Celebrities New Years Event Pics

I’m sure some of you are curious to know what some of your fave celebs did to ring in the New Year so here’s a little recap. Beyonce and Jay-z celebrated the New Year in St. Bart’s where she was reportedly paid $2 million to perform for Libyan dictator Khadafy’s son. On a side but related note, Ciara was also paid $2 million for a private New Year’s Eve party in the country of Kazakhstan. Must be nice! While Rihanna performed in Abu Dhabi for a reportedly half million. Meanwhile Nick and Mariah partied it up at the M2 in New York and made sure to get their good luck kiss in at the stroke of midnight.They’re starting to grow on me, so I wish them the all the best in 2010! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Looks like everyone had fun. Honestly I don’t want to sound negative but Ciara got 2mil$ for her performance? that’s like in the league of Whitney, Beyonce, Mariah, Alicia etc. never knew she was that…huge, but I guess that shows she’s in high demand internationally.

  2. ^^^^^^^^

    Yeah, Ciara is just that hot…. Shes a great performer/dancer!

    Umm, how in the world does Whitney and Beyonce make it on the same list???…..Whitney and Mariah are true singers. Beyonce is nothing more than a booty shaking performer with a mediocre voice (not a good singer at all).

  3. Lisa Jones- Ok that’s your opinion and from the way you typed that I dont think you’ve ever liked her to begin with(my opinion). And I was talking about someone of their stature, sorry to say but Ciara is not as big of an artist of those ladies I mentioned in my previous comment.

    One more thing Lisa Jones. I think you might’ve got Bey and Ciara mixed up because Ciara shakes her a** WAY BETTER and more than Bey and she can’t even come close to Bey’s vocals so I’m kindof confused?.?… But either way Im happy for all of them they makin their money.

  4. To the above, these are my opinions and you dont have to agree with me. I dont have to come up with a rebuttal because you already know how i feel…..stop whining sweetie…Its just a gossip blog!

    moving on!!

  5. LOL If Beyonce’s just a booty-shaking performer w/ a mediocre voice, what is Ciara? She def. can’t sing better than Bey. U need to rent Bey’s dvd. There is nothing mediocre about her voice, especially if Ciara is being mentioned in the same breath.

  6. Exactly KD I mean I honestly love Ciara but the truth is the truth. And LISA JONES whose whining?? Jus correcting YOUR confusion.

  7. ^^^^Awwww, sweetie you definitely are whining….. And im not confused at all. Im just stating MY opinion. I suggest you get a life…you fans act like your on these celebrities payrolls!

  8. Im enrolled in school, have a job I like, have my own place but I’ll take your advice and get a life lol. Oh yea I truly do wish I was on a celebs payroll I DO need the money lol.

  9. Wow… I wish I made some money by bringing in the new year. Instead, I spent money.
    Ha!!!..But that’s okay we had a lovely time and thought nothing of it. And just looking at the pics it seems like the celebrities enjoyed themselves as well.

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