Chasing Destiny Ratings + Kelly Rowland Returns to Empire


Chasing Destiny Ratings Do Not Impress

Kelly Rowland’s new BET music competition series debuted Tuesday night to somewhat iffy numbers. Chasing Destiny aired at 10 pm, directly after Black Girl Rock, and secured 700,000 viewers and a 0.3 demo. Kelly did quite a bit of promo leading up to the show’s airing, however, I don’t recall seeing any online banners, which kinda shocked me. Internet promo is integral to launching a new show, and me thinks BET may have really dropped the ball on this one.

Whatever the case, Chasing Destiny has already run out of steam and more than likely won’t be returning for another season. Good thing Kelly has music and her acting career to fall back on, which leads me right into Empire, and Kelly’s return during next week’s episode, The Tameness Of A Wolf.

Kelly Rowland Returns to Empire


Kelly reprises her role of Leah Walker (Lucious’ mother) and the episode continues to delve into their history. Lucious is shooting a video for his new single Boom Boom Boom and Leah’s mental illness takes center stage. It’s a very emotional episode, and one I think fans of both Empire and Kelly will connect with.


  1. These shows just aren’t interesting anymore. Not even Frank Gatson’s shady ass could have saved this show.

  2. A hater wrote this article! Correction, 720k views and a 930, 1030pm eastern start time for a premier is so obviously too late! Dvr and OnDemand numbers?? BLACKGRLSROCK 911k way low from last year. So not alot of pple were watching BET that night! Pple love the show and by no means is it loosing steam already! Most pple like it. 720k is a good number for such a late air time!

  3. I love me some Kelly Rowland. The ratings were not good and BET’s promo for it was lackluster. No need to try and get personal. A Brandy fan did the same thing when I reported Zoe Ever After’s ratings. I just report the news, I don’t make it up. 🙂

  4. I don’t like shows like this because I have never seen anyone really do anything after they have won, except on American Idol. But I admire Kelly for trying.

  5. And that is why people don’t watch anymore. No matter who wins the public will never see them again. I’m amazed The Voice is still airing and doing well in the ratings because I cannot name even one winner. Can any of you? I think celebs just use shows like these now to promote themselves rather than the struggling up and coming artists.

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