Ciara Announces New Album

During an online chat to promote her new movie “That’s My Boy,” Ciara revealed news about her upcoming album.

Tentatively titled “One Woman Army,” the singer’s fifth CD is scheduled for a late summer release and will be preceded by “Sweat,” the debut single, which should hit the airwaves in early June.

“One Woman Army” will be Ciara’s first album under the tutelage of L.A. Reid and his newly restructured Epic Records.

After having her last two albums, 2009’s “The Evolution” and 2010’s “Basic Instinct” fail to live up to sales expectations, Ciara parted ways with Jive Records which had been her home since 2004.

As for what fans can expect from “One Woman Army,” Ciara says she simply plans to “return to her roots.”

As for “That’s My Boy,” expect it to hit movie theaters on June 15th.


  1. she’s been returning to her roots with both the previous albums. all she needs to do is to go into the studio, and do music from her soul and heart, and not label it. make it personal to her, not what’s currently out or try to chase a top spot, but just be. if you try to chase a top spot, you will fail, she should chase music.

  2. Sweat
    One Woman Army
    A Return to her roots….

    All typical from Ciara.

    She needs to come with a whole new stage routine this time. The public doesn’t want Ciara to return to her roots. She did that with the last album and it failed too. They want a true evolution from her. You got to keep changing and evolving for this generation to stay with you.

    Sweat sounds like a rehash of Ride. The name alone bothers me. She needs to soften her edges a bit. Do a song that doesn’t sound like the video will be an exercise routine. I can see her now doing all these crazy acrobatic moves that look great but don’t add anything to the song.

    She needs a new choreogrpger too. Someone who can make her sexy without all the hardness and street stuff.

  3. In REPLYING TO THE BLOGGER, “FANTASY RIDE” along with “BASIC INSTINCT” failed commerically.

    Ciara ALREADY got everybody talking. This ERA will be #EPIC. #ONEWOMANARMY #SWEAT

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