Chart News: Ciara & Nicki Minaj’s Sales

While browsing online earlier this week I could not help but notice the promotion that was going on for Ciara’s latest album “Basic Instinct.” And by promotion, I mean background takeovers of some of the largest urban entertainment sites online. I told my friend via phone last night that at best, that poor form of promotion would yield Ciara anywhere between thirty and fifty thousand units in sales.

A quick visit to Hits Daily Double today however proved me to be wrong. Instead of a paltry fifty thousand in sales, according to HDD, the singer will do even worse, and instead sell around 35-40 thousand copies of her new album.

To make matters worse, Ciara spent much of Tuesday on Twitter, re-tweeting tweets from fans who had bought multiple copies of her album (this guy bought 15) in an attempt to pump up her sales. I figure if you guesstimate the singer’s true first week sales, minus the multiple copies bought by loyal fans, Ciara’s sales may actually be somewhere around the 20 thousand mark- a poor showing for an artist of her caliber.

Just like “Fantasy Ride,” “Basic Instinct” has suffered from multiple push-backs and last minute promotion, on and offline. I purchased Ciara’s album and can tell you that it is probably her best yet. The singer clearly put her heart and soul into this project- making sure she put out an album that in my opinion is filler free.

Despite poor first week sales however, “Instinct” can still go Gold, or even Platinum, if Ciara and her label keeps churning out singles and promoting them vigorously.

Other artists making chart noise include Michael Jackson and Nicki Minaj. Michael’s new “MICHAEL” album will sell around 250 thousand copies next week and may come in at #1 if he can fend off Susan Boyle and Taylor Swift, who are still selling huge numbers despite their albums being out for weeks now.

Nicki Minaj is also still the talk of the town, three weeks after the debut release of her ‘Pink Friday” album. The singer is now officially Gold, selling another 80,000 copies and bringing her total to just under 550k. Nicki is still out promoting and recently said she has four new videos set to come out in the next few months. I think it’s safe to say Nick will definitely go platinum and her ego will eventually catch up with the size of her ass (lol).

And just in case you forgot how amazing Ciara is on stage- check her out above performing on Ellen earlier today.


  1. wow i expected at least 80 thou, um, and nicki will have a hard time going platinum it’ll def take 4 videos

  2. I knew Ciara would do bad. Her album’s first single came out over the summer and here it is December and they are finally releasing it. All these months of releasing songs and videos but with very few performances hurt her.

    Ciara may need a new label, management and maybe even sound.

  3. The media has tired of Ciara. This is why they don’t support her music anymore. Without the power of the press, no artist can truly survive.

  4. I like Ciara, but she just somehow disappoints me with her decisions. Her music and style just seem all over the place and she’s just not interesting anymore. Still love to see her dance, but she never does anything DIFFERENT to stand out. SMH.

    I can’t doubt Nicki Minaj anymore because with this continued progress she still seems to be doing good. She has the media on lock, and with the support of other female and male rappers, the continued promotion, and a new MAC lip stick, I’m sure she’ll make platinum. I still don’t define her as hip-hop, SORRY! I hate the fact that she has to specifically point out HERSELF that the legend Lauryn Hill wasn’t categorized as hip-hop and so that makes HER the number one female in hip-hop as far as album sales. Sorry, but TRUE hip-hop heads still categorize Lauryn Hill as the queen. Nicki’s album isn’t any different being that she is singing and rapping on her album as well.

  5. @sincerely jOUet well said or should I say enough said….

  6. i cant take all of this shade being threw at one woman lol what did she ever do to anybody shes a really great artist and she has acomplished some great things i never seen so many people rooting for a person to fail shes doing her best to promote this album and i respect her for trying shes having a really hard time in her career but that doesnt take away from her success!! and at least shes still relavant at least enough for yall to be throwing shade her way that album has been out for all of two days people already making up album sales im sure if the album doesnt do great this week she will continue to promote it i respect her for fowllowing her own vision its a must to stay true to your self what do yall want her to do go hide in a corner?? it sure seems that way shes just doing what she loves and so many people feel the need to bash her for it which is just shameful i wonder what it feels like knowing that so many people want you to fail she has the weight of the world on her shoulders right now i admire this chick she has alot of heart!!!!

  7. Ciara is a very talented dancer, and her Ellen performance was good. You can see just how much Michael and Janet influenced her style, and it’s nice to see someone so young take to the greatest. But I agree. Ciara’s time has passed. If this were late 90’s/early 00’s maybe she’d be making ripples right up there and getting just as much airwave love that Brtiney did back then, but right now her style and music doesn’t fit with what’s going on in the industry. And no amount of sex and nudity is going to change that. I feel bad because I’ve always liked her, and I think she could outdance every one of her peers, male or female. She just needs to keep her head up and stay in the public eye. Maybe things will turn around for her one day, but right now is just not the time.

  8. NICKI’S ALBUM IS A BEAST !!!!!!!!i wasnt that much of a fan but seriously her album is first on my iphone !

  9. yea there is np buzz for Keyshia Cole either I see low sales for her to

  10. Ciara’s album is actually really good I can listen to the whole thing without skipping a song.

  11. Very insightful post! It is unfortunate, as I was in a Best Buy store returning some things and I saw the nicki cds being grabbed up and hoped Ciara would do ok. Somehow she’s still in the game and is growing her brand!
    I didn’t buy Basic Instinct, but I will soon just as a fan and to give support. It’s good that BI is considered to be some of her best work!

    If an artist change things up and it’s not well received (Ciara), go in a totally different direction (Rated R) or take an extended break (Big Boi)and fall off (R. Kelly, Nelly, Macy Gray), or get serious radio play and media coverage (Katy Perry) or the lack thereof (Letoya Luckett), it may or may not equate into big sales. Hot singles and videos can also boost sales over the long-term. It’s a tough business, even for the biggest of music stars, the public’s attention span is very short and an artist has to really create a serious buzz and have people so excited (Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj)because everybody loves a winner, if not or they’re on to the next big thing! Ciara just isn’t resonating like she did with her first two records. The uptempo songs were too studio production/producer driven and lacked the artistry of some of her earlier work. Artists are going to have to lose the familiar templates that supposedly promise a hit song and get with music that’s infectious and people can feel and rock (Katy Perry, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, BoB,Usher).

    I find that people are using internet radio services like Pandora more and more and cell phones for music and simply not buying because they don’t have to, to listen to music. There will be exceptions like Nicki Minaj, Alicia, Mary and Beyonce, whom I believe brands are so strong that they will continue to do the numbers.

    But, I believe and I know for a fact, if you stay in the game, there will be “game changers”…and when you see resistance in an area of your life and you’ve given your all, that’s because you’re being guided in another direction and the outcome will surprise, elate and often supercede your expectations, not saying you won’t necessarily get what you want either, maybe it’s just been delayed!

    Just stay in the game and continue to count your blessings as they continue to multiply!

    Go Ciara!!!

  12. This happens when an artist move away from her core art and tries to become the jack of all trades and master of none. had she concentrated on her vocals, dancing and the style of music she was popular for, she would have stayed on a steady incline. But, she was more caught up in her celebrity than her craft causing confusion as to what direction she was going in and fans losing interest.

  13. @Cynthinia & Star Tracker, well said!!

    Along the way Ciara and her ppl lost their way and instead of building on her appeal when she first came out they fired a shot that completely missed.

    As a fan that loved her style and music, the turning point was Fantasy Ride. I mean how do you go from being “tomboy chic” to half naked, that’s some fake ish to me. And on top of that she didn’t even seem natural with it.

    I’m all about artist growth but don’t sell me on that crap, “I just want to show my sexy side, I’m a woman now” whatever you’re only 22-23 you don’t know anything yet, holla at me in a couple years and I’ll believe you. The whole attempt just screamed “let me compete with Beyonce and Riri” at the time and that’s where she missed.

    Now this new album after listening to it a few times actually isn’t bad. The video Ride although it was banned was believable, she seemed natural. Now if fantasy Ride and that whole image at the time would not exist and she went from Evolution to Basic Instinct with that time frame gap then maybe she would have been better off.

    Oh and one more thing Fantasy Ride had a few good songs, her image was wacker than the album imo. Anyway I think she and her ppl have read these blogs since everyone was like “we want the goodies cici back” and she listened, too bad a lot of others have already tuned out. I’m still rooting for her because we need variety.

  14. I think its not Ciara that has a problem…its more like the people have a problem

    everyday I observe people and most times people cant even listen to a whole song without changing it 5 times…just like channel surfing on TV

    whens the last time you listened to a whole album all the way through, or even sang along to it like the old days

    seriously this generations idea of a hit song is pretty much about sex,drugs,drama,& materialism in your face

    there are few acceptions but there isnt any originality, heart, soul, spirit, feeling in music.

    I know now that Ciara hasnt changed…its all of you who have changed and is riding the bandwagon to self destruction.

    remember they sell less because dont even lie 80% of you illegally download all your music…none of you got time to buy the cd then upload it on ur album…yall are all part of the A.D.D. generation

  15. I searched high and low for samples to hear on the release date of her cd, no luck. I’m not spending any more money on crap. Has anyone listened to the new song by Natalie Stewart and Musiq Soulchild titled “Forever” that’s getting very little air-play, let alone recognition? What’s up with that? We need to move beyond the popularity factor and support those with true talent.

  16. Rapper Nelly has blamed his label Motown Records for the poor sales of his latest album 5.0. The album has so far only sold 63,000 copies stateside.

  17. Christina Aguilera´s soundtrack was #2 during the whole week, and sometimes even #1 in itunes the week it was released, but still ended up lower Top 20 with around 50k sold.

  18. So far, the new album by rapper Soulja Boy hasn’t exactly been able to “crank dat.” MTV reports that “DeAndre Way” sold only 13000 copies in its debut week.

  19. Rihanna set for poor album sales on new album – LOUD
    Rihanna appeared aware of the looming low numbers (and the flack she may receive for it), saying:
    “Never have I ever stressed out on the first week. Ever since ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’, the first week was like 16,000, and it grew to sell half million albums. The first week never determines what the success of the album will be.”

  20. Ciara “Basic Instinct” is now #3 in uk iTunes R&B chart!! http
    Ciara’s #8 on U.S. Main iTunes Chart!
    #2 on US iTunes R&B, only behind R. Kelly that’s also #1 on the main chart!

  21. Ciara is one busy entertainer. She’s in NYC promoting her new album Basic Instinct and has a new Verizon commercial on the way.


  22. @vonni
    have you noticed how black MALE entertainers with major money seem to hogg the radio (ex p diddy)and the rest of the time steve harvey and other old disc jockeys only promote their geriatric buddies. i stopped listening to radio. our greatest female talents are being ignored.

  23. @THE FACTS R you need to stop the lying.the first wee Good Girl Gone Bad she sold 160.000 then went on to sell 9.5 million worldwide

  24. Update…just got Ciara’s new one. Her album is really good. I suggest we all show support and go out and get it. Or at least listen to it first and see what you think. Itunes now lets you listen to 1:30 minute clips instead of :30 sec clips, so you get a better feel for each song. It’s a good album, and definitely her strongest one yet. Glad I bought it.

  25. Ciara gets crap material … that’s why she does not move units. Plus I get the vibe that she has a stank attitude to boot. She just rubs me the wrong way. I think she let all of that “she’s the new Janet” mess go to her head and got burned …

  26. I think Ciara tried to give her fans everything they wanted and yet for some it still wasn’t enough. Her label screwed her by delaying her album for nearly six months, which killed the hype and basically allowed people to just download the singles as they were either leaked or released on Itunes. The longer an album gets delayed the more likely it is to fail. A new label may be whst she needs because I don’t think it is the music that is lacking.

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