Chasing Destiny Debuts New Single + Live Performances


New Music: ‘All of Us’ by Chasing Destiny

So, as most of you have probably heard by now, Kelly Rowland’s new girl group is called Chasing Destiny. Yes, the show was named after the ladies, not the other way around. The five-member group actually came together last summer and have been working on their first album since late 2015. Their first single, All of Us,’ was unveiled on Tuesday and is available now via iTunes.

You can check out Ashly, Brienna, Gabby, Kristal and Shyann performing their new song below, as well as another single titled It’s Alright.


  1. These songs are awful. That’s the main reason so many artists fail today. No time is spent on the music. They’d rather focus on their image and look. These are grown women. More mature songs should have been used and probably better producers.

  2. I don’t like either song but I do wish them luck. We need more girl groups on the scene.

  3. I really want them to succeed and it’s going to take time before people get into them.

  4. Traci you are so right about image and I’ll add, no substance, meaning the music, what their selling us beside weaves and whatnot. These girls need to live together, grow together, write together before they can sing and perform together as a group. Kelly is forming a group for the sake of having a girl group. But is the group, a “GROUP” or girls put into a group?

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