial that promises to keep it rated PG based on the photos we have seen so far.

Photographer Josh Reed unveiled a few behind-the-scenes images from the shoot via Instagram, telling fans to keep a look out for the final product in the coming weeks.
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My Interview with Actress Nicole Beharie

Nicole Beharie Discusses Sleepy Hollow’s Season 2 Decline


Though my overall affinity for Sleepy Hollow has waned over the last couple of weeks, my total idolatry of actress Nicole Beharie and her spectacular portrayal of Abbie Mills has not. If anything it has actually grown stronger.

It is for that reason I am asking fans and non-fans alike to tune in to tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, titled “Mama.” According to Beharie, who I had the pleasure of interviewing via telephone last week, “Mama” will give fans what they have long been asking for: a glimpse into Abbie’s past and possible answers as to how she became a Witness.
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Nicole Beharie Gets a Rhapsody Blurb

Nicole Beharie Talks About Her Rise to Fame


Actress Nicole Beharie is featured inside the November issue of Rhapsody magazine.

The 29-year old brown-skin beauty waxed poetic about being born with a “global perspective” thanks to having grown up in places like Florida, Atlanta, Panama and Nigeria.

Being born to a father who was in the foreign services according to Beharie exposed her to a life that made her think anything was possible if she worked hard enough for it.
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