Chaka Khan Rocks The AI Stage

A newly svelte Chaka Khan was all smiles Thursday evening as she took to the American Idol stage to perform a medley of her hits with the show’s top twelve girls.

Chaka flaunted her new found hotness in a tight shimmery jumpsuit that showed off her reported sixty pound weight loss.

Since shedding the excess pounds, Chaka says she feels better than ever and can fit into many of the costumes she used to wear during her days in Rufus.

Good for her.


  1. Am I the only one who’s gonna comment? Hope not. I was jazzed watching that. Couldn’t stop singing along and smiling. I knew she lost weight but I guess I didn’t imagine how she would look in video. Geez, she’s a slimmy trimmy. Props are given over here. Chaka always sounds great so….instant props for that. Makes me wish and hope to do what she did. Bomb!

  2. The American Idol site has Rihanna’s performance but I could not find Chaka’s…. sorry to those who aren’t able to watch it.

  3. she looked amazing!

    sadly better than ‘Tasia in a cat suit

  4. Chaka Kahn looks amazing!! She is making me step my game up. I have 7lbs. more to lose and she is inspiring me!

  5. Chaka does look good. I saw her on show. I love her version of “I’m Every Woman” and have it on my ipod.

  6. @Liverpool,

    Agreed 100%.

    Weight loss looks good on Miss Chaka. Great performance as well. I say to her and also Jennifer Holliday, many kudos…”old school” rules! Wonderful performances ladies!

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