Ciara Covers Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones

CIARA PAINT IT BLACK BY THE ROLLING STONESCiara has reworked the classic Rolling Stones hit Paint it Black. The revamped version will be featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming Vin Diesel film The Last Witch Hunter, due out October 23.

In a recent interview Ciara confessed to being a Stones fan, but says she was shocked when Lionsgate and Universal Publishing called and asked if she’d be willing to record an updated version of the tune with writer-producer Adrianna Gonzales.

“I was like absolutely,” Ciara told RollingStone magazine. I never thought to cover this song, but when the opportunity came along to work with Adrianna, I was like this would be an honor.”

U.K. fans will get to see Ciara perform the song live tonight at the Apple Store in Convent Garden. Ciara will be on hand to talk about the second leg of her Jackie tour which kicks off November 27 in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as a special project slated to debut exclusively via Apple Music.

You can listen to Paint it Black below, and click the image above to see single’s cover art.


  1. How cool would it be to see this song featured in an episode of Sleepy Hollow?! I could see a slow moving Abbie and Jenny entering a building about to slay some demons to this song lol. That would be a good look.

  2. I love the song! Ciara did a good job and people love to find a way to hate on this chick but she’s doing her thing as always!!!

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