Ciara Chastises Negative Bloggers


Dance diva Ciara is the latest artist to take blogs to task for their focus on negative articles and the comments that usually ensue.

CiCi posted a link via Twitter to an article she wrote on her official website titled “What is Social Media Coming To?

The lengthy write-up finds Ciara longing for the days when she could visit blogs and find glossy pics of celebs, rather than negative articles meant to flame the stan wars.

Ciara goes on to chastise both bloggers and their users, asking if the negativity they write online worth the obvious negative karma that is sure to come their way.

“Dear Blogger, It’s never worth it in the end when you sell your soul for a quick dollar, by creating bad stories about people. At some point, it will all reverse on you and you’ll end up regretting all the trash you wrote or said about people. The universal friend “Karma” has demonstrated this over and over again. I strongly encourage you to project more positivity into the universe.”

Ciara’s rant was no doubt brought on by crazed Beyonce fans, who in the last few days have attacked Miley Cyrus, Chili of TLC (they posted photos of Left Eye’s wrecked vehicle with the caption “At Least Kelly and Michelle are Alive”) and even a 106 & Park audience member who suggested the singer retire. None of this online bullying however would have spread very far if bloggers weren’t so quick to give the bullies a pulpit. The more angry, vile and vicious the attacks are, the more some bloggers are enticed to share them on their sites. Bullies love this, and are usually overjoyed to see their negative comments get a spotlight on mainstream websites.

Ciara’s post is particularly timely to me, because earlier today I un-bookmarked a longtime favorite blog of mine for this very reason. They revel in negativity and hate and even promote it. What I don’t think many of them realize is that it is only a matter of time before the online bullying of artists comes offline. Keri Hilson has been verbally attacked in clubs by Beyonce fans and poor Selena Gomez felt the wrath of quite a few Beliebers when her relationship with Justin Bieber started and ended (Belibers would show up at her mall appearances carrying signs that read “Whore.”)

Kudos to Ciara for saying something, though I suspect her Twitter and Instagram pages will soon light up with even more hate.


  1. Though a lot of bloggers do this, I know she was talking at TGJ because she gave them an interview and tweets their stuff. They are the only blog with stan wars too besides ATRL. What the Beyhive said about Left Eye was foul, but they are just following their Bow Down Bitches I Run This leader. Monkey see, monkey do.

  2. i respect her open letter, i just hope she is ready for the backlash that will come with it.

    one day when her career gets back ontop, god willing, she will look to the blogs for press.

    at the end of the day i dont blame any blogs but the stans.

    its to the point where i dont even read blog post, i see who the subject is and immediately scroll down to the comments to see what the crazies say….

  3. No, this letter was brought on by the BLOGGERS. Some, (like Sandra Rose) are incredibly nasty.

  4. & the 106 & Park audience member suggested that BEYONCE should retire, not Ciara.

  5. & the 106 & Park audience member suggested that BEYONCE should retire, not Ciara.

    @UM, that’s what I wrote.

  6. I agree how timely? I also agree with Dana, so true! Blogs, reality TV and other social media like FB and Twitter is becoming a wasteland of hatred. Some people will shrug off Ciara’s commentary as an struggling artist, mad or being too sensitive, but she’s speaking on the state of our society. What happens on the blogs is happening on jobs, in school, at church and on the block. This is one of the few blogs that bypass soooooooo many salacious stories or fraudulent celeb rumors or stan wars hype for hits or page views. I’m glad that people realize it’s not just black blogs, but blogs and anywhere anyone can post a comment, it’s often negative, rancid and projections of just how unwell we are as a society.

    I love Ciara speaking out because regardless of what the public may feel about Ciara’s career, chosen husband to be, she’s living her life and is quite fortunate, we all are! The blogs and other social media helped build many of the successful artist and entertainment brands we see today. It’s wonderful that people have a voice, but it’s our VALUE SYSTEM (charts, awards, ivy league, physical beauty, thinness, gifted children, lottery education, phenoms, materialism and net worth) and our IDENTITY CRISIS (stans and villains) we are looking in the mirror and seeing it look back at us as a society.

  7. Again, the great Ciara asserts herself as a leader in the industry, worthy of all the respect. Thank you Ciara.

  8. Negativity/Hate, Hate/Negativity contrary to popular belief that’s what fuels our globe sadly. I see it here, EVERY other blog site and in day to day life outside of the internet. Unfortunately that’s our world and God tells us it’ll only become worse as time moves on. What’s even more unfortunate is that we see it moreso than positivity.

  9. I don’t know, I’m on the fence about this one. No do i ever agree with bullying someone But the days of just wooing over celebrities is over. Now we get a chance to see the real person behind the celebrity. No more just looking at their photo-shopped pictures and trying to get like them, now celebrities are caught looking just like you and me acting crazy like everyone else. Again i don’t agree with the stans but i just like the fact that celebrities are being brought back down to earth with the rest of us!!!
    P.S. I find it funny that Beyonce in this feed has been blamed for her stans behavior but no one has mention Rihanna and her stans or the way she bullies her fans and non-fans…. interesting!!?!!

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