Ciara Covers Paper Mag + Readies New Singles

In addition to preparing to kick off her first world tour in over five years, Ciara is also prepping to release two new singles- one for the American urban audience- the other for an international audience.

For the hood, CiCi has chosen the Future assisted joint ‘Where You Go.’ The track is a definite standout on the diva’s underappreciated ‘Ciara’ album, and is worthy of the public’s attention.

For the international crowd, Ciara has chosen ‘Overdose,’ a song that has long been a fan favorite. Both singles are expected to be released in the fall- just in time for CiCi’s tour, which will kick off in October.


  1. shes a better model than entertainer at the moment..she should do more of this line of work. she needs an endorsement.

    that will help the record sales.

  2. It is amazing to me how people who claim to be fans, and not jealous competition claim to know all about the industry! LOL LOL Fans know nothing of the industry, we only know we love the music, and this song right here is one of my FAVE.

    Ciara’s white audience will love and buy this one. She cant afford to just make music for black audiences any more. R. Kelly made that mistake to.

    I just love this song, and I’m glad she chose this as her next release.

    Degree Deodorant and Bebe fashions are already endorsing her.

    Last I checked, Ciara is the greatest dancer, singer, model, composer on the planet, and that equals the number 1 entertainer in America, so maybe u want your entertainer to swallow a sword or something LOL LOL U can see that at the circus though.

    Future sounds like Joe Cocker on here, and her beautiful soft voice compliments his masculine voice so beautifully.

  3. STFU! jealous hater. If that were true u wouldnt watch her every move.

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