Sanaa Lathan on the Cover of 360 Magazine

SANAA LATHAN ON THE COVER OF 360 MAGAZINEActress Sanaa Lathan is gracing the cover of 360 magazine.

The 43-year old veteran posed for the Istanbul Issue which can be digitally downloaded today via either iTunes or Google Play.

Sanaa celebrates the success of her latest film The Perefct Guy by sitting down with the mag and dishing on what she thinks makes a man perfect.

Rumored to be dating rapper French Montana, Sanaa had a lot to say on the topic, including her belief that perfection is unrealistic.
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New Music: Emotional by Sanaa Lathan

Emotional by Sanaa Lathan to be featured on The Perfect Guy Soundtrack

emotional by sanaa lathanSanaa Lathan can sing. Who knew? “The Perfect Guy” actress stunned fans late last night when she unveiled her first single, Emotional, via her Facebook page.

The track features rapper Def Loaf and will appear on the soundtrack to her latest film, which according to published reports, topped Friday’s night’s box office.

Sanaa collaborated with producer Details (Drunk in Love) and said via Instagram “Life can be amazing when you step outside your comfort zone sometimes and say yes. Who would have thought I’d have a single out. It tickles me pink.”
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Sanaa Lathan Does Comic-Con

Now here is someone we don’t get to see very often. The lovely actress Sanaa Lathan, who has been hard at work on Broadway the last few years, turned up at the Wired Café over the weekend to attend day 3 of the Comic-Con convention. Sanaa, along with several members from the cast and crew of the animated series The Cleveland Show, turned out for the event, which showcases the latest happenings in the world of anime, manga and comic books.

Sanaa can presently be heard voicing the character Donna on The Cleveland snow, but is also expected to star in the upcoming HBO original series “Tilda.”

Sanaa Lathan’s Pride Photo Shoot

Sanaa Lathan is currently featured in the March edition of Pride Magazine ((Pride is like the U.K. version of Essence Magazine)). The actress is currently in London playing the role of Maggie in the revival of “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.” Sanaa’s shoot was done inside the Royal Opera House where “Cat” is playing and features actual costumes the actress wears in her role.

Sanaa Lathan’s “Complex” Interview

Sanaa Lathan Actress Sanaa Lathan, who is set to star in this month’s Wonderful World, a movie co-starring Mathew Broderick, sat down with Complex Magazine to give a he-said she-said style interview. After starring in the hit movie The Family That Preys, Sanaa is back on the promotional trail for a Wonderful World, another “Something New” type drama that finds the actress one half of an interracial relationship. Check out Sanna below giving a bit of love advice in her Complex interview and look for Wonderful World to open in limited release on October 31st.

Men say: If I were a professional athlete, there’s no way I could be monogamous.

Sanaa Lathan says: Your profession should never dictate your integrity. The stereotype is that all athletes are womanizers. But the truth is there are a number of athletes, and a number of men out there, who want to be in a monogamous relationship. You are who you are—you are not your profession.
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Sanaa Lathan Covers Jewel Magazine

Sanaa Lathan Actress Sanaa Lathan is thankful for everything she has. But that’s not stopping her from working hard to get even more. One of the perks of interviewing Sanaa Lathan is that you don’t always know what she’s going to say, but you kind of know what you’re in for. And that is a really engaging conversation with a woman who exemplifies a plethora of “C” words. Cool. Calm. Considerate. Clever. Conscientious. Committed. Constructive. Certain. Chic. Conversant. Courageous. Crazy. Confident. Colorful. Contempla-tive. Creative. Compassionate. Complex. Courteous. Credible. Plus at least one word that doesn’t start with the third letter in the alphabet. “Sexy,” adds Blair Underwood, who played Lathan’s rebound love interest in the 2006 romantic comedy Something New.
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Sanaa Celebrates The Pink Curve+Preps New Film

Sanaa Lathan Sanaa Lathan, who stars in Tyler Perry’s new movie “The Family That Preys”, was seen earlier this week attending the launch of Verizon’s new pink Black Berry 8330. The actress, who turns 37 in a few short weeks, is also gracing the cover of next week’s edition of Jet Magazine, along with fellow “Preys” cast mate, Taraji P. Henson. Tyler Perry’s latest movie is shaping up to be quite interesting. Along with a stellar cast that includes Lathan and Henson, actresses Robin Givens and Alfre Woodard are also on board for what appears to be this fall’s must see movie. I had no idea what to expect of this movie when I first heard about it last year; however, after seeing several trailers for the film, I have no doubt this will be Tyler’s best work to date. Sanaa is playing a character we haven’t seen her tackle before and Robin Givens, who is making her way back into Hollywood, looks to have a very juicy role as well.
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Sanaa Lathan Narrates Skin Color Documentary

Skin is amazing: it covers our body, and reveals our soul. For many, skin is a symbol of pride, for others it’s a canvas to tell a story — and for almost all it represents a heritage to be honored. Skin means something different to almost everyone you ask. Vaseline(R) Cocoa Butter traveled the globe asking people “what does your skin mean to you?” and compiled responses in a short film, Vaseline Skin Stories, that finds while continents may divide us, the experience of skin unites us. The film, narrated by Tony Award-nominated actress Sanaa Lathan, premieres at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans on July 4, 2008. Vaseline Cocoa Butter is giving people a chance to attend the global premiere by asking them to visit to enter our sweepstakes and add to the Vaseline tapestry of skin stories by sharing how they honor their skin. Winners will also be able to attend the Essence Music Festival, which features performances by some of the best names in music including Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole and Jill Scott.
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Sanaa Channels Her Inner Seductress

Though Sanaa Lathan’s tenure on Nip Tuck has come to an end, her red hot scenes with actor Julian McMahon, who plays Dr. Christian Troy, live on with us via You Tube. Nick Tuck was not particularly my cup of tea and I did not watch the first three seasons. I tuned in specifically to see Sanaa and she was not the peaches and cream, sweet girl next door actress we had all previously enjoyed in movies like Brown Sugar and Love & Basketball. Nip Tuck brought out Sanaa’s inner seductress and for those of you who weren’t lucky enough to catch Sanna do her thing as the savvy and slightly mischievous Michelle Landau, check her out on the next page, with a little help from the one and only Maxwell.
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Sanaa Lathan Is Soft & Beautiful

Sanaa Lathan Or at least the makers of the Pro Line brand of Black hair care products think she is, as they have bestowed the coveted title of Miss Soft & Beautiful 2007 upon her. Pro Line says the award is given to role models and Sanaa was chosen by an esteemed panel of voters who participated in a recent Sister 2 Sister internet poll. The competition for this title was stiff as Sanaa beat out such luminaries as Queen Latifah, model Tyra Banks, and all around it girl, Beyonce Knowles. “I’m so honored to be named Miss Soft and Beautiful 2007,” Ms. Lathan said. “It is such a delight to be recognized by the women in my community. A huge part of my life intention is to uplift women. This means so much. Thank you.”
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Weekly Picture Roundup

I usually do my weekly picture roundup posts on Fridays but have decided to do it today instead because I have so many images saved up that I need to get off my computer.It has been an excellent week in Hollywood as sistas have been out and about at some very exclusive events.Starting things off we have Essence Atkins, Gabrielle Union and Sanaa Lathan who were all invited to the grand opening of Yacht Haven in the Virgin Islands.
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Sanaa & Essence Magazine Kiss And Make Up!

After a brief falling out Sanaa Lathan and the people over at Essence Magazine are apparently back on good terms as Sanaa is featured on the cover of their November issue.Sanaa is rumored to have not been the least bit happy with the interviewer the last time she sat down to talk with the mag.After being grilled repeatedly about her alleged affair with Denzel Washington, Sanaa is said to have felt more like she was talking to people from the Enquirer rather than folks from a magazine that claims to celebrate African American women.You can check out Sanaa’s pics from the magazine below and head on over to Essence Online to read portions of the interview.Don’t forget to visit Sanaa’s picture page on Brown Sista.NET to see the rest of the pics from this issue as well as many others.
Sanaa on the cover of Essence MagazineSanaa on the cover of Essence MagazineSanaa on the cover of Essence Magazine

Visit Our HQ Gallery

We here at Brown Sista have been in possession of some really beautiful high quality images of various Brown Sistas for sometime now, and have finally decided to open up a gallery to house them all.Right now the gallery consists of nothing but high and medium quality images of Janet Jackson, Amerie, Meagan Good, Gabrielle Union and many others.The images are all unmarked and you are free to rate them, comment on them or download them.We have left them untagged because most of these images are posted online by people who want to share them with the public without tags or watermarks so we are continuing to do the same.All we ask if that if you take any of the images to please give us a shout out or link back.It took many hours of scouring the net to find these images so please give us that small courtesy, we would appreciate it.

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