Ciara and Russell Wilson with Baby Future

Ciara and Russell Wilson Take Baby Future to Training Camp

CIARA RUSSELL WILSON AND BABY FUTUREIf rapper Future was mad about football player Russell Wilson pushing his son around in a stroller a few months ago, he’s going to be positively livid when he sees the most recent photos of the pair.

One day after signing a new 87 million dollar contract with the Seattle Seahawks, quarterback Russell Wilson was spotted at training camp with girlfriend Ciara and her son (baby) Future.

Russell was not shy in showing his affections for the boy, picking him up and even sharing the most adorable hug.

Ciara has come under quite a bit of scrutiny for allowing her new beau to interact with her son, but I gotta say I agree with something I heard comedian Steve Harvey say some years ago on his radio show.

He was asked by a female caller when was it appropriate to bring a man around her children- and Steve’s answer was “As soon as you think things may become serious.” According to Harvey, it isn’t wise to get heavily involved with someone and keep your children on the outside. “You are a package deal,” Steve told the caller. “What happens if you two get serious, you then introduce him to your children and they don’t mesh?”

I believe this is probably the road Ciara took. Once she knew Wilson was worth her time, she introduced him to her son because her son is a huge part of her life and if Wilson wants to be a part of that life then he’s going to have to accept and get along with her child.

This situation may set gossip tongues to wagging, but it happens everyday. People break up. They divorce and then the parties move on. I personally think Ciara has struck gold. It’s not everyday you find a man who’s willing to love and care for another man’s child. If Russell Wilson is such a man, then everyone should be happy for Ciara, including Future.


  1. Future is obviously a jealous and absentee parent. How often have we seen this man with his son? Rarely. Like everyone else, if he was spending time with his son he’d be seen by the media or posting pics himself on Instagram. Future is like a lot of men who dump the mother of their child and then sit back and hope she spends the rest of her life alone. They know children act as man repellant but then they get salty if the woman appears to move on and with a good man no less.

    Future is used to dropping babies and then dropping out of sight. He’s done it before. I bet none of his children know him well and I bet he hasn’t lived with any of them for more than a year. I was shocked Ciara even gave a bum like him the time of day. I’m glad she has Russell and I hope they do well together and not like the media tear them apart.

    I do think they should be more private though. Russell shouldn’t have talked about their sex life to the world. That was a bad move. A very bad move. Ciara needs to be more discreet too. No need to share everything via social media.

  2. I just hope it is real. I hope Ciara and Russell aren’t using each other for the media attention. They are both too open with the media and that is never good. In the beginning you need to keep things close to your chest until you know it is what it is. Russell has already shared things he should not have and Ciara is no better. Sometimes it’s best to keep your personal life private. Your mama told you that and it is still a good rule to live by.

  3. You re good people Russell Wilson, you re one of God s messengers, and you re going to do great things in life, beyond your playing days, it s obvious, and it s needed.

  4. They didn’t air out their business like everyone is making it seem like they want this “attention”. Ciara and Russell are in a happy place and I doubt this is some “fake” relationship. They have love and respect for each other and for Ciara to overcome and take charge of her life that means she’s a resilent and strong person. We shouldn’t focus too much on the negative aspect because in this situation it came out positive. I didn’t want Ciara to be involve with a man like Future but whatever she’s still a woman who didn’t allow that bum to control and dictate her life. I’m still a fan and I wish nothing but the best for her, Russell, and Baby Future.

  5. I do agree Russell had no business telling the world he and Ciara were not having sex. That was too private and led to people asking Future about his sex life with Ciara. Famous Women have to set ground rules with these men and that first rule should be NO TALKING ABOUT ME TO THE PRESS. Jay Z practiced that rule with Beyoncé for over a decade and made sure she did the same. It was a respect thing. Russell needs to show Ciara more respect in the media and keep the private details of their personal affairs off the front pages of magazines and gossip blogs.

  6. I don’t understand why people think Russell is disrespecting Ciara. In what form of disrespect did he do to say that he and Ciara are abstaining from sex? They are both adults and have the right to talk about their relationship. I didn’t see anything wrong about that. How Jay-Z and Beyonce did their relationship and how they did it is their business. So, bringing them up just to dictate how Ciara’s and Russell’s relationship should be is irrelevant. The media was already into Ciara and Russell when they publicly started dating. Just let them do their thing because they’re happy.

  7. Let me jump in this 😆

    I won’t say Russell has disrespected Ciara, but I do think he should have abstained from talking about them abstaining. It was extremely private and like someone else said, opened the door to Future being asked to comment on Ciara’s sexual habits. Of course that loser also said more than he should have, but given the ilk we all know him to be, I cannot say I was shocked.

    Here are just a few articles I found on why Russell should have kept mum.

  8. @SISTA

    I understand and I’m already aware of the situation. He (Russell) should have been discreet about it but he wasn’t doing it maliciously. Now that other bum, YES because he should have kept his mouth shut period. But Ciara and Russell know each other which is good so I hardly doubt she felt some type of way about Russell saying that. But it’s cool to see two people that are involved and love each other unconditionally. I think Ciara and Russell will most likely tie the not in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  9. But Ciara and Russell know each other which is good so I hardly doubt she felt some type of way about Russell saying that.

    I think Ciara was asked and said she understood why he spoke out.
    Either way, I’m just happy for her and always felt Future was beneath her.
    Russell was a definite upgrade.

  10. So happy for this sister many women wait, wait and wait!!!! Men move on!!! That Negro has three other children by three other women and he is not loyal to none!!! I am so glad that Russell want to be with a black woman and her child that is so awesome!!

  11. At 87.5 million they are usually running a be with a white woman or some half breed woman!! I am not racist I am just keeping it real! I know his first wife was wife. However, that is the past!

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