Brandy Debuts on the Hot 100

Nearly four months after its debut, Brandy’s new single “Put it Down,’ has finally entered the Billboard Hot 100.

Coming in at a respectable #95, it sits four spots below Keyshia Cole’s “Enough of No Love,” which debuted at #91 last week and remains there this week.

“Put it Down’ moved up six spots on the R&B charts, coming it at #16, also four spots below Keyshia who holds the #12 position, also for the second week in a row.

Pure R&B artists have been struggling as of late on both Pop and R&B charts, so it is nice to see Brandy and Keyshia making a dent, no matter how small.


  1. I love this song..the video is too cute.. Brandy is the buisness.real-talk

  2. Everyone wants to PARTY so they dont take the time to love and fall n love anymore!

  3. R/B is starting to sound dated when I hear it on the radio 🙁 I think it’s cause we hear so much dance music.

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