Ciara At Six Flags Over Georgia

Dance diva Ciara took over the Six Flags Amusement park in Austell Georgia today and had the Goliath Roller Coaster renamed the Fantasy Ride, in honor of her upcoming CD. Accompanied by her parents, the singer took a spin on her Fantasy Ride, indulged in Six Flags goodies, signed autographs for fans, and according to Sincerely, even performed a few tracks from her upcoming album. As you all know, Ciara’s third solo CD is tentatively scheduled to be released in November of this year and her new single and video, Go Girl, are due to hit the airwaves sometime next month.


  1. lol she does actually eat! ha ha!

    Looks like a lot of fun although I couldn’t handle most of those rides.

  2. She looks cute and laid back. I’m still not feeling her current single yet, but hopefully the album is hot

  3. She looks cute, not feeling the single either! Looking forward to the others.

  4. Cici looks so pretty and she is really having a goodtime with her family.

    Papa is a looker not bad and Mama os kewl but whatthe heck is she wearing????

  5. She’s not eating. Look at that chicken, it doesn’t look real. Do you think she was hold a peace of chicken like that? LOL LOL LOL!!! What is her mama wearing?

  6. Artists like to use magazines as a way of generating interest in them and their looming projects by way of some controversial cover and/or article. However, whenever such attention grabbing stunt backfires, the artist in turn likes to place the blame on the publication that they themselves usually seek out first. Ciara is no different in this action though not not any less pathetic.

    The caption is “Stand Up! Ciara,” the cover story is entitled “The Fantasy Unfolds,” and the quote is “I’m not gonna hold back too much.” Looking at the shoes, her open mouth, and where her hands are placed I can’t imagine what a thong and a bra (if actually worn) would have done to deter this very suggestive pose and the obvious theme of the article.

    It gets better.

    So muscle butt is saying these “artistic” photos of her bent over in size 24 stilletos are tainted because VIBE allegedly airbrushed her draws off in the cover (in a pose you wouldn’t be able to see them anyway).

    Who is she supposed to be fooling?

    Judging from her previous comments, she knew what the deal was and seemed excited about it. Ciara went to a magazine that had Moesha on all fours to be artistic. Right, and strippers get tipped extra for ballet lessons.

    Ciara got naked for two reasons.

    1. To prove that she wasn’t born Carl.
    2. Ass gets attention.

    If you’re going to be naked, but equally as nude about your thought process.

    She’s not going to sue VIBE not because she’s over it but because a judge would likely drop the suit right on her Harry and the Hendersons sized feet. Ciara is not a victim and I’m not sure how good an idea it is to cause strife between you and one of the few magazines willing to put you on their cover.

    When Ciara dropped “Goodies” despite the beat being a rehash of “Yeah” and “Freak-A-Leek” the lyrics made her somewhat of anamoly in that it had somewhat of a virginal quality to it. Then she decided to be like everyone else.

    One minute she’s in Hammer pants, the next she’s found Aaliyah’s old clothes, soon after she snatches Rihanna’s old stylist, and now she’s not into wearing clothes at all as she goes for Janet Jackson-like career defining magazine covers.

    Her music is cool (well, not that second album) and she’s a great performer, but she seems like someone who doesn’t know who they want to be and is willing to do whatever and become whoever she thinks will get her success. That’s fine, if you’re into people with an identity crisis, but it makes a person look wack to me.

    The pictures are nice albeit a bit desperate and won’t generate album sales (people will right click save, not right click purchase), though I’m almost certain if she just spent more time performing and working on her new material (which so far sounds promising), she would likely get all the attention she desires.

    Everybody wants to be like everyone else, and then when they catch heat for something, folks want to pull back and blame everyone but themselves.

    Ciara, you’ve already shown your ass. No sense in trying to cover it up now.

  7. ^haha, stfu.

    lol anyways, her mothers outfit is devastating. haha, I can’t believe she wore that. At the same time, her parents are kinda attractive.
    Ciara looks great. She looks really gorgeous, but I know she is not really eating that turkey leg. If she did, she threw it up later.

  8. Fun, fun. 🙂 Her mom’s gorgeous and her dad’s a looker. But what the fook is mommy-dearest wearing? 😆

  9. I love how Just because someone is in shape and not fat they have to have some type of eating disorder. The person can’t possibly care about their health and eat right & exercize……Oh no they have an eating disorder. Well the U.S is the fattest nation in the world, so it figures people would think there’s somehing wrong with her just because she’s thin.

    Anyway she looks cute and I love the laid back look. Her dad is a handsome man and her mom is pretty. Ciara looks like a perfect mixture of both of them. It’s great to see her and her family having fun.

  10. she is looking alot healthier these days maybe she was just going threw a phase when she lost all of that wieght or she could of just been under alot of stress she looks pretty i cant wait for her CD to drop i love her new single she looks good i hope she keeps up the good work!!!!!!!

  11. Stephanie, the quality of these pics are awesome!

    Ciara looks really pretty in these pics, why didn’t she talk to her mom about that outift. Her parents look good, but that outfit.

  12. *Slaps the SH!T out of “Liyah”* and
    *Hi-FIVES the HELL out of “Haters everywhere I go”*

    Ive been sayin this for the LONGEST!!! Just because somebody dont INHALE a whole TANK of chicken grease, they have to have a “eating disorder”!!! If they simply take their ignorant a$s to their local gym, they would see EVERY female looks JUST like Ciara!!!

    Its like ppl who go to the gym live in a totally different UNIVERSE from the fat ppl!!! PUT DOWN THE FORK AND GO TO THE GYM!!!

    And you KNOW its NOBODY but the fat nasty b!tches!!!
    Crying themselves to sleep cause the will NEVER have a body like Ciara!!!

    Anyways Ciara looks AMAZING as usual!!!
    “Fantasy Ride” is gonna RULE!!!

  13. Im sorry but if I posed naked on any magazine my parents would not be smiling in a pic with me ( older siblings included), they’d have that belt ready to beat me to every syllable. Old school parenting is dead sigh. lol

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