Ciara Officially Announces Pregnancy


Ciara and Russell Wilson are Pregnant

Ciara and husband Russell Wilson are expecting their first child together. Ciara shared the good news with fans via her Instagram page- writing “On this special day I received an abundance of love from friends and family… and I am excited to finally share one of the greatest gifts of all that God could give.” Ciara followed up her post with a series of emojis that included a dancing woman, baby and baby bottle.

Ciara and Russell have been married since July. This will be Russell’s first child and Ciara’s second. As you all know, CicCi has a two-year old son with rapper Future.


  1. I remember Future saying Ciara wanted to have a celebrity relationship and I believe him. The marriage and spoiled baby announcement were all publicity stunts. Not saying she doesn’t love her husband, just that she uses him and their relationship for publicity.

    Congratulations to her anyway. I hope she has a healthy and happy baby.

  2. Black men are so self-hating they consider their own touch poison. Black men believe once they touch a black woman her value automatically decreases. Add in a baby and they think a black woman is destined to die alone. Ciara bucked the trend. She laid down with a dog, but didn’t get any fleas, and has since gone on land herself a prince. This is really eating black men up, mostly because they depend on black women to have low self-esteem so they can use and abuse them. Convince a woman that she has no value, that no one will want her if she’s a single mother, and you’ve got a willing victim on your hands. God bless you, Ciara. God bless your family and your unborn child. Keep living the dream. You are an inspiration to every sista who’s chosen the wrong man and yet still managed to recover from it. Do your thang girl and keep them shook.

  3. @Jamie
    She uses Russell Wilson for publicity? They both agreed to announce they’re expecting their little bundle of joy. Her ex man is bitter and spiteful which is really ignorant. Ciara and Russell deserve happiness and love from each other. That’s all it matters.

  4. @FuckBoisaremad
    I agree with you 100%!!!! Some black men are so ugly on the inside they treat their own women like dirt. However there are the beautiful black men that love and embrace their women. Ciara and Russell are no different. They have some envy and miserable people trying to disrespect what they share with each other. People deserve love and happiness and I’m excited for them!

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only person who picked up on the hate from some of these men. Since Ciara and Russell first got together I’ve been reading articles about how black men should avoid women like Ciara and how Russell was setting a bad example dating an and appearing to care for her child. Meanwhile, these same men are acting like cuckolds lining up to date the Kardashian women who have been dicked down by every black black athlete in the NBA and NFL. If Kanye ditched Kim tomorrow she’d have no problem finding black men to marry her and take care of her ready made family. We have two generations of black men who have grown up listening to the most hateful music about their own women and it has turned them into our enemy. Who wouldn’t want to see a woman get married and provide a stable home for their child? What have we become as a people? Worst of all, few men had a problem with Ciara getting with Future who has about four or five kids by as many mothers. Black men expect us to take them as is, baby mamas, chronic unemployment and criminal records, all with no questions asked. I’m happy Ciara stepped up. Wish she’d never given that bum Future the time of day. At least she learned. One f#%^*ck boy was enough. 😆

  6. In the black community, when a woman has a child by a man she is not married to, she is automatically considered trash by other black men. Worse still, she’s viewed as someone not worthy of having a serious relationship with or marrying because she comes with a ready-made family. As another poster said, black men have a particular distaste for black women who have been touched or had by other black men. They think so little of themselves they don’t want anything another one of them have touched. Odd isn’t it? This applies to only black women though. One look at famous black men shows they’ll run one right after the other to be with a white or other woman. They have become cuckolds and clean-up men for the Kardashian women alone. Niggas will lick another man’s cum off Kim’s ass to be with her, while Ciara is considered damaged goods. Go figure.

  7. @Julianne
    You’re exactly right! Some of these black men glorify other women that are not black and treat their OWN women like sh*t. They’re so ignorant and ugly on the inside and I’m tried of the b.s. from these certain men that want to have a “partner” or “significant” other but look at the type of women they choose to be with. And for them to have the audacity to look at black women as if they’re not considered being good partners or companions sickens me! Ciara and Russell are setting a good outlook for themselves. I have nothing but love and respect for them! This is a very informative insight you posted!

  8. I wish all women will do what Ciara and Mariah Carey did…Move on!!! Opposed to sitting around like Mashonda waiting 7 years for a man not only did he remarried but have two more kids back and after 7 years want to call it Blended! People move on!! Life and Time is to precious!! Super Congrats Ciara and Russell now you don’t have to be blended with Future four other baby mommas!

  9. I concur!!! Not only did she moved on!! She won a Superbowl! She stated that she prayed and prayed! I am so happy for the both of them.

  10. Thank you brown sista for posting my post. This blended thing shows that its ok for a man to have 4 & 5 baby momma. Its unacceptable! Disrespectful! It shows desperation and low self esteem to the highest level.

  11. Nothing makes the black community madder than a black woman winning at life.

  12. I’ll do you one better, @TRAQ, nothing makes the world madder than a Black Woman winning at life.

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