Chantel Christie To Release Debut Single

Chantel ‘Chani’ Christie, daughter of NBA power couple, Doug and Jackie Christie, is set to release her debut single titled “Here We Are Again” on January 25. Her first album, ‘My Dream,’ is due out spring ’08. Chani is also starring in her own reality TV show, “Coming Up Christie,” which will chronicle her life as a Christie and her journey to record her first album. The single was produced by Ralph Stacy from Jean Rah Fya Records . Stacy has worked with Luther Vandross, Pink, Paula Abdul, Dru Hill, Aaron Hall, Kci & JoJo, B5, Houston, Color Me Badd, Jagger Edge, Xscape, Bobby Brown, and current R&B superstar Mario. “I believe in God and I think he has given me a gift. My Family has always stood behind me and encouraged me in my singing, and I’m very grateful,” says Chani.

The 14-year-old talented teen aspires to be a good role model for her peers and is the United States National Youth Ambassador on HIV/AIDS Awareness. She is also the Kids Outreach Spokesperson for the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington DC for 2008.

Chani is also an actress/model who has starred in several national TV commercials, hundreds of print fashion campaigns and voice overs,
A book is also in the works.

“Growing up as a Christie, has taught me the values of leaving a positive impact on the community, I am excited about my new ventures and working with kids across the globe,” says Chani.

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  1. i don’t understand her mother chasing a man around the world. i thought this young woman was 25 or 30. the fact that she is 14 she scare us all. she looks older than me and i’m 31.

  2. 14 damn, how will her mom stalk her husband and stay with her child

  3. Doug and Jackie Christie did what they both thought they had to do in order to stay together. Doug is a millionaire NBA player with women waiting in the wings to get at him. Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing and a host of other players have cheated on their wives and broken apart their families because temptation was a This couple knows the dangers and chose to cling to each other in order not to fall victim to the pitfalls of Doug’s job and had the support of their families who helped raise the children. I bet this young lady has her head on straight and it appears her mom and dad had a lot to do with that. Good luck to her and Jackie Christie is a bad ass sister. Women hated her cause she wasn’t about to let another wench come along and take her man. 😆

  4. She’s too young for me to comment about this. I’m biting my tongue now. There are a few things that I don’t like about this whole thing. The music, the show, the photos… I dunno. 🙁

  5. i need to hear some material from her before i say anything
    she is really pretty and big up to all women that fought to get what they have and hold on to it

  6. She’s fourteen? Really? I don’t even know who she is but if someone had said she was 25 I wouldn’t have blinked once or thought twice. But…on a more positive note…Best wishes on her projects and whatnot.

  7. The music industry has changed so much for the worst that I dont really support child entertainment. As far as her mother is concern, I am not going to judge her negatively because I am not in her situation. So far the only people who have been critical of the Christie’s marriage are white people and Uncle Toms–to me that is not a reliable source.

  8. big ups to this site for showcasing a beautiful intellegent young lady ofton times in this society people tend to cast hateful judgements upon anyone trying to do good and make a carreer in life and i say to hell with the haters and chani keep on doing your thing! god bless your parents too they are good people and the world is jelous of there love so yall ignore the stupid comments and keep it moving forward in a positive way!

    jerry, N.Y.

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