‘Ciara’ Album First Week Sales


Despite a promo campaign that has included almost ten performances and the release or preview of five new videos in the past week alone, Ciara’s fifth solo album, the self-titled ‘Ciara,’ will still not move very many units during its first full week of release.

According to first day sales reports from HDD, Ciara will sell between 55-65 thousand copies of her latest opus. Numbers that have to be disappointing to both the singer and her label

Like Kelly Rowland before her, Ciara’s album leaked weeks in advance of its release and was quickly downloaded by fans and non-fans alike. To date, one notorious spot for illegally acquired music has shown Ciara’s new album to have been downloaded over 200,000 times.

Ciara’s promo for her new project however continues throughout the week with her co-hosting duties on BET’s 106 & Park. CiCi also stopped by Live with Michael & Kelly to perform her ‘Body Party’ single.

Naturally, the early morning performance was a bit more PG rated than other performances, but it’s still worth a peek. Loving the live vocals.


  1. I wish her success. It sucks that her album was illegally downloaded so many times!

  2. Yeah, that’s true,
    But even though she didn’t make any money off the ilegal downloads…at least folks are feeling this album.

  3. I hate when people download illegally. It’s so wrong. She would’ve had well over 250,000 copies sold had people not been stealing.

  4. I think straight R&B is hit so hard by illegal music downloads because black people tend to have less disposable income- and if they can save $15 they will.

    Bad for the artists, but real.

  5. Urban radio has become increasingly draconian, choosing to play music from only on the female artist: Beyonce. If your name ain’t Beyonce don’t even think about being played on the radio.

  6. @ Traci Ciara’s single is currently #1 on urban radio. Beyonce has not had much play on urban for the past few years. They mainly play hip hop music.

  7. Sad, but this trend, I guess will continue, illegal downloading is really hurting artists’ sales. But, with Jay-z winning the right to count the Samsung free downloads as individuals album sales, I would partner to have a company purchase albums for promotional giveaways and at least go gold first week! With album leaks, corner bootleg distributors, pandora and youtube, recording artists will be forced to do something to sustain their careers! Fortunately, for Ciara she’s still young and hopefully, her single sales will increase! Like Ashanti, she’s here to stay, I would say!

  8. She would have made so much more money! Who leaks these albums?

  9. Most times if an album is very good people will steal it and then buy it. I think you need a stable, loyal fanbase to be able to do that and I don’t think Ciara has that. I wish her luck.

  10. Let’s not just blame the leak or illegal downloads as a primary reason why CiCi’s album did not debut well. If you look at her track record when it comes to sales she has not been a big hit since her first record. The way she is marketed is confusing and she provides the same material over and over. She is a gorgeous, sexy woman and can dance her ass off, but her songs have not matured to get the attention of the older audience; and the youngter’s attention have moved on to other artists (your time is coming too Nicki if you don’t change your marketing scheme). Another point, although she has been performing on all these mainstream TV shows she still can’t find that cross-over success. I think if this CD fails this will be a huge and final blow to her career.

    P.S. In the words of BLACKSISTA, STOP STEALING !!!

  11. I feel for Ciara, but it’s true about the illegal downloads. There’s no guarantee that all those people downloaded her album would have gone out and bought it. If anything more people download albums simply because it’s free. I’m not going to deny that illegal downloading affects artists, it totally does, but Ciara has had a long history of disconnect musically. She’s never been a big seller, unfortunately.

    I don’t think it’s that she hasn’t matured, I think she’s failed to take advantage of cross-over music. She’s still doing R&B which is great, but she needs some pop songs for mainstream, top 40 success. That’s where the money is, anyway, and a few years back she could have easily fit in with her voice and her dance moves.

    I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but for me, it’s that she’s not fresh. With every new album, new hair cut, or new pose, she’s not offering music anything we haven’t seen before.

  12. Ciara team needs to get with the times, pple love being followed on twitter, she needs to tweet her fans to buy the album, upload pics and she will retweet and follow them back. That will give her sale spike. I want this album to at least go gold. And she better do a North American tour also

  13. I feel like, the label was wrong I don’t care if it was an accident she should’ve made them all sign a confidentiality paper so it wouldn’t happen or she would get paid on top of that.

    Now let’s be 100% Ciara has had some struggles on the Hot 100 because if the album does not sell well trust me you have people who just put out singles ad they still good.

    Looking at the charts this week Body Party is now at 25 & 7, and I’m Out just debuted at 50 & 16 so I have no doubt that this is still a combat for her.

    Just because you have a #1 album doesn’t mean you sell and it doesn’t mean that your singles are doing good either. look at MJB’s last 2 albums, look at Beyonce’s last album

    THE WORLD IS LOSING R&B, Brandy, Kelly, Ciara, & Fantasia have released STRONG R&B albums and yet no one is listening guaranteed their labels didn’t put them on TV until the week of their album release.

    But you have people like Beyonce albums haven’t sold good in years but she’s good on tour, Rihanna doesn’t sell that well on Tour but most of her singles are top 10.

    BUT ‘Ciara’ is supose to debut #2 on Billboard 200 & #1 Billboard R&B and that’s way better than ‘Basic Instinct” #44 on Billboard 200 & #11 on Billboard R&B even better than Fantasy Ride

  14. Ciara’s problem is she really has no talent. Gyrating like a black porn star with or barely any clothes on isn’t going to compliment her songs. She represents the lyrics of her songs w/ filthy and nasty (dance?) moves. How anybody would enjoy watching her is beyond me. And black ppl wanna know why young girls are dancing/dressing the way they do. They ae inmatating the likes of a non-talented artist who’s in the wrong business. Ciara would most likely profit more in the porn industry.

  15. well basic instinct only did 33k the first week so to say her album did 55k-60k thats actually great to start, kelly rowlands numbers were around that for the first week sales, and she has a few good jams up here so i think she’ll do well besides albums dont sell these days only singles sell these days unless your beyonce, riri or alicia

  16. her vocals are strong when she barely moves. If this were a fast tract and she had to dance – it wouldn’t work.

    Wish her all the best.

  17. This shit right here makes me mad ass hell she is a under rate she deserves much better tht album is great from dui to overdose she have so many different sounds on the album it really shows the Diversey in her voice




  19. She is a has been who never was.She is a wannabe like Kelly Rowland. Rowland compared to Ciara is like Beyoncé.Please Ciarra give it up get a real job raise your child,Your agent deserves an academy award for getting you work of any sort.

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