Ciara Covers Annex Magazine

Ciara took her ‘Body Party’ to the pages of Annex Magazine, recently posing for not one, but two covers.

Ciara, who is gearing up for the digital release of her new single tomorrow and her ‘One Woman Army’ album later this year, spoke about the direction she is taking with her new music, saying “I am approaching this record in a different way than I have any other project before. While recording “One Woman Army” I have been running towards my fears and allowing myself to be vulnerable in many ways; for the first time I allowed myself to be completely open in the music making process. I can honestly say this is the most fun that I’ve ever had making an album.”

Ciara went on to pay homage to 80’s greats like Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna, adding, that though she loves listening to new artists like Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Lana Del Ray, it is the icons of yesteryear whom she hopes to be compared to some day.


Sidenote: I see R&B chicks still trying to act like Janet Jackson was a figment of our imagination, even though with 10 number one singles and over 250 million albums sold, we know she was not.

Ciara gets the side-eye from me cause she knows damn well she didn’t grow up listening to Madonna.


  1. She looks great on both covers.
    SN: Maybe she wasn’t a huge fan IJS…

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