Ciara Celebrates Her 25th Birthday

Though Ciara actually turned 25 on October 25th and celebrated with friends and family, that didn’t stop her from having another birthday bash to celebrate with her fans. The singer had a dual Birthday/Halloween party over the weekend and gave a fabulous performance to some 5,000 party-goers who showed up to celebrate with her. Ciara first revealed her costume to the public via Twitter and requested they help her choose between wearing a cat eye with her “X-Men Storm” costume or blue contact lenses. I chose blue, but judging from party pics- the cat eye won out.

FYI- Ciara’s costume was designed by Joseph Altuzarra.


  1. I like the costume. I would’ve shadowed/lined the eyes more on the bottom lid. Happy birthday to her 🙂

  2. I don’t think Ciara’s costume is slutty because nothing is hanging out, although it is tight.

  3. At Lovely- I was just talking in general. Why do girls IN GENERAL like to wear slutty costumes on Halloween.

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