Chrisette Michelle Performs At Vsessions

On June 30th R n’ B chanteuse Chrisette Michelle took the stage to perform at Seagram’s Vsessions which was hosted by Vibe Magazine. The Grammy nominated singer performed at New York City’s lower east side Boucarou club to an enthusiastic crowd of fans, including Vibe’s Editor Danyel Smith and Latina girl group Nina Sky. Vsessions presents the best in live urban entertainment featuring a different guest performer every month and in a different city. Past performers include Brown Sistas Cheri Dennis as well as Elisabeth Withers.

Photo Credit: Ronnie Wright


  1. You know how people love Janet, Beyonce, Ciara, ect; that’s how I love this artist. she is my absolute favorite. She is the one artist my eight year old and I can enjoy together and agree that this sista is so fabulous. With that said ,everyone can proceed to talk about how she is fat and has no hair; I promise I won’t get mad. LOL

  2. BTW: Good to see Nina Sky. I used to like them. I haven’t heard anything from them, not even underground. If anyone knows anything about them (which will likely be Pearlsrevealed) please mention.

  3. @mo’star
    I’m so with you on Chrisette Michelle. She is one of my favorites, too. She had stepped out of the scene for a while, but that’s alright because she left our ears with great music. I love her new look – it really fits her. I hope that she’s preparing for more exposure and workng on a new album, because girlfriend is hot.

  4. I like Nina Skyy too, last I heard they were working on a new album. I’m not really into Chrisette 🙁

  5. @mo’star:

    I am so with you on this one. She came in at defjams under Jay Z and they didn’t know what too do with her. See outside of hip-hop they don’t know what too do with these artisist. They tried too present her in the way you present Ciara or Beyonce or someone like that and it just didn’t work. She is on Jennifer Hudson’s level with her singing. I am glad too see this blog for the brownsista’s actually starting to speak about all of brown sista’s. Because she is definately one too watch.

  6. Oh I so love Chrisette, she’s what we need in music right now.
    Good to see Nina Sky, they are sooo cute…. I hear they have an album coming out in the Fall.

  7. I see you’re at it again [you know who you are], but I ain’t mad at you lol.

    I love “Best Of Me” by Chrisette M. This talented lady is doing her thing.

  8. Chrisette: talented and cute. Nina Skye: I dug ’em back when they first came out. Everyone’s looking good. 🙂

  9. Yes Chrisette is The TRUTH.. She`s ol` skool all the way; from the Roberta Flack, Billie Holiday, Sara Vaughn, Minnie Ripperton, etc. mode. She just has that natural ability with such great range without even trying to sing. You know how some just try real hard to the point where they begin to strain. Well she exerts very little effort and yet she sounds amazing. You don`t get this on radio nowadays. You either have to go to the record stores or search underground, and it`s a damn shame.. There`s no reason this sista shouldn`t go far but that`s where politics come into play. She`s not a BOOTY SHAKER, just true talent, and that`s what`s foreign to record companies and radio stations.

    “Hold My Hand”-by MJ and Akon

    This life don`t last forever (hold my hand)
    So tell me what we`re waitin` for (hold my hand)
    We`re better off being together (hold my hand)
    Than being miserable alone (hold my hand)

    Cause I`ve been there before
    And you`ve been there before
    But toghether we can be alright
    Cause when it gets dark and when it gets cold
    We hold each other til` we see the sunlight

    Hold my hand


    So if you jusssst
    Hold my hand
    Baby I promise that I`ll do all I can
    Things will get better if you just hold my hand
    Nothing can come between us if you just hold, hold my, hold, hold my, hooold, hold my hand

    P.S. I`ve stated in the past that I`m not to keen on Michael working with these Hip-Hop artists. However this track with Akon is a pleasant surprise. Number #1 it`s R n B with a reggae bit in the bridge and it`s absolutely amazing. MJ`s voice is as SMOOTH as it was 20 yrs. ago; I kind you not. The song hit the internet on Monday and judging from the comments from various sites about 95% of the public share my opinion.

    If there are any MJ fans here beside myself if you`d like to give it a listen just go and click on “listen” at the top. Then scroll down to “Akon ft. Michael Jackson-Hold My Hand”. The song supposedly will be released as a single around the end of July. Iwas absolutely blown away when I first heard it because you wouldn`t expect such beautiful harmony between the two. But they really blend well together.

    P.S. Stephanie I hope you won`t take offense to me posting another site; it was my only option.

  10. I’m loving Chrisette Michelle. Her cd goes from my car into work with me everyday. One of the few cds I can listen to from end to end.

    I love her hair, it fits her….funky cool with a little edge.

  11. Chrisette is one artist I really appreciate. She brings true talent that cannot be denied. And mo’star, there is nothing wrong with her, dear. Absolutely nothing. We in the real world know and appreciate true beauty and not so much those cookie cutters they shove in our faces , trying to brainwash us with what they see as beautiful.

  12. @Mo’ Star
    You know when I was in high school they called me Casey Kasem. LOL. Well I don’t follow Nina Sky. I didn’t even know they were Latina but I am familiar with “Move ya Body” via the constant blarring radio that these teens & 20 somethings that make up the staff that I supervise play all evening. Since you have so much faith in my knowledge I did not want to dissapoint you. I googled them and found a J Holiday remix of that nasty (funny, I used to call that stuff sexy) song that feature these ladies on You Tube that you will enjoy. There is also info on a Wiki page.

    I have spent the past decade in a particularly lily white area (no such thing as a black community) of Colorado and only have learned to use the internet to track down old favs and find new artist in the past couple of years.

    Listen up old heads: MySpace, You Tube and Wikipedia are you best weapons to combat the stale, redundant, lackluster, insulting music programming of Clear Channel and Viacom owned radio stations and TV networks. I have also been introduced to great new artists at Clutch Mag Online which is featured in Brownsista’s link page. In fact, after I check in with you guys I go straight to Clutch.

  13. @Pearlsrevealed

    I know what you mean about the radio station. I think it was terrible letting basically one company by all the radion stations because they play the same stuff all day. That is why I don’t listen too them anymore. I listen too my cd’s or my IPOD. But there are alot of sisters out here that’s still making music. You have too unfortunately do a little research, but, once you find them they are definately worth it. I would recommend Ledisi & Lala Hathaway’s new cd also.

  14. @ Pearlsrevealed.
    Thanks, I knew you wouldn’t let me down LOL. I grew up in Connecticut. Although there are a few urban cities I grew up in a similar enviornment, hence my shameless love of rock music. My friends used to complain and still do that I know every song on every radio staion. The only music I don’t listen to is techo, and country.

  15. Oh and Bria, I listen to my Ledisi CD in its entirety at least 3 times a week. It used to get on my daughter’s nerves but now I catch her singing along. I have’nt heard Layla Hathaway’s yet but I will buy it tommorrow. I don’t even know if anything is open today because of the Holiday.

  16. I love Chris i listen to her whole album but im pissed that real artist dont get the recognition they deserve like Kindred,Ledesi,Lala Hataway. Freddie Jackson,Kieth Sweat and Will Downing also have wounderful albums out right now so real music lovers need to peep those to….ohh yeah and i love Lyfe Jennings!

  17. i love chrisette’s new song love is you….very lovely & relaxing…her voice is so melodic & very billie holiday-esque….
    & its refreshing to hear music from a talented artist….

  18. I’m late to the party but this sister is definitely under the radar. Her album was tight; and her voice is the business. Unfortunately all products; including music are market driven and that makes it difficult for a wide range of audiences to reach her.

  19. @mo’star:

    Did you get Lala? Girl I just found her first cd I forgot how bad it was. I think if we just keep supporting these artisist real music will make a comeback. It is already starting. There a few of these new artisist that actually sell records the rest are hoping they get a endorsement deal.

    You are going to replace Leidisi for about a week with Lala 9ha-ha)

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