Celebeauties Spotted:: Nia Long + Keyshia Cole + Beyoncé + Rihanna

nia long at barack obama campaign thingy by you.
Fab actress, Nia Long, attended the “Black And White” Gala for the Barack Obama campaign, Thursday, in Beverly Hills, California. Always one to impress, without over-doing, Nia stepped out in one of Fall’s hottest heels — the Pierre Hardy black velvet sandals with gold cube detailing [retailed at $995]! You have to see them up close! But, look at that sheen on her hair — amazing! I need some of whatever she’s using!

keyshia on 106 2000th episode by you.
R&B songtress, Keyshia Cole, hit up the 106 and park set, for the taping of their ‘2000th episode’, wearing a pair of her fave latex leggings and these popular gladiator heels. Of course I don’t watch 106, but I def did catch her part, and she looked fabulous! She admitted to the audience that she definitely has been working on, not only her vocals, but also her body!

beyonce - aug 21 by you.
To support her sister Solange and former DC bandmate Michelle, Bey stopped by the J&R MusicFest in New York. She looked casual-cute, sporting a v-neck tee, skinnies, patent-leather pumps, and her expensive  Armani tote. The Ray-Ban shades set it off, with an edge!

rihanna - aug 21 by you.
Rihanna was spotted on Thursday, rocking her knee-high Balenciaga gladiator sandals, a festive Matthew Williamson top, and a Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Nightingale bag, after grabbing a cool Starbucks drink, while shopping on L.A.’s Melrose Avenue.


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  1. Nice to see Ms. Nia. Seems she keeps a low profile. She looks radiant.

    Is that really Keyshia Cole? Cute.

  2. Keyshia Cole’s body is off the hook. She has a killer shape but is very descreet with how she usually dresses. Nia Long is a classic beauty and she is nearly 40. All our sistas are looking beautiful. I have had enough of Beyonce and Rihanna to last me a lifetime though.

  3. Nia is so flawless and Keyshia’s shape is looking fabulous. Beyonce used to be funky fresh whenever she stepped outside but she’s been looking a bit blah lately with the jeans and plain pumps. Not even those purses she’s been carrying can save the blahness of her looks. Rihanna is fabulous as always though and being so tall she can pull off those boots.


    I think I did something like a double-take that guys do when I was scrolling pass Keysh and then realized that was her and needed to go back and make sure it was? Yea, that’s what I did and Miss Cole is lookin hott. I ain’t mad at her!!! Gon’ Keysh! Get em girl! 😆

    Of course my other beautiful brown sistas look nice: Nia- as always is radiant, Rih Rih- stylin and profilin and lookin great doin it as usual. My girl Bey! Beyonce Knowles {No- wel-les} Rodriguez (nope, still ain’t forgot the “wannabe” comment), LOL. Her relaxed look is cute.

  5. Nia looks absolutely gorgeous! I like her dress, love the shoes. I like Keyshia’s look, and she is wearing the hell out of it! Not feeling the plain jane Bey in t-shirts, jeans, and pumps. 🙁 I’ll take the bag though. Rih and those darn boots!! I LOVE THEM!!!! Unfortunately, I am short and don’t have $6500 to spend on shoes 🙁

  6. Nia looks good :). the girl is still doing it after all these years.. u go girl
    😉 .

    Keyshia looks great.

    Bey & Rhianna are both ok.

  7. Nia looks really gorgeous, I haven’t seen her around for a long time, I love the LBD…

    Loving Rihanna shoes they look fab….

    I had to look twice at Ms Cole as well, she looked different but I like her shoes to….

    Bey looks nice to, its a simple look but it a good look….

  8. I love Rhianna’s shoes!
    Nia looks really good. I want whatever sheen she is using also! 🙂

  9. Am I the only one that thinks Keisha doesnt look black? I thought she was Kobe Bryants wife for a minute

  10. Nia Long is always fabulous.

    Keyshia Cole; wow.

    Beyonce has been looking blah since she became Mrs. Carter.

    Rihanna is becoming the true fashion queen.

  11. Nia Long is so beautiful! K. Cole really looks healthy and fit.


  13. Nia is gorgeous and Keyisa is looking good! Bey looks nice and relaxed. Usually I love what Rhianna wears but I think that look is a bit much for the daytime.

  14. All of the sistas look nice.

    Why are people so quick to defend Beyonce? What is this spell that she has on some?

  15. Nia looks fab like always.

    Keyshia is rockin her body and those tights! She looks good.

    Beyonce looks a little plain, but cute. But those old woman shoes are not cute with everything.

    Rihanna’s boots are cute but she has too much going on with the top and the boots together.

  16. Rihanna is just so hot and fly. Her style is on fire! I love seeing what this chick is wearing because it inspires me to switch up my look every once in a while.

    Nia is and will always be the sweet, pretty girl from next door. She looks like a young débutante in this dress despite her real age. Now that’s a good look!

  17. She doesn’t have any spell on me, she just gets hated on too much cuz she’s talented. i think that’s stupid

  18. Keyshia looks FAB!!!! Nia looks fresh and very pretty! Rihanna and Bey need to go somewhere I’ve had about enough of those broads, my goodness! But Keyshia is working it!

  19. Beyonce is the hottest chick in the game so of course women on here are going to overanalyz her the most.

    Funny how Beyonce is the only one out of the 3 being criticized and she is just going to support her sisters, not walking down the runway. She should feel honored that both her haters and fans hold her to such a high standard.

    How come Keyshia,Rihanna,etc can look a mess but when its Beyonce its a problem?
    Talent>>>>Style. I’d rather be known for my talent like Beyonce, then be known for my stylist like cough other nonsingers.

  20. @Deedre: well you know, her momma claims she’s half Italian…lol

  21. did you hear that noise? it wad me falling on the floor KEYSHIA??????

    whoa she is bringing it i’m glad to see less and less blonde sisters honestly she looks good

    nia long has always been beautiful in 20 years we will still be wowed black don’ t crack!!

    beyonce is okay i mean compare to 2004 when she was hawt no one is hating i’ m a man no need to hate i tell it like it is now a day she look like a 30 some years old woman and not in the good way this a bad look because we all know that her body has been the key to the money chamber we just saying she need to get it together 🙂

    rihanna i feel like i seen that look before and does she ever wear make up off stage?

  22. beyonce is living her life,she didn’t want to outshine her sister so she tried to blend in with other people it is obvious she is trying to keep the spotlight on her little sister….i mean damn i think it is cool she is trying to be low key while her sister promotes her album. beyonce is on a whole different level than these younger artist. she just put another 80 mil in her account. she travels by private plane, she vacations on yahts and in the mediterranian, you can tell she ain’t thinking about me or you she is enjoying herself and her life as she should……i think people hate on her because she is so private and so anything they can find out about her they tear apart, i’m glad she is private and let her music speak for itself.

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