Celeb Style: Solange Knowles (Eclectic-Cool)

I swear, Solange Knowles is like a ball of inspiration. From her music, to her fashion sense, and even her choice to “go natural”, it’s not a difficult task for her to gain fans and followers. She thinks, breathes, eats, and sleeps outside the box. Her style has always been very funky, and I know from personal experience that she inspired a lot of girls to mix prints, textures, and different looks from their own wardrobes, which in the end gives you a cooler style and saves you money! Now moving into a more eclectic phase, she still maintains that “I’m too cool for school” persona.

I like to call her new look Eclectic-Cool. It’s very different, unmatched [at times], colorful, and cool. Some may not want to go all the way eclectic, so below are a few fab pieces to add to your wardrobe to give your style a bit more personality.

1. ASOS – Statement Printed Fabric & Wood Necklace $7
2. ASOS – Owl Pendant $13.50
3. Pnk Elephant – Stone Eye Necklace $30
4. Pavon – 90’s Style Ruffle Tube Skirt $72
5. ASOS – Multi Bead Necklace $29
6. Ash Magic – Beaded Wedge Gladiator Sandal $379

1. Topshop – ‘Dance’ Crop Top $28
2. Haute Hippie – Sequin Crop Top $475
3. J Brand – Houlihan Skinny Cargo Pants $240
4. Wetseal – Double Cuff Feather short $18.50

1. Melody Ehsani – Kaleido Necklace $115
2. Melody Ehsani – Tron Necklace $58
3. Topshop – Tassle Wedges $270
4. Topshop – Buckle Wedges $280
5. Melody Ehsani – Chainlink Swarovski Ring $80
6. Melody Ehsani – Crane Earrings $45
7. Miu Miu – Peep-toe Pumps $670
8. Topshop – Plaited Sandals $55

1. Topshop – Denim Bralet $36
2. Topshop – Floral Bow Crop Top $52
3. Zimmerman – Scalloped Jumpsuit $300
4. Tibi – Silk Jumpsuit $425
5. Pavon – Neon Patchwork Ruffle Tube Skirt $72
6. Wetseal – Tye Dye Denim Short $19
7. Klassiq – Turquoise ‘On The Rocks’ Necklace $14
8. Melody Ehsani – Chain 3-Finger Ring $100
9. ASOS – Double Wrap Studded Hip Belt $25
10. ASOS – Eclectic Wristwear Set $26

1. Miu Miu – Cutout Sandals $755
2. Charlotte Olympia – Python Pumps $1,170
3. Christian Louboutin – Clou Noeud 150 studded slingbacks $1,195
4. Christian Louboutin – Straratata 140 suede sandals $995
5. Marc Jacobs – Leather Brogues $685
6. Elizabeth and James – Snake-effect leather pumps $395
7. Topshop – Chiffon Tie Wedges $135
8. Topshop – Gladiator Jellies $24
9. Topshop – Wedge Ankle Boots $160
10. Topshop – Tassle Sandals $55
11. Topshop – Studded Hi Top Trainers $65
12. Rachel Roy – Stratton $55

1. ASOS Floral Print Blazer $93
2. ASOS – Oasis Tribal Floral Skirt $32
3. ASOS AFRICA – Printed Tie Waist Shorts $34
4. ASOS AFRICA – Printed Tie Waist Shorts $34
5. ASOS – Made Brass Coil Necklace $143

1. ASOS – Pointy Cat Sunglasses $17
2. Jaeger Evie Turnlock Shoulder Quilted Jersey Bag $177
3. ASOS – Short 5 Stone Drop Necklace $21
4. ASOS – Floral Twist Lock Clutch $30
5. ASOS – Quilted Lock Across Body Bag $26
6. Forever21 – Tribal Knit Top $8
7. Forever21 – Tribal Woven Top $7
8. ASOS – Classic Retro Sunglasses $17
9. Paul’s Boutique Quilted Logo Purse $51

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  1. Don’t even talk to me about this woman. I am in love with her! She is way more talented and is so much more attractive than her sister. Her style is like that of Rihanna’s, avant garde which I personally find sexy as hell. People with no fashion sense of their own who simply follow trends don’t get her, and she doesn’t care that they don’t. Way to go Solange.

  2. Oh let me add, I am not even gay. Just a man who knows what he likes in a woman.

  3. I absolutely adore her she is nothing like these simple tricks out there, her music and style are very define,a nd i love it, I want a new album from her!!! im tired of club songs

  4. I love those shorts. I love Solange too. Great style.
    I’m glad she doesn’t want to ‘fit in’ with mainstream

  5. I have always adored Solange’s ode to individualism and unique sense of eclectic style. She goes against the grain and have a I don’t give a f@*k attitude about the criticism she receives because she doesn’t subscribe to the ideal stereotype of a young entertainer. She’s an artist…

  6. Dereon should consider doing a Solange line based on her fashion sense. This may be something that will wake up their line.

  7. I think she was the face of Dereon for a minute, but she didn’t want that anymore. Dereon should’ve recognized the borrowed/vintage/eclectic that was Solange….but back then was she really dressing in that vein or was she kinda sorta fashion-wise like everybody else? I do agree they should get on the Solo-look bandwagon NOW.

    Or at least give the line to someone other than the sisters. Let some unknown (but up and coming) model(s)/singer(s) represent Dereon. Nothing thrills me about the line currently. New photos emerge of Beyonce modeling clothes that they’re always out-of-stock on the website and that’s about it. New ads get posted to mags and online, everyone see them, critiques the clothes (and the model) and then everyone forgets about it.

    Solo’s modeling for Rimmel now, right? Are there any new ads of her for that cosmetics line?

  8. I love Ms. Solange! I like her style. It is very different and kind of wild, and I love that. (I just got some fashion inspiration from looking at this article.)

    She’s no carbon copy of all these other pop singers/actresses/models out there. That is my girl, and I agree with Leah–I want to hear a new album from her like yesterday.

  9. I like that she is unique. She doesnt have a worry in the world. I could see her being really comfortable in her own skin. When you have no worries its easy to find yourself. I strive for that type of peace of mind and self-awareness. This is happiness:)

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