Ciara Makes Her High Fashion Debut

Ciara Harris R n’ B dance diva Ciara is finally putting her Wilhelmina modeling contract to good use. The singer makes her high fashion debut in the January 2009 edition of Elle Magazine. Ciara gets a six page spread and in my opinion, she has great potential. Like many artists today Ciara chose to look outside of singing to expound on her career- but instead of throwing herself head first into acting or creating yet another clothing line- Ciara chose the world of modeling. At first many thought her choice was poorly thought out and unrealistic- however, minds may change when they see more spreads from the singer like those featured on the next page.

So what do you guys think? I like it overall- especially the first and second pic. I do think she may need to work on her facial expressions though. Too many of the shots show her with almost the identical look on her face. Still, I give the shoot B+. Ciara is definitely model material.


  1. I agree…She has potential.
    Looks like she has the height!
    I wonder how tall she is…

  2. Not a fan of the colored hair or the fact that her face is covered, but good luck CiCi! :brownsista:

  3. with a little work i can actually see her having a career in the modeling world…i mean she is skinny enough she might have to lay off working out a little because she is a little muscular but other than that i can see her walking down the runway…shes tall enough too from what i can see

  4. 1. No 2. Nah 3. Naw 4. Nooooo 5. NoNo 6. Nan, the only reason this chick has this contract is because of her celebrity. I have a photographic eye and their’s nothing model about this chick. “Models are born and not made”. She really has to prove me wrong. Forget it I’m just not a fan of nothing she does.

  5. aRTISTIC and Creative!
    I agree better facials and Ciara is it, its a wrap for the models lol

  6. Ciara Im loving it! lol^^^^ :iagree: who mad? only :hater: are! :lol2:

  7. Good to see her persevering with her dreams. That’s what you are supposed to do. go Girl! :thumbsup:

  8. Ciara You Are Absoultely Stunning, My Grade Is Always A+++++++++, You Are The Most Beautiful Girl In The World And You Know It, Also The Greatest Entertainer Alive, Never Doubt For A Minute The Undoubtable :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  9. :stop: not a :hater: just don’t like the pics…. modeling ain’t for everybody…. :noway: looks like she doesn’t know what she’s doing…… but that’s just my opinion…. whether you :thumbsup: or :thumbsdown: it’s on you…. I’m just not feeling the pics…..

  10. @ Mario, She doesn’t have to be as skinny as Chanel Iman to have a chance to work in the modeling world because she is already famous and designer would use her face and her look just like the way they do with Rihanna. Ciara is a very pretty girl and thse pictures are artistic..she could do High Fashion come to think of it :brownsista: Loving the first, second and last pictures. Work it out then mademoiselle Ciara do your thing!

  11. They’re pretty good, but many celebs could do haute couture pics in a magazine despite their shape if they were asked. Keyshia Cole, Brandy, Beyonce, Jazmine Sullivan etc. But I respect her hustle. She could do very well ( could do with better expressions ) with the right ppl if she wanted . Not bad for an amateur though

  12. she has the tall thing goin on 🙂 ..but i’m not feeling none of those pic 🙁 but i do feel it’s just jacked up how jennifer A. took pic nude for GQ MAG an everyone saying how good they look and cici did the same thing for VIBE and everyone talked about her like a dog 🙄

    an somebody said something about cici & riri modeling ….the differents between them two is riri has the hole package but cici just just has the tall thing going on but she have a lot of money so she can go an get a modeling tutor an read some book :thumbsup:

  13. @woop – Jasmine Sullivan,Brandy and Keyshia do haute :lol2: :lol2:

    Please stop the hating :stop:

  14. Cute, but why did the cover her face up in most of the pics? Anyway, go head my :brownsista: !

  15. I just don’t see it. I just don’t see it. She’s just very average looking to me.

  16. @rizza :iagree:

    I saw this comment on another site, it pretty much says it all for me.

    “And we shall not be moved or fooled by all these little “almost famous” itches and their modeling jobs. It’s a feeble substitute for good music”. :hifive:

  17. lol at these comments. Man Ciara stepped it up looks wise. She use to look like a cheap pornstar from the hood. Now she has grown into her looks. Gotta give her props even if you think that these photos weren’t model worthy lol.

  18. funny its only the rihanna aka rih-peat stans with a problem… :hater:

    she looks absolutely stunning. model material!! shes tall and she has it..go cici!
    go ur thing!!

  19. Shana i was just stating the obvious that she is skinny… not that thats what she need to modle…was just sayin…

  20. Most models are very average looking. Takes more than looks, even though it gets many in the door. Ciara looks as good as any model I have seen in those pictures. She can do as well as anyone if she decided to stick with it. I wish her much success.

  21. I like Ciara as an artist and believe she has what it takes to be a… “high fashion whatever” (other words crossover) model but the picture are so dead and ashy. I dont think those particular picture are going to get her any other contracts other than Wil.

  22. I’m glad to see her on Elle magazine
    I don’t usually buy that mag but I might because of her…
    just to increase the possibility to see more black women in these magazines

    I still think that chick is gorgeous
    she’s young she can still upgrade her game and I’m sure she has a lot of potential

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