Ciara Confronts Keri+New MTV Photo Shoot

Ciara Crunk n’ B diva Ciara and producer Palow da Don were interviewed on air for Atlanta radio station v103 yesterday. The two, who say they are close friends, talked about what everyone is talking- the supposed diss track by singer/writer Keri Hilson. The two were actually in the studio together and Palow went on record that though he persuaded Keri to record the track, it wasn’t aimed at Ciara or Beyonce. While Ciara sat for the interview and seemed genuinely uncomfortable, the djs upped the awkward moment by calling Keri and having her join in on the conversation.

Keri stuck to the story that neither Ciara or Beyonce were being singled out in the track- but declined to say which female singer she was talking about. The singer also went on to apologize for any trouble she may have caused and ended the convo by telling Ciara she would “call her”.

The entire interview is very long and to listen to it you can go here.

And for your viewing pleasure- check out Ciara’s newly released photo shoot from MTV.COM.


  1. ciara looks so pissed. polow & keri both know that song is directed towards BEYONCE & CIARA! im so glad ciara is not buying it. Its all in her face. polow is fake & keri is a snake. :loser:
    How da remix gon be in general but she said stuff like “She need to go have some babies, she need to sit down she fading” or “she can dance, she can sing but need to move it to the LEFT”?? I mean c’mon! Do she think we stupid!? She had balls to say it, she need to have the balls to stand by it :thumbsup:

    Anyway she looks gorgeous! I kno its a MTV shoot but I wonder whats it for

  2. Oooh! Peep Ci Ci’s look when Ryan mentions Keri. Priceless! You don’t even have to imagine what her thought was at that moment. AND her “hey” said so much…

    Ciara’s very mature. I like that about her. She didn’t seem too convinced at the end of the video but hopefully, since she has been friends w/ both Polow & Keri for quite some time, they can work things out.

    So my thing is, if Keri wasn’t talking about anyone in particular… then how general could these lyrics be: ““Your vision cloudy if you think that you da best. You can dance. She can sing but need to move it to the left” / “She need to go have some babies. She need to sit down, she fadin” ???

    I hate when ppl get all scary. Your heart should never pump no :koolaid: ! There’s comes time in every females life when you just got to woman up *shrug*.

    For Keri’s sake, all will be forgiven and she can learn from this and succeed because though I was highly disappointed in this elmentary drama that sparked, I’ll always wish a sista well.

  3. in the words of donald trump. KERI, URE FIRED. she mesd wit da da girlz who hav da most protective stanz ever. i knw i am. . . sasha fierces bigest fan.

  4. Atleast Keri made it to the brownsistah post,i’ve been requesting that she be put out here like useless Solange but she had to create a stunt to get noticed,i think this was clever,i’m a ciara fan and not upset at all,i bet ciara was aware of this a longtime ago and she acts like she is pissed or clueless,she gonna comeback with a punch line,cici and keri are real hipop chicks and are friends but the stanz are freaking over what? truth hurts

  5. Keri Hilson has been posted here several times… a search of her name turns up quite a few things on her. As for Solange- she is hardly a BrownSista staple. As for her stunt she didn’t need it. She has a hit single. Palow da Don has irreversibly harmed her career and her name. How many female artists will want to work with her after this?

  6. Cici looks good in these pics. :thumbsup:

    I’ll pass on the rest of this BS. :thumbsdown:

  7. Palow the don is so full of Black woman hate maybe he stirred up this controversy so that no Black women would want to work with Keri and then she’ll be forced to give al her hits to the white women Palow love so much. I never understood why sistas kept working with him anyway after those comments he made about Black women. Palow has done what a lot of evil Black men do and that is bring strife between sistas. Men like Palow don’t want to see Black women united in support of each other so they do things like this. I have seen it before. Poor dumb Keri done let this idiot make a total fool out of her :bag:

  8. She a :hater: !!!!!!!!!1 Nobody going to buy that cd and if i was either of them I will not sing her songs anymore. Love me some CICI but hate Beyonce!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. beyonces album i am sasha fierce sucks from beginning to end both disc are lame come harder beyonce you have no soul :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: keri is hot ciara can dance and sing beyonce be bragging too on her song diva like shes really the best

  10. I love ciara’s expressions…lmao! haha keri’s dead, stupid bitch!

  11. lol, why when I right clicked to open the interview in another window “stop stealing ” popped up :lol2: I clicked OK.

  12. Keri’s album is going to FLOP!!!

    she is trying to go for shameless promotion but it won’t work…


  13. No matter how many times Keri says its not about Beyonce or Ciara really doesnt matter , we all know differently. Keri said “Ho’s” in the game, which means she is talking about Keyshia, Ashanti, Rihanna, Beyonce, Ciara, and other chicks.

  14. I’m so, so excited my baby ( Ciara ) just announced tour dates with (Brittany Spears) in Europe. Also Fantasy Ride has been push forward , she will rreveal the new date soon. Hollllaaaaaaaaaa :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  15. Good luck to both of them, I think people are upset because they see the truth in what Keri hilson says, She could have been talking about Janet jackson or Mariah carey for all we know But some people want to single specific people, That means whatever she says in that track was the truth and people got their little stans feelings hurt over it … She says “Ho” and people are jumping to conclusion with it , Why ? Maybe because you think she is right but you’ re in denial, Child bye from where i’ m from you don’ t address a situation unless you feel concerned.


  16. I like Keri Hilson. I have Energy on my IPod. I heard a new song with Neyo called Knock You Down and that song is hot. ‘ Kanye is on it too.

    I wish a site like Brown Sista could have done a post on her prior to this controversy. :brownsista:

    Anyway, this won’t stop me from buying her album if I like it. So far I do, except for Turning Me On just cause lil wayne is on it.

  17. keri is not goin to flop like cadillac records did :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  18. For some reason I think Polow is the major instigater behingd this whole ordeal..
    Something about him does not rub me the right way..and we all know he doesnt like black women..

  19. Not too fond of ‘most’ of the images. She looks rather ‘bland’ in the face (expression-wise) in some of them.

    The entire BEEF business is ridiculous…that’s really all I’ll contribute to this.

  20. I like Ciara a little but her weave is just too weavalicious…it’s too long and the colour makes it look so fake and just no………CiCi, try something else, something more real-looking…the natural-look’s in these days I’ve noticed.

  21. Keri is clearly speaking to Beyonce and saying others bitches and ho’s in the game she talking about Ciara, Ashanti, Rhianna, Keysha, another female artrist out now. Beefing is stupid , you see how foolish the guys look. I only hope no one take its personal and prolone this mess. I like Keri hope her and Ciara work this out. I am a Ciara fan but like the other artists as well.

  22. Keri is crazy the getting herself caught up in beefing she was carrying herself with class this doesn’t look good. I am not mad at her maybe a little disappointed her and Ciara is from Georgia where’s the love the south do not flow like that hope you girls work this out. This world is big millions of diva’s can shine just go after yours but have class about it.

  23. Celebs lie so much to protect their image I don’t know who to believe any more. Whatever!

  24. Ciara :hater: s :bowdown: to the Princess Keri can’t touch her.
    And Keri boo :stop: the track let me state facts.You will never be Beyonce and that’s a known fact :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  25. insecure BeYawnSay started the catty drama with that ghetto hot mess track diva.

    And the track is ladened with lies. BeYawnSay has not sold 50 million as a solo artist. Not even in her dreams of becoming an icon. :lol2: She’s constantly adding DC sales and awards to pad her numbers to appear larger than life.

    BeYawnSay talked her ish and now her camp can’t take the heat in the truth kitchen so they pressured Hilson’s camp to retract. WHat’s said is said.

    beYawnSay is fading, she’s old, and she needs to sit down because nobody is checking for her.

    And she is NOT the queen of R&B. Alicia Keys and Mary are, and besides.

    according to Crackhead Matthew Knowles he’s grooming her to be a POP icon. Puhlease. That family is ridiculously delusional.

  26. Beyawnsay will never be an icon.
    Beyawnsay will never win an Oscar
    Beyawnsay will never sell Diamond.
    Beyawnsay is a has been , a facade, check her solo stats :lol2: Beyawnsay is a fraud.

    Even Rihanna is a bigger star and has sold more than BeYawnSay. 😆 😆

    Beyawnsay is all hype, all marketing, loud singing and coochie popping.

    Keri’s track is hotter than everything on that garbage IamSucha Farce cd. It’s all garbage!!!!! 😆 and lowgrade for a so-called diva. :lol2:

  27. Keri Hilson is a dam lie. She was certainly talking about Bey and Ciara, while I’m not an avid Ciara fan I have to side with her on this one. Keri was talking about them but it back fired. Keri needs to get some status first. And if she all that like she say she wouldn’t have to go at them like that. Beyonce can sing her arse off, and Ciara can hit a few notes. Keri can only hit one wack a$$$ note. She needs to sit her one hit not so wonderful bobble headed behind down. Not feeling you Keri.

  28. And Turnin’ me on isn’t even number one, and it never will be, and Energy was a flop. It’s wannabe chicks like Keri that get on my nerves, the songs that she writes for other people don’t even hit #1 not even top ten, they dont even make singles dammit. If Keri was ugly, they wouldn’t have given her a mic and somehow she would’ve been a better writer.

    Timbaland done swole her head up. He said on 106 that it was 3 chicks running the game, he named Beyonce Rihanna, and this trick Keri. Are you joking. This is how it goes, Beyonce, Rihanna, Keyshia, Ciara, Jazmine, Keri comes behind Letoya and Teairra, I put them ahead of her because they can sing, and they gets way more play than that chick. Keri wouldn’t make the top 10 if they promoted real talent.

    Keri is a straight up :hater: . Nuff said.

  29. @ SkinnywannaBey

    Your post made me realize that Mary belongs in the top of the list I made, Mary comes before Keyshia on my list.

    Beyonce may be a whole lot of booty shakin, but sales and the charts speak for themselves. Beyonce has had how many number ones?
    Keri has had how many? 0 I’ll just use the letter O because the number isn’t big enough.

  30. Kerri, you ain’t no DIVA! 😆 Who apologizes after starting beef! 😆

  31. @ skinnywannabey, Obviously, you are checking for her! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  32. lmao at this post and the comments. I don’t think the diss was directed towards anyone. I think its one of those things where she is trying to be cocky on the track and talking ish generally. No big deal. Still like Keri and Ciara.

  33. HMM BEYonce could give some of her talent to ciara teira marie keri hilson and about 20 random chicks in the street and still be too damn talented (Minus acting) If she realize her own full potential and stop making songs that are expected from her, I can guaranty you all that nobody will dare even cretae an instrumental diss song about her.

    Oh and people need to stop putting those laughing smileys when you know you pissed off

  34. Keri should have stood by what she said. i do believe she was aiming at ciara and beyonce. she probably was told to clean it up. something was said for her to go off like that. even though she said she was feeling a certain way when she wrote it, she still had to have someone in mind when writing it. hey she was telling the truth when she wrote this remix. :bowdown:

  35. Cant Stand tha Polow .. It was Ciara’s interview and they just took over for some free promo
    i would have been pissed to
    C cuddnt get a word out without them bringing up that remix
    and as 4 Keri ( although i like her and her songs) chick sounded so fake
    i didnt believe not one word
    and then at the end shes like OH C im sorry 4 taking up all yor interview
    i was like Bish Please you love the attention!

    Ciara Looks Absoloutely Stunning in These Pics U go Girl

    and CC will b touring with Britney Reel Soon
    Yay!! 2009 belongs to the Princess

  36. Boy Boy Boy these ppl let Palow the idiot play them like a cheap deck of cards @ a poker game. What was the point? He had already said his peace about the track. So why go to the radio w/ one of the ppl thought to be a “victim” in the mess & bring up the situation again? I don’t blame Ciara, I woulda been uncomfy too. Then you KNOW the jocks were gonna pull the “let’s get Keri on the line too” deal… smh. Anyway once again Palow has gotten himself in a little situation, of course I am sure that if no one else is loving the attention HE sure is. When are these artist gonna learn that they MUST handle Palow w/ a “long handled spoon” ( as the older folk would say) he is not to be trusted. As for the song, it could & would be a random diss track NOT intended for anyone, but since they have obvious quotes from other female artist & the comment of writing somebody songs that is why it is THOUGHT to be taking a @ shot @ Beyonce or Ciara. Once again Keri may not have meant it that way, but hanging w/ Palow, he got her looking that way. But @ the end of the day who really cares about the playground spat between ppl who may never see their albums released.

  37. I LOVE Ciara’s new hit “Sex, Love, and Magic”. She could’ve left JT out of it though. I’m not his biggest fan. Nevertheless, you have another hit single in your hands CiCi! I wish you much success :thumbsup:

  38. I think that this is all a game. Not to long ago Ciera was talking crap about Bey when she did the song if I were a boy.The difference between Ciera Keri and Bey is that Bey got hers and then some. all others are trying to get on her level and higher. so while talking crap about these celebs is what yall like to do…get on their level and see how long YOU last.

  39. At Skinnywannabey–Are you serious? Rihanna has not sold more albums than Beyonce :lol2: lmao :lol2: :lol2:

    Keri Hilson just fucked up her album sells by denying who she’s really talking about. She made the track to promote her album but then she comes behind it and denies who she’s talking. That’s big a no no. Keri really makes herself look worst by denying it.

    Beyonce name speaks for itself. No matter what anybody say Beyonce was the one with over 80 millions dollars last year I repeat 80 million and with her tour coming up she will accomplish about the same this year. People just need to give credit where credit is due. The girl is bad whether you all like it or not. No matter how you feel about Beyonce, she knows how to make money and there are fans out there who love her and as long as she has fans she will always be on top.

    And that’s all I got say :hater:

  40. Ciara and Keri should dump the foolish producer.

    I hope real R n B re-emerge to the forefront of black musical taste because this hiphop beefing and dissing is getting on my last nerve.

  41. So let me get this straight everybody wants to be like Beyonce but she not trying to steal from anybody else? NO WRONG. Ciara had like a boy 2007 then Beyonce did if I were a boy 2008, she has copyed performances, music videos, and dance moves from people. But who cares most artist do. People please remember that Beyonce is worth that much because she has been out since the 90’s. She has had time to put her name out there. Cici has only been out since 2004 that’s not that long ago. She is building up her name now just like what Beyonce and everybody else had to go through. According to the real divas of the game Beyonce is not a queen. Just ask Diana Ross, Etta James, and some others. Yeah she is worth a lot that is why you invest and start other ventures. Ciara is very successful to be only 23 multi-plat. grammy winner. Lets remember that most artist these days can’t even sell over 100,000’s albums. The media also helps people that is why Rihanna is who she is. Her mangement got her a lot of promo when umbrella was popular. That is the key(promotion). Beyonce daddy knows how to promote and make deals for his daughters. So stop trying to put down Cici. She is a good singer(just cause she is not powerhouse doesn’t mean you can’t sing), great dancer and enterainer.

  42. Oh and Cici is a pretty young lady who looks gorgeous in those pictures!!! That is why a lot of these male artist are mentioning her in songs! If you notice Ciara is not about a lot of glamorous things that might be why the shot looks like that. She a simple girl who likes simple things.

  43. Could this be another way for these chicks to sell records???IDK..Grown ass women..They need to stop the :lol2:

  44. I love Keri’s sound. I can’t wait to get her CD would not purchase a Beyonce wack cd to use as a coaster.

  45. Its funny how when this remix first came out you heard it on the radio beyonce and ciara fans was so pissy about this diss song, you barely her the remix or not a all. They play the original song not the remix now why’s that. I like keri and beyonce is on top for now. But rest for sure cause the princess ciara is coming for the #1 spot. Ciara lets go gurl!!!

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