Ciara Counts Down

Is new music from superstar singer Ciara imminent? For the last few weeks the singer has been counting down to something on her official Twitter page. When asked about if by the fans the dance diva has been pretty hush-hush. However, her countdown is now at #6, so whatever it is coming, and more than likely it is a new single, we should be seeing it within the next week or so.

As is well known, Ciara recently signed to Epic Records and has been working on her fifth studio album under the guidance of label head L.A. Reid.

Expected to be either a career resurrecting or career ending album, Reid has reportedly spared no expense, hiring the best singers and songwriters to work on the project. And though no official release date is known, a 2013 release is expected.


  1. “We will see” is pretty much all I have to say.

  2. 5th album? really? I only know of 2. I used to be her biggest fan. I hope she goes back to her Goodies days. I honestly think she has had her time, buttttt I could be wrong!

  3. LOL @Rihannaholic – I only really know of 2 as well. And then I thought about Fantasy Ride (I think that’s what it’s called) but what is the 4th album? I think she has had her time too. When artists dwell on releasing music not meant for their albums just to see what type of attention the song will get doesn’t help their careers to me. And then with her image, she tried to go too too too far away from the tom boy image we knew her as, to this high fashion diva that didn’t work out. Aaah well. Wish her the best of luck.

  4. Goodies (2004)
    Ciara: The Evolution (2006)
    Fantasy Ride (2009)
    Basic Instinct (2010)
    Untitled (2012)

  5. Idk, I think she may kill.
    If she’s been in the studio and nothing has leaked yet, that’s a good sign. Having LA Reid back on her team is also a good sign.
    With good producers (ala Goodies, Evolution), she kills.

  6. And all she has against her are fickle Rihanna fans…

  7. I don’t think it will float without a very good, highly rated reality tv show…fans need an updated view of her…she needs to bring her fans in closer…Personalities and celebrity worship sells music nowadays…Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber…to name a few…I wish Ciara well on the musical aspect of her career…she’s still in the game for Reid to invest in her. Jennifer Lopez got back in the game with the help of Pitbull…AI and her brand of business ventures and fellow latinos’ support…Ciara has been away from the spotlight, so hopefully slays upon her return!

  8. I LOVE Ciara! And abhor the fact that her last two albums were slept on so hard. Fantasy Ride and the Evolution of my faves by far. But Instinct was definitely better than her debut. L>A. is an amazing talent, but she better watch the purse strings cause Mr. “Spare No Expense” is NOTORIOUS for paying himself back mightily by short-changing the artists from legitmate payment….look at Toni Braxton and TLC…the list goes on. I KNOW CICI is gonna deliver something AMAZXING though 🙂 Good luck, and God bless to her.

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