Chrisette Michelle: “Epiphany” Video



  1. I find Chrisette to be pretty but boring. Like Mya and Cassie she has beauty and talent, ok Cassie doesn’t, but her songs just lack something. They just don’t connect with me.

  2. How many times did i fall for your lies
    How many times did i fall down and cry

    Love those lines

  3. @Torya: I was wondering the same thing I hear it on the radio last week. That is a cut. I am glad to see Stephanie doing her thing promoting these sisters. This is why I was really liking this blog in the beginning and I am starting to really like it again.

  4. wicked song…wicked tune… love it !!!! :brownsista:

  5. I love the song and I was wondering who sang it when I first heard it a while back also. The video was simple but very appropriate and I like the ending…walking off with her girls. Nice!

  6. I have Chrisette debut album and I plan to purchase her next. She is really talented and she definitely connects with me. Her songs are well written and has a certain vibe. “Best Of Me” really did it for me. After hearing that song I instantly became a fan and will continue to support her throughout. She has a very “angelic” voice that is very magnetic. The “Epiphany” vid is well done. I no longer listen to mainstream radio and haven`t for a LONG minute. I discovered Chrisette through other means and I`m certainly glad I did.

    Michael Jackson & The Golden 80s 4 ever!!!

  7. Chrisette Michelle is one of those rare gems that’s coming out of today’s vapid music scene. She’s not manufactured and overhyped. She focuses on her vocals and meaningful lyrics. I hope she’s around for a long time. :brownsista:

  8. Beautiful woman. Beautiful artist. Beautiful song! I love the video, too! 🙂

  9. This isn’t on her current album right? I have it and I never heard this song! She is so underrated I love her voice and talent!

  10. I was feeling this song the first time that I heard it 🙂 Nice video too. Maybe they can finally figure out how to market her and get this woman the shine that she deserves.

  11. ^^^^^^^ Agree. I hope this gives her commercial success.

  12. Kitty Talk :iagree:

    LOVE IT!!! I heard this a few days and didn’t know who sang it.

    I will be BUYING, not downloading 😆 , her album when it comes out.

  13. I heard this song once, and later on afterwards the song just popped in my head and I had to hear it again. This will be a classic hit in my collection just as many others from her first album.

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