Ciara & Rihanna Host trl

Rihanna has officially become a miniature version of Beyonce Knowles. We all know Bey is known for doing as many 3 and four shows a day and now Rihanna is fast on her way to keeping that same break neck pace. Earlier this week the sista hosted an episode of MTV’s TRL and was invited back again today to co-host an episode with fellow diva in training Ciara. Word is her hosting duties may actually be extended to the end of this week.

Shortly after hosting TRL Rihanna was spotted attending and performing at the Links For Life gala, and organization that benefits DKMS and The Bone Marrow Foundation

Rihanna’s drive and ambition cannot be knocked though. It worked for Beyonce and my hunch it will work for her too. FYI- something tells me Rihanna will be Vibe’s next covergirl.

More Ciara and Rihanna images on the pages below.


  1. She is everywhere these days but I do not think you are going to hear people saying she is overexposed anytime soon. She is only now beginning to take off so it will take a while before the public tires of her. Rihanna is very sweet too and that makes a difference. Beyonce is considered arrogant and manipulative so that is why the public seems so eager to get rid of her. I don’t see that happening with Rihanna.

    The pics of her and Ciara are too cute. You guys really do post the best images :thumbsup:

  2. Ciara doesn’t look to flattering in those photos. But that’s my girl….both of them 🙂

  3. Aaw she fixing her weave like a real sista gurl spose to do.Cute pics.

    Rihanna got an album coming out, she needs to be everywhere.

  4. Rihanna and Ciara are both very nice and graceful young ladies. Rihanna is truly a definition of a covergirl. :brownsista:

  5. [quote comment=”6859″]Aaw she fixing her weave like a real sista gurl spose to do.[/quote] I know right, veru cute :lol2:

  6. I like them both. But I can never remember what Ciara looks like. She has such a forgettable face. If I were to look at several different pictures/videos of her, I would think they were of different people. Without the headline, I didn’t know this was Ciara.

  7. Where is Ciara these days? Doesn’t seem like her most recent single is doing all that well.

  8. Yes all the hype surrounding her seems to have died down. I liked her first single but not that like a boy song. :thumbsdown:

  9. I personally like Ciara waayyy more than Rhianna but Rhianna is alright. Ciara surprised me and her CD is actually really good. Although I’m not her biggest fan Rhianna is nothing like B. I believe Rhianna takes risks which is evidenced by her new do. Beyonce plays it safe, and I still feel like I don’t know a piece of who she is after all these years. B needs to take a nice loonnggg break and then come back. I like Ciara’s music a lot more but i wish both of them well.

  10. Rihanna is making a lot of her new do? When did it become groundbreaking to cut one’s hair?

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