Ciara Springs a Leak


Ciara has seen her fifth solo album, simply titled ‘Ciara,’ spring a leak some two weeks before its official July 9th release date.

The leak was reportedly made by Ciara’s label while setting the album up for pre-order via the singer’s official website.

All of the album’s singles were inadvertently made available for purchase at $1.29 and reportedly remained that way for several hours before the mistake was noticed.

By the time the singles were removed the entire album had already been compiled and made available for download on various sites.

Epic Records has not commented on the leak and neither has Ciara.

The ‘Ciara’ album, formerly titled ‘One Woman Amy,’ was meant to be CiCi’s comeback album and was personally overseen by L.A. Reid, president of Epic Records.

We will obviously have to wait to see what affect the leak has on the album’s first week sales. Ciara’s 2010 ‘Basic Instict’ album sold 37,000 copies in its first week and debuted at #44 on the Billboard chart.


  1. Listened to it online last week. Nothing special. But then that can be said for most music out today.

  2. That’s a about it, a leak to see how the music buying public thought about the album. I’ll keep my money.

  3. The CD is amazing! She has at least 5 number 1 hits on it.

    Superturnt Up
    Body Party and remix
    Living it up
    Where you go with future is amazing
    I’m Out

    I have every Ciara CD. I have never bought a Beyonce CD or Rihanna

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