Ciara Dines At The Ivy

Presently recording a new album to be released in 2010, Ciara has not been making many public appearances as of late. However the singer did come out of hiding right quick to grab a bit of lunch at the Ivy in Los Angeles, California. According to The Dream and Tricky Stewart, who are working with Ciara on her new album, the singer will be returning to the sound that made her famous, recording tunes reminiscent of Goodies and Promise.

Sounds good…

Ciara Having Lunch At The Ivy01Ciara Having Lunch At The Ivy02Ciara Having Lunch At The Ivy03Ciara Having Lunch At The Ivy04Ciara Having Lunch At The Ivy05


  1. She has the perfect body now, she doesn’t need to lose another pound or gain any more muscle, and is she serious with that outfit? Get a stylist Ci ci and you’ll be fine, good luck w/ the next album.

  2. I want her legs….and her shoes lol

    she looks fine but the beanie hat and the belt take away from it, if she would have had her hair down it would have been nice…im excited about this new album of hers tho

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