Ciara’s Biggest Fansite Closes Down

Sincerely Ciara, which I believe is the largest and longest running Ciara fansite online, has thrown in the towel. After 8 years of supporting the dance diva, the owner officially put up a splash page yesterday announcing the site’s departure, but giving no clear reason why. The closing of such a large fan source is a serious blow to Ciara’s online presence, as it is fan sites that truly keep the public up to date on what artists are doing.

Privately run fan sites have become one of the main ways in which record labels seek to promote their artists. Beyonce World has done such an amazing job promoting Beyonce over the last decade that they are often sent exclusives from her label and members of her camp. Likewise, Rihanna Daily was handpicked to be the singer’s official online fan source. Rihanna routinely mentions her various fan run sites on Twitter and acknowledges the affect they have had on her career.

Without a huge online presence Ciara’s career may continue to spiral downward. Her official website is never updated and a few random tweets from the singer are not enough of a replacement for the free promotion given to her by such a dedicated fan source as


  1. Nobody wants to be the fan of a loser and Ciara is a loser. Supporting a singer is like supporting a sports team. You want to be down with the biggest and baddest. You want someone you can brag about. That site’s owner closed down out of shame and because they know Ciara’s career is over like the eight track tape.

    Not trying to be mean, just telling the truth.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Can’t say I’m surprised though. A lot of hot artists lose their fan sites when their careers stall. These so called fans are quick to bounce when you are no longer hot. Brandy lost most of her fan sites. So did Jennifer Lopez who used to have more than anyone I know. A few Janet Jackson fan sites have closed over the years too.

  3. You Ciara fans can always jump on the Nicki Minaj bandwagon now 😆 .

  4. Nobody wants to be the fan of a loser and Ciara is a loser.

    I could not have said it any better.

  5. Did you guys hear about 50 Cent calling Ciara a bitch on Twitter? I guess this just isn’t her week.

  6. People don’t understand the crap that fan sites go through to support an artist. They build these sites out of love and patience, only to turn around and get called names by ungrateful fans (as any celebrity blogger does); threated to get sued by photographers, online sources, and even the artists management/camp. It’s a lot of hard work!

    As an ex-fan site owner, Sincerely Ciara has not been so nice themselves. I remember when they would attack other Ciara sites just to be recognized as the #1 Ciara site. Personally I don’t feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for Ciara though. This just goes to show that music in general is not the same anymore. A lot of fans are turning their heads!

    All in all, I just hope that Ciara doesn’t do anything desperate for attention. For example, now and days just about anybody is has fell off is given a reality show to re-boost their career. SMDH.

  7. @Ranjay and @Wizay

    If y’all think Ciara is a loser then why bothered crawling y’all asses in this post? Ciara fans have supported our girl through thick and thin. Regardless of the drama and bullshit Ciara NEVER letted us down. I used to be a LOYAL member of the site and I must say I had some GOOD times on there. The rest of you haters I pity most of y’all because you rather would want another human being to FAIL so miserably because y’all lives are MISERABLE. Ciara ain’t mad ans she will CONTINUEto THRIVE and have SUCCESS whatever the odds are against her. You NEVER she her complaining. That’s why y’all RESENT her so much because she’s a HUMBLE person. People really think her career is over but how come EVERYTIME I go in the stores to check out the hair magazines such as HYPE HAIR and SOPHISTICATED BLACK HAIR. I see Ciara’s NAME and PICTURES still there? Now answe that question? Y’all can’t because y’all are UNHAPPY and MISERABLE so y’all take y’all negative resentment comments and take it out in people who didn’t do anything to you. Seriously? Do y’all have LIVES? Do y’all have a JOB? Do y’all makes sure u have a ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD. And FOOD on the table? Seriously GET INTO REALITY folks. It’s not Ciara’s fault that she’s FAMOUS and BLESSED. And WORKED HARD to get everthing she DESERVES. I can’t say the same thing to some of y’all with the comments I read. I’m proud of this woman and NO MATTER WHAT Ciara ALWAYS get’s the LAST LAUGH!!! She ‘s doesn’t give a flying shit what y’all say about her anyway. So stay MAD and stay BITTER.

    Ciara Princess Harris I love u!!!!:):):)

  8. This is what happens when people are not paid for services. It’s easy to opt out when you feel the celebrity isn’t one of the brightest shining stars!

    The record labels don’t support fan sites and blogs like they should and this I don’t get it at all, really! All everyone talks the wave of the future is social networking. All of this new media is giving traditional online media a run for its money with no let up in sight!

    The record labels want the justin bieber and gaga success stories and dollars and the blogs truly helped to propell these artists in record time! Because they get blog and fan site coverage for “free” and don’t have to vy for covers and editorial space…they figure why lend ad support, interactive “artist experiences” in terms of partnering for concerts and special appearances…GREAT gratis…so what’s the continued motivation?

    I worked with an online magazine prior to blogs and sites like the examiner and the gratis used to be soooooo good, ad support was always stingy even when though, we did the big numbers. It’s not the artists or publicists, but the managers and labels who don’t see the value of investing in blogs and fansites.

    Reality shows have replaced what videos once did for most recording artists, now it’s reality tv. It’s not about being a has been trying to return to the spotlight, it truly works, for the time being. We’re hooked on personalities and our love or disdain for celebrities makes reality tv a win win situation. Brandy, J-lo, Toni Braxton, Monica, Fantasia, Ciara, Ashanti and others will benefit from reality tv while there’s still a market for it! It’s just the slant used to sell it that makes the difference!

    Ciara will survive this because artists selling music is going to become more and more challenging for the exception of a few. But, artist brands will contiue to grow because our infatuation with celebrities won’t end and people being famous for nothing will continue…two words…Jersey Shores…The Kardashians!

    Go Ciara!!!

  9. I am not laughing at the demise of another human being, What goes around comes around and seeing as you people hang on to certain celebrities for dear life,i wouldn’t be so quick to dance and shout , It can happen to ANYBODY.

    As for Ciara, I hope she doesn’t see this as a defeat, but rather as an eye opener, These so called fans, are only there when you are “hot”,They don’t care about you at all.

  10. lol @ these comments.

    Ciara needs a career make over. I only bought 2 singles from her album.

    Girl, we need you to get it together and stop keeping up with the JONESES.

    The album was piss POOr. Though i love her first 3 albums.

  11. @ Shontelle

    I feel what you are saying and I myself as a LOYAL and HUMBLE Ciara fan have witnessed some of her fickle fans turm their backs on her. I mean she’s not PERFECT nor anybody else. But don’t think ans stereotype that all of her fans are like that. NOT AT ALL. But yes when an artist is SUCCESSFUL and THRIVING the fans that are so called supportive jump on the BNADWAGON. Then when things get rocky and out of touch they BAIL OUT. I’m sad that some of her fans are like that but hey *shrugs* Ciara is moving on ans so the rest of her LOYAL ans SUPPORTIVE fans that she does have. Like I said things WILL CHANGE. Mark my words, Ciara WILL BE FINE.:):):)

  12. @ Nicky

    What does her personal life have to do with her career? She’s a grown ass woman and she makes her own decisions. She is BLESSED to have friends that SUPPORT her. I KNOW FOR A FACT. You don’t mean to throw #SHADE. But please be REALISTIC in the long run. CIARA WILL BE FINE. Thanks!!!:):):)


  14. Ciara Princess Harris I love u!!!!:):):)

    I feel sorry for you. I couldn’t even read your whole diatribe because I knew from the first few words you were a lonely nut.

    Get a life and some accomplishments of your own and you won’t have to live in the shadows big uppin’ Ciara’s accomplishments. Instead you’ll be able to big up your own.

  15. it sad to see how people would hate on someone they don’t even know. Ciara may lost her fansite but she still have life to continue trying…..and she have talent that you hater maybe don’t have.

  16. Dang, this not a good look. Struggling artist biggest website shuts down. Womp! Poor Cici, I thought 2011 would be a good year, it’s not starting that way but hey it’s not over yet, I guess lol


    They are #MAD and #BITTER and they will continue to stay that way. Smh……. Don’t pay no mind to Ci’s haters they always #FAIL!!

  18. Ciara’s music always sucked, and she is talentless. Her bag of tricks ran out, and it’s time to go home. Rihanna will be joining her soon. I guess it’s Minaj, and Perry now. Support real music. I don’t feel sorry when a talentless bot goes down. Someone here had to be real.


  19. No there is another fan website for ciara it been running for a good couple good years it called it way better then sincerly ciara


    If she’s sooooo talentless how come you got her name in your mouth? EXACTLY!!!!! GIRL BYE!!!! ——–>

  21. Hahahahaha……all of these comments and negative words over HER???? LMAO @ all of you! Smh!

  22. I feel bad for her! I have a feeling she is going to get dropped from her record label (if she hasn’t already)

    Her song with Usher is really nice(Turn it up)they should release it now before it dies down.

    oh @giftedsince92 I advise you to stop getting so sentimental and go to the nearest record store and buy a million of Cici’s latest album that’ll do it.

    none the less I wish Cici the best of luck and it’s not like everything is over, all you need nowadays is a good hit
    BTW, Ciara should open a dance company, I always enjoy her dancing #justsaying

  23. @ VVSROCKS

    No what u need to do is mind your business and LET ME HANDLE IT. What do I need to but a million copies of my IDOL’S cd when I’m BLESSED that I can afford a copy or two. Thank you and have a nice day. :):):)


  25. GIFTEDSINCE92 is almost as big a loser as Ciara. If you Ciara fans would go half as hard on iTunes and record stores as y’all do the internet, then maybe Ciara’s career wouldn’t be in the toilet.

  26. If they jumped ship because she’s not hot anymore she’s better off without them – because they were not true fans to begin with. I could not tell you all how many acts I love that aren’t hot anymore or never were – because it isn’t about that. It is about the music. Her loyalists, and I’m sure there are still quite a few, will still be down for her.

  27. @ ASHCASH

    My point goes to show your SIMPLE-MINDED ass that u don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. So I suggest u have a seat. ———>

  28. And? Why are people acting like her life is over, Where one door close…
    Ciara is Gifted and Gifts don’t just disappear overnight. I know she will figure something out and i wish her the best of best of bests.

    Ps: Rihanna is always shouting out to websites dedicated to her, she answers to her fans on twitter, she is very accessible and i think that’s why people keep gravitating towards her.

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