Chanel Iman Wows at Coachella

There were a lot of fashionable brown sistas at the Coachella Music Festival over the weekend, but none more so than supermodel Chanel Iman. The 20 year old looked amazing in an apricot colored lace babydoll dress, floppy hat and strappy heels. Chanel always looks amazing at the yearly festival. Check out her eye catching ensemble from 2010 as well.


  1. This is honestly the best I have ever seen her look. Chanel is really thin and not a lot of things look good on her. This look is perfect. The babydoll look isn’t easy to pull off. If you have large breasts or are shapely I would stay away from this. It will make you look like a tent.

  2. Very cute 🙂 I would’ve gone with flat sandals though. Especially if she was at a concert? in the grass? LOL

  3. Another black celeb had on a floppy hat as well. It’s so obvious that stylist nowadays, pick the same look for all their clients. Branch out, please. At least my girl Rachel Zoe and team pick attire for individual and not monolithic. Black Celebs really should fire their stylists.

  4. Bohwe if you mean Rihanna, her hat wasn’t floppy. It was a fedora.

  5. i take my statement back, i apologize. but you have to admit celebs rock the same look.

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