Ciara Debuts Speechless Video

If Ciara wanted to throw her fans for a loop she has definitely done it by releasing the video for her single “Speehless.” Everyone, myself included, figured the singer would probably release the video for “Gimme Dat” first, seeing as how it has already taken off on radio and is a bonafide fan favorite. The singer said via Twitter however that she wanted to surprise everyone- and surprise everyone I think she has. The video goes nicely with the song and is right on time. Ciara’s “Basic Instinct” album is due to hit record store shelves next month and so far only one single/video has been released. “Ride” premiered way back in April and so a follow-up is definitely due.


  1. I would have like to see her dance when she was in the dirt…do some of her signature moves!

  2. Is that R Kelly singing in the background?

    Video is ok not as good as some of her other love songs.

  3. I like the video I just believe it could’ve been a little better a love interest maybe.

  4. The Video was Beautiful, yet simple. It serves its purpose and keeps you drawn into the lyrics and vocals. Ciara looks Gorgeous as usual!

  5. The song is ok… I like the video though. But I miss this Ciara. She’s so pretty! And I think that’s the Dream singing in the background. =)

  6. I like the song ((even though Ciara Is not considered a Singer))It’s a nice song I’m glade that The Dream Is vocalized In the background and is not in the video….The video is very simplicit thank you Ciara for not being oversexed and gyrating all In this video I think It was very tasteful and mysterious mind you Ci-ci Is a scorpio so you never no what to expect!!!

  7. Janet – Queen of pop
    Madonna – The Queen
    Whitney – The voice
    Mariah – Queen of hits
    Beyonce – Queen of pop/ for her generation
    Brandy – The Vocal Bible
    Xtina – The Voice/ of her generation
    Gaga – Princess of Dance
    Britney – Pop Icon
    Rihanna – The Pop Princess
    Ciara – The Princess of R&B
    Alicia – Queen of R&B
    Mary J Blige – Queen of hip hop/ soul
    Aaliyah – The Angel

    Thanks for submitting applications for Keri Hilson, Kelly Rowland, Amerie and Ashanti. All of them have been denied and there isn’t any room for their kind on the list.

  8. I agree whole-heartedly with CandyCane! This video was BEAUTIFUL and just really showcased Ciara as stripped down as I’ve ever seen her. She actually let her vocals and natural beauty shine as the primary attraction and I’m glad she subdued the dancing some cause I think dance is how she expresses her self strongest and if a man TRULY leaves her “Speechless” I DO believe he would have to get her to be too struck by “love” to be able to dance. Metaphoric on its own level. Very deep. Go CiCi! 🙂

  9. hahaha, typo: “agree”: didn’t mean to add that T at the end previously.

  10. A nice video…even though, Ciara doesn’t have the strongest vocals, but if Janet can do it with her insane music catalogue, so can Ciara!

    Ciara’s present, front and center and not the production/producer. I don’t view good music based on vocal range, but what the music makes me feel…what’s relatable…uplifting…feel good music…

    Go Ciara!!!

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