Ciara Books Ten City Summer Tour

Struggling R & B singer Ciara has announced that she and pop sensation Taio Cruz will be embarking on a summer tour together.

The pair will join DJ Skribble on the 10 date oddly named “The Radio Mailboom Boom Station Invasion Concert Tour.”

The cross country trek will be a beach and poolside only affair that will make stops in Miami, Florida, Jersey Shore, New Jersey, Los Angeles, California and maybe a city near you.

To see if your town has made the coveted list, you can check out the tour’s itinerary below.

Saturday, July 16 Miami, FL — Ciara
Thursday, July 21 Virginia Beach, VA — Ciara
Saturday, July 23 Jersey Shore, NJ — Ciara
Saturday, July 30 Boston, MA — Ciara
Thursday, August 4 New York City, NY — Ciara
Saturday, August 13 Dallas, TX — Ciara
Thursday, August 18: Chicago, IL — Ciara
Thursday, August 25 : Los Angeles, CA — Taio Cruz
Saturday, August 27 : San Diego, CA — Taio Cruz
Thursday, September 1 : Phoenix, AZ — Taio Cruz


  1. LOL @ J! Congrats to Ciara. Keeping busy for the summer!

  2. I live in Dallas and I am scratching my head trying to figure out where she could possibly have a concert at poolside… Hmmm….

  3. this is not a tour its beack and poolside really gig. when artist career reaches its end they do casinos but poolside and beach.

  4. I feel bad for Ciara but she will bounce back. She is so sweet her blessings simply must glow again.

  5. i agree sometimes we just have a rough patch, it happens to everyone in life and if she stays focused and look to the future and not just where she is now, she will blossom and have the career she wants. hang in there ciara

  6. Hey good for her! I think that she’s learning to really hustle and appreciate her fans and what success she gets.

    Honestly though, I thnk Ciara would be awesome as part of a group because at the end of the day, no matter how I want to support her, her vocals are too whispery thin for me. Her forte is more in entertaining and dancing IMO.

  7. I love Ciara too. But the music biz these days are soooo tough. You need to have a very strong support from label, radio stations and media. I really wish her the best in whatever she does.

  8. I don’t know about the name but I like Ciara congrats to her

  9. All she will do is struggle through this tour and have to end it early. LMBO! Folks are saving their money for Beyonce, AKeys, JHud and other real talent on tour this summer. WHo’s going to waste good money to see CiCi lipsync and hump the stage? Chile puhlease!

  10. Good for Ciara…tour dates with Taio is also a good move!!!…I think at this point, she should “money up” to the max…put on her business woman hat…keep the endorsements coming and find something to sell on HSN or QVC…a clothing line for Target or Walmart…partner with a designer who will make an inexpensive line for this economy…cosmetics and her own fashion box parties, where she performs and sell her products…hair or skincare products…whatever…hustle…because the record industry is so tricky and iffy.

    Ciara and others have to create their own in-house production company from A-Z. She has more to work with than many artists on their grind. After she turns 30, it’s going to be more difficult!

    Endorsements, merchandising and touring is a huge portion of their business…Ciara’s very privileged to be in her position and her industry is crumbling for the exception of a few…

    With Pandora and other internet music channels, people aren’t trying to buy music when they can get it for free…Ciara needs to take the remainder of her 20s to the max…focus more on fashion and acting…like Justin Timberland, I know he’s in a different league, but what he’s doing with his clothing line and plumb acting roles is very smart!

    Brown Sistas have to create their own playbook and situations…take advantage of this celebrity craze we live in where people can become famous for nothing and get rich literally overnight…i.e. Kardashians and Jersey Shore…I love Ciara, but she has to be a BOSS and put together an A-Team!

  11. Well Rihanna, she did it lol.

    Naw jk but congrats to Ciara.

  12. So happy for Cici wishing her well she’s a great artists.

  13. Hello!! hope she’s not surprised she ain’t making any money, she can’t sing for licks, too vulgur in her videos, trying to whisper and be sexy like Janet. I only listen to 80’S music no talent nowadays.

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