F101 Beauty Picks:: Winter Fragrances!


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1- Armani Code for Women: combines an intriguing orange flower note with fresh ginger accents and the caress of a honey-sandalwood accord.

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  1. I bought Madame and i love it, it smell fresh and very fruity, Armani is Over rated, Juicy couture is too young for me,And i can’ t stand Covet

  2. I’ve smelled Armani and I did not like it. I’ll have to try the rest. I am really loving “Desire” from Victoria’s Secret.

  3. I love Armani- Diamonds, its my fave scent. I have Covet, the first one though, its ok

  4. @ Dark Sista:
    I know!! I’m almost out, so you know I have to get some more!!

  5. I wear Armani Code. :thumbsup:
    There is not 1 time that I’ve worn that perfume that a man has not stopped me to tell me how great I smell and ask what I am wearing. I use to never share what perfume I’m wearing with other women but since scents, with my natural body chemistry take on a different aroma, I’ll tell them and they always comeback mad at me saying, “Why doesn’t it smell on me like it smells on you?” 🙂

    I haven’t tried this new SJP scent- luv the first 1. I kept meaning to but I discovered Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb AND I ended up purchasing some more Chanel no.5 recently.
    I luv, luv, luv, luv, luv perfumes!!!

  6. 2 Nne: OMG! I LOVE Viktor & Rolf! It smells so freakin’ good. LOL. I wanted to use it in this post, but couldn’t find a great shot of it. I’ll def use it next time, but it smells great!

    :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

  7. I have Diamonds and L.A.M.B. I love new fragrances! I’m going to sniff some of the above suggestions!

  8. I love Armani Code! I smelled it in a magazine and HAD to have it. And I’m not really a perfume girl. I do more of the lotions and body splashes. But Code has me hooked! :thumbsup:

  9. torya: Lool girl do like i do always buy by pair :lol2:

  10. I be ordering my purfume from avon lol. Rare gold, far away, imari that jennifer hudson sponsor from avon and it does smell good. Im on a budget right now. But when i come through i be taking a smell of these purfumes lol.

  11. @ Lady

    I feel ya. I wear J. Lo’s Still. I wouldn’t mind having Sarah Jessica’s Lovely.

  12. @Voice what do you wear i just order mark earth spray it smell so good. It from avon lol.

  13. You know what my ultimate perfume is “First” by Van Cleef & Arpels

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