Celebrity PSA Against Gun Violence


The organization of Mayors Against Illegal Guns has sponsored a PSA featuring some 20+ celebrities lending their voice to gun control legislation.

The ‘Demand a Plan’ initiative features, among others, Beyonce, Ellen DeGeneres, John Legend, and Gwyneth Paltrow, running down the list of recent shootings that have rocked the country, while asking when is enough, enough.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns has been pushing Congress to act in recent years, noting that shootings, especially among the nations young, are seeing an uptick.

In the wake of Sandy Hook, the school shooting that took the lives of 26 people, including 20 children, Congress is once again being asked to take up a plan to limit accessibility to high powered weaponry, similar to that used in several mass killings across the country this year alone.

Check out the PSA below, as well as the official ‘Demand a Plan‘ website.

Just a note: The guns used in Sandy Hook weren’t illegal. They were indeed legally purchased by the assailants gun happy mother.


  1. Great message.

    I love how Bey is always the main artist to call, I remember when the disaster in Haiti hit, and George Clooney was organizing the telethon, he was saying you have to get Beyoncé. She is powerful and very influential A-Lister. Love.

  2. And some people never miss an opportunity to bash her every chance they get, ESP. when for a good cause, there were 20+ other celebs you know…
    Moving on, while I appreciate this message and the celebs joining to help with their starpower when will people get it through their heads that, IT’S NOT ABOUT THE GUNS, it’s the deranged person behind them. I’ve never heard of one firing off themselves, Sadly they will always be here and very easy to access for the troubled. Is anyone aware folks handmake them (including assault rifles like the one used)in their garages nowadays?

  3. It’s a great message and more gun control is needed! But, will it change our violent culture, look at what sells, zombies, vampires, grand theft auto, sex…”worthlessness”…narrow media images of beauty, success and wealth and power…”mean girls”…social outcasts…nerds…ridiculed…hate crimes…people feeling invisible…what we value as a society…not integrity and character…reality tv stars based on who’s the most outrageous…people famous for no reason…so, a killer want to be famous too and have the whole world talking about them…prohibition didn’t stop bootleggers…drug laws don’t stop drug traffic…black market assault weapon dealers will cash in…who’s gonna take the guns from those in the “hood”…just sayin…

  4. I find it quite ironic that people are all up in arms now about “gun control” once those babies were murdered in Sandusky, but where were half of these celebrities and their campaigns as innocent children get gun downed almost everyday in underprivileged communities? Oh they were on Yachts, eating at fancy restaurants, or in the studio promoting violence themselves. Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, etc. are the biggest promoters of violence, gangs and guns in their music. So I find it a huge contradiction that some of these artists are even campaigning for “gun control” when they are associated with people who promotes violence. It’s called “guilty by association”.

  5. “I find it quite ironic that people are all up in arms now about “gun control” once those babies were murdered in Sandusky, but where were half of these celebrities and their campaigns as innocent children get gun downed almost everyday in underprivileged communities?”


  6. Here we go with naming rappers and trying to blame them for “promoting violence.” If your child is listening to rap and thinks it’s ok to imitate what they’re hearing and/or seeing, then the problem lies at home. Furthermore, when are people going to stop using rappers and hip hop as a scapegoat for everything? People will be quick to say rappers are promoting violence, but will run and see a Denzel or Idris movie that is filled with violence in a heartbeat. Some of these same women who blame rappers are the same ones who supported Takers. They are quick to denounce rappers for rapping some lines, but will see a movie or play a video game filled with extreme violence in a heartbeat. If you have EVER supported a movie that was filled with violence, you are also guilty by association. I’m guilty too because I’ve supported many movies with violence. It doesn’t mean that I still don’t support gun control laws. And most importantly, I know the difference between what I see on TELEVISION, GAMES, and REAL life.

    As for where these celebs were, I guess they were doing what they signed up for, their job? Are they not supposed to be on yachts or at fancy restaurants? The better question is, where was the PRESIDENT? Where was CONGRESS? Where are the MAYORS? Where are the governors? It’s always amazing to me when I see people demanding and blaming celebs for not doing enough instead of looking to their elected officials.

    It doesn’t matter if Sandy Hook prompted an action! Regardless of underprivileged or not, TWENTY children between the ages of 5 and 7 lost their lives entirely too soon and within the span of 15 minutes. If this is what it takes to bring action, then so be it. The president is from Chicago, one of the biggest cities with gun issues, but this is what prompted him to finally talk seriously about gun control because he had avoided it for a majority of his campaign.

  7. And just to add to my little “rant,” it is absolutely absurd that there were more analyses and town hall meetings on how hip hop influenced a grown man using nappy headed hoe than there were on the effects and repercussions of violence in movies after the Colorado shootings. Some shock job says nappy headed hoe and we spent months blaming hip hop and rappers for promoting that kind of language. Holmes pretends to be the joker and kills 12 people, and the analyses aren’t quite as lengthy or deep and the film goes on to gross a billion dollars within a month. While we are responsible for separating fact from fiction, as well as teaching our children to separate the two worlds, I would hope people hold movies (30+ billion dollars a year empire) and video games (nearly 50 billion a year juggernaut) to the same standards, both of which far outpace the earnings of the hip hop community.

  8. Beautiful…!
    SIDE NOTE: The 30 or so celebs on this were asked to join a movement. To lend their voices and out of ALLLLL THOSE FOLKS, one ignorant person on here had a problem with Beyonce being a part of something so important. I cant with the ignorance!


    I’m gonna need you to keep telling th truth.

    Just a year or so ago Chicago was on fire… literally. One weekend about 14 black children were killed and there was 0 media outrage or celebrities running to take up the cause.

    Most only come around and speak out when there is something in it for them… including most of those in that PSA.

  10. Well I was watching “Don’t Sleep” the other night and was extremely surprised to find out that 20 people in Chicago were gunned down in ONE NIGHT, why? Because I hadn’t heard about it AT ALL. But for once I truly don’t think its a racial issue, the ages is what affects me and most others.. TRULY INNOCENT, DEFENSELESS, babies most who don’t even know what death is/means. Stop questioning peoples motives/intentions, furthermore any human being who has emotions, heart has been broken and in some way wants to help the ones affected by this tragedy whether it be being there for the victims families/community, prayers, or lending your starpower to try and make a difference. Not everyone is Adam Lanza, heartless.

  11. @Cynthia…I love reading your comments. Thank you for sharing your opinions (as they very insightful and neutral) and allowing people to have their own. 🙂

  12. I thought of the Chi, too. Check out the film “The Interrupters”. I so admire the work they are doing to help end gang violence in the city.

  13. Until we as a country start treatubg every life as important nothing will every change. This is a worthy cause but I am shcokced by alot of these black artisit. Our children are literally dying in the streets and it does seem like except the people in the stuggle no one cares. I truly hope this is the start of something truly amazing. Don’t make the focus about the celebrities or anyone else it should about the victims. All of them not just certain ones. It is just like the whole Sanduscky case the only boy they kept showing was this white young man that he did it too even though 85% or more of his victims where under privileaged black boys. They kept showing the white boys because they knew more people would care. Everyone’s life is important.

  14. @StylishCEO

    Thank you, very much!


    You are so right! We just don’t care as much if it’s black faces and images.

  15. I know people don’t like to see their favorite celebrities criticized, but when they sit around in their strategy sessions and think tanks, they weight their options and possible responses. Beyonce could care less about our negative commentary. What matters is that the controversy lead us to search engines, page views, clicks, media impressions, Q Score and other media measurements…accolades…awards.

    Fans say, “she can’t catch a break,” well brace yourselves for 2013 as she promotes new projects…Beyonce always does thing in “spectacle” fashion like a Cecil B. Demille film, people respond to spectacles, some of them work and some don’t! Because people don’t buy some of the accolades or celeb-cause photo-ops (self-promotion), it’s what they have to deal with.

    Alicia Keys is being slammed for GOF and justifiably so…Briney Spears is mentally ill, her father still has conservatorship over her finances and people has ripped her X-Factor judge performance…Halle Berry is ripped for having failed relationships, nothing more…Rihanna is called all sorts of names and we’ve only seen her publicly with a few men over a long stretch of time…Lady Gaga is called out and call ugly names on some blog everytime someone posts something about her…these celebrities choose to be in the spotlight…rattle people with controversial media stunts…it’s the new route to becoming legendary…brand-building…making generational wealth…they could still be successful without the exploits, if they choose for their work to speak for itself, continue to put the work in…instead of using media sensationalism…to skip steps…people are right to have an opinion!

  16. STYLISHCEO & Cynthia, the 2 of you said it best.

    Yes, right now everyone is on the “gun control” tragedy because of the tragedy @ Sandy Hook. Funny, that it always takes something like that to trigger a “outcry”. This was the same “outcry” that came back in July with the Aurora movie theatre massacre,the VA Tech shooting, Columbine, & etc etc etc. But as we all notice once the media storms settles & months roll by, people forget about “gun control”.

    There is NO doubt that there needs to be SOME type of regulation because it is too easy to a get gun. But the key is, once you say your going to do that, you must follow thru & that is something Congress does not do. Also, instead of just harping on gun control, they need to tackle the other BIG issue…mental illness. That IMO is the leading cause as to why these types of things happen. Crazy is crazy & you can’t change that. And if you don’t believe me, just take a look @ China. The same day as the Sandy Hook shooting, 23 Chinese children were slashed @ their school. Thankfully, none of them were killed, but the point is the assailant didn’t use a gun… he used a knife & STILL did damage.

  17. Thanks all!

    Please watch “We need to talk about kevin” with Tilda Swinton! We are battling serious “depression” in this country, along with other mental illnesses.

    We need for new schools systems to be built in the hood, like the Harlem Kids’ Zone…privatizing schools are still going to leave us out. Rappers and other celebrities and community residents (like us) need to open up learning labs and alternative schools…drop-in art centers teaching animation and design, digital filmmaking…cake decorating apprenticeships (can you imagine seeing brothas from the hood on The Food Channel???)…just storefronts (low overhead)…education is a great neutralizer…individuals learning what else they can do besides “rapping” or robbing their way out of poverty…some parents just don’t have good parenting skills.

    Unfortunately, many community leaders, preachers, politicians only want to give out some turkeys or give a hand-full college scholarships, hold rallies and walk the streets chanting “stop the killing.” But, to put the work into programs that will transform lives, ain’t happening…most of these people are fakes! I’ve tried to work with various boards and it is deep competition, “the photo-op”…news byte…interview…is premium in the non-profit world and cut-throat…people are concerned how someone else is going to benefit or want to take credit and your sponsors for themselves…I believe we can turn our communities around, not just talk…when people get real!

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