‘Celebrate’ with Whitney & Jordin

One of the last songs Whitney Houston recorded before her death was “Celebrate,” a duet with Jordin Sparks that is set to appear on the soundtrack to their upcoming film “Sparkle.”

Director Salim Akil (Girlfriends, The Game, Soul Food, Sparkle) recently spoke about Whitney’s role in Sparkle via the June issue of Vanity Fair Magazine. “Nobody is going to be able to say anything more profound than what Whitney says herself on that screen… Her performance is consistent with the gifts that she gave us consistently.”

“Sparkle” hits theaters August 17.

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  1. It’s a nice summer song, plenty of melody! Jordin is really blossomng!!! She carried this song, that’s ok, Whit gave what she had. I’m happy that an artist like Jordin is in this film as she continues to grow and shine. This role and last outing for WH is an incredible milestone for her and also a game changer!

    Go Jordin!

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