Chart News: ‘Bluebird of Happiness’ First Week Sales


‘Bluebird of Happiness’ First Week Sales

The numbers are in, and sadly, R&B music continues to take a beating on the charts. According to Hits Daily Double, Tamar Braxton’s Bluebird of Happiness album may fail to debut inside the top then, thanks in part to sales of less than 10,000 copies.

Tamar had some stiff pop competition to contend with, including Miley Cyrus’ Younger Now, Demi Lovato’s Tell Me You Love Me, and Shania Twain’s Now, which will take the number one spot on next week’s Billboard Hot 200.

After listening to Tamar’s album, I’m convinced that with a bit more promo and the release of a more kick-ass single like Hol’ Up, Bluebird could have performed a lot better. The album is 100% solid and I’ve been enjoying it. Should this actually be Tamar’s final album, it’s definitely a great way to go out.


  1. I will get it. The genre needs to flourish. I think it’s messed up majority of the general public don’t support r&b. Especially black artist such as Tamar Braxton that definitely do the genre justice. Airplay has supported mediocre and crappy records.

  2. wooooooooooooooow 10k? i didnt expect it to be that low. i didnt buy because i didnt like what i heard. but i sure did buy LEDISI and that thang ROCKS, even my husband has it on a repeat loop.

  3. HDD has updated their predictions and in pure sales, Tamar is expected to sell between 17 – 19k and debut around #20 on the charts. This isn’t shocking at all. Few artists, pop or R&B, can manage to sell 100,000 copies of an album in the first week. Demi Lovato is expected to sell about 50k and Miley Cyrus, 30k. People claim its because of streaming, but nope. When you add in streaming as HD does, the numbers are almost the same. For instance, with Tamar, add in streaming and they predict she will sell as much as 21k. 21k? Geez, only 21,000 ppl in the entire damn country purchased her album or streamed it. Times is hard and people just aren’t feeling the lackluster music artists are releasing these days.

  4. “Times is hard and people just aren’t feeling the lackluster music artists are releasing these days.”

    All of this, basically.

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