“Fantasy Ride” Gets Definitive Release Date

Ciara Originally expected last year, R&B singer Ciara’s third album will now arrive April 7th. Several tracks intended for “Fantasy Ride” (Jive) have already either leaked or been sent to radio, including “High Price” with Ludacris and “Go Girl” with T-Pain. The most recent, “Never Ever” featuring Young Jeezy, samples Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes’ classic “If You Don’t Know Me by Now.” It sold 15,000 downloads last week in its first week of availability, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The album is the follow-up to 2006’s “The Evolution,” which has sold 1.3 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That’s about one-half of the tally for her 2004 debut “Goodies.

Check out more images of Ciara on the set of her Never Ever video.



  1. @Mario I 2nd that :lol2: :lol2: …..Hopefully it will be worth atleast bootleg money.

  2. Ms. Stephanie would you please post Ciara & Monica Versace Event In Atl Nielsen Sound Scan is rig just like youtube view count. Ciara will be on top again, She is The Greatest Entertainer Alive and it time people recognized. I’m so feed up with the negativity against our own, we are still not free. What happen to just supporting one another. U N I T Y iN The Black Race Someday

  3. i love this video it is so beautiful,this woman is a real dancer and monica is a beauty,i miss the brandy,monica,total,702,swv,tlc,xcape,faith evans and aliyaah era when we used to enjoy everyone,we were united and the was no competition
    @knockkey i feel you but unity is impossible blame it on matthew knowles he realy messed up the music industry now only one artist has the right to sing each and every song and have a video for each an every track,he realy monopolised this industry now he is attempting to monopolize the film industry.

  4. I wish her the absolute best of luck. I don’t totally listen to her music; heck, I don’t totally listen to a lot of these artists’ music, but there is room enough in the ‘biz to spread your wings, do your thing and fly. Good luck to you Ciara! :brownsista:

  5. here we go…” lets blame matthew knowles” man do you hear what you are saying?!?!?! why are you giving that man THAT MUCH POWER? i love beyonce but i dont even give her as much power as the haters give her….its not her fault that she is on top and for whoever said she was the greatest entertainer alive…wow is ciara the only person youve ever listen to? i mean i might even put ashanti before her….haha JUST KIDDING but you get what im saying

    @ lizz i agree with you when there was no competition that was the good days….i dont concider anyone competition now, i just ask for more from ciara because i use to be a big fan…. but to blame matthew…wow people like you are the ones giving him power….

    @ Kelly the STAR from what ive heard leaked and released from this album…its not even worth my $5 bootleg money… hell i wouldnt even download the tracks myself for free….

  6. its so amazing that people give the knowles all this power and claim to hate them

    The only people with power, are the ones buying the albums…if someone like ciara there’s nothing anyone else can say that will make them not buy the music. I have both her albums, but honestly this album hasn’t been too bright for me. And I still love Cici, but I need something more.

    Matthew has nothing to do with Ciara’s turn of events, Zomba, LaFace and Ciara do., and they are the ones that can change it.

    Plus, I don’t think that this industry is all about competition, every artist is trying to fulfil their personal dreams and be happy in what they do, it has nothing to do with destroying another artist.

    Plus anyway, with every generation of music, there are always artists that are okay, those that are good, then great and then the Stand outs of that era…

    Cici’s first album 3x platinum, 2nd album 1.3x platinum, this one….
    Maybe she is not one of the Standouts!!!!
    But that doesn’t take away from what she has and is being in the industry.
    With that said, I should say I personally enjoy all these artists out today, from Corrine, Alicia, Jennifer, Beyonce, Ciara, Rihanna, Jazmine, etc…they all have room, and plus they are not the ones fighting for the spotlight, these blogs are doing that for them.
    Peace and love…
    p.s. please read a book

  7. Janet the power is the Via-Internet & Viacom. Mario, we speaking on someone lively hood. When your career becomes sabotages it becomes personal. Every video of Ciara is deleted because of copy right infringement. That what they are calling the B.S. now. I have nothing against given an artist a pass, hell whites get one all day everyday. When Rihanna GGGB released both Ciara & Beyonce video were deleted off youtube, their view counts were under a million. Ciara promise was deleted immediately for months. Barry Weiss , president of Zomba said in Associate Press interview,. artist who don’t have longevity are getting there shine first. A.o.l had the nerve to print, you need not to apply forbeing an artist, unless you are attractive, just look at R&B singer Ciara. What does all this mean, simple black celebrity only gets a pass when they give us one.

  8. lmfao @ tom and knocckey!! greatest entertainer alive?? great singer?? i think not! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  9. Knocckey, is youtube that serious? how do you know what goes one and at any rate, youtube views doesnt have anything to do with success of an artist in my opinion….

  10. I didn’t write this article for people who don’t agree with it. It came from Billboard/Yahoo News. I included the link.

  11. stephanie, just so you know, not sure if the site is fixed or not but for me it has been working perfectly 🙂

  12. I like some Ciara, some Beyonce, some Ashanti, some Monica, some Brandy, some JHud, some JSullivan, some Janet, some Mary J, some Anita Baker, some Gladys Knight, some Aretha, some Celine, some Alicia, some Mariah, and some Whitney. The point is that the music industry is fickle. We all have a love/hate relationship with artists. I love Lauryn Hill yet I am upset with her right now. I still bump Miseducation every week. Heck, I bought a new Miseducation album a few months back cause my old one was scratched really bad. Bottom line, can we all just agree that at some point we bobbed our head to these womens music? Ciara might not be your favorite artist (she does not have to be) and you are free to your own opinion, but you know you did the 1-2 Step a few times. :hifive:

  13. OMG! plz STOP w/ the UNITY crap :stop: … if a person is NOT into you or your music why the heck should they support it??? So are you sayin just b/c the girl is Black & a person thinks she is mediocre you should STILL go out & spend your hard earned money on a CD that you will prolly NEVER listen to??? PLEASE. This has NOTHING to do w/ race, nationality or enthincity. But it DOES have everythang to do w/ what ppl LIKE. If there aren’t many ppl feeling CiCi, it is what it is. Get off the train of using guilt to condemn ppl of liking what THEY like. As for CiCi, I only liked a few songs by her & mainly b/c of the beats/melodies. No I won’t be purchasing her cd, but I have never felt her music enough to make me wanna go out & purchase ANY of her albums. However, SOMEBODY out there will enjoy & purchase, with that being said I wish her the success that she strives for.

  14. Mzlady…oh my gosh, u r my lng lst twn.
    I totally agree with that.
    The music industry is fickle and so are the listeners…we never stick with someone through thick and thin. And we dont have to, we buy music that is good to us, to each its own. Its life I guess.

  15. i agree with mz lady…no one listens to just one artist all the time.

  16. I don’t support artist that I don’t like however I do respect and I think that that is what is important.

  17. Does anyone know the sales for India’s latest? Vol 2 Love & Politics quickly became my 2nd fav of her 4 CDs after Voyage to India.


    LOL. I feel the same way about Lauryn. I played the X-Factor everyday for 6 months back in the day. I had issues I guess. Our local Circuit City is going out of business (is this nation-wide?) and I decided to replace my scratched up Acoustic Soul/ India.Arie CD this past weekend!

  18. “matthew is too blame” “how dare you speak against king knowles”

    would you sing a new song? don’ t you know that some people will forever hold matthew knowles accountable for the dc madness? why you have to answer to people? if you dont agree thats on u child!

  19. Y’all need some Eric Roberson and Laura Izibor in ya life… 🙂

    Those of you who leave yourself open for good music, know what it is!!! I stop sitting around waiting for radio stations to play good honest music a long time ago. Instead of complaining about the corporate music business, be responsible for what you feed your ears (and soul) by LOOKING for other good music (from major label and independent artist alike…) THAT ARE OUT THERE but it’s not going to fall in your lap. We as black people still haven’t wrapped our minds around the buying power we possess…

    …not to mention, I love this site but I am tired of talking about the same artist week in and week out. There’s only so much we can say about them and I’m getting bored…let’s talk about some other sistas. =D

    MUSIC FAN FOR LIFE!!! :thumbsup:

  20. Mario, I am so happy the problem is fixed for you. Please in the future use the contact page to hit me up if you have any more issues with the site :thumbsup:

    Pearlrevealed, India sold 76,000 copies in her first week.

    According to Billboard, India Arie, who has the week’s best selling R&B/soul based album, moved 76,000 copies of “Testimony Vol. 2 Love & Politics”.

  21. Amen, Sister Nicole!

    Thanks Steph. Ms. India made it clear in her liner notes that she no longer make music for chart success so it doesn’t matter to her.

    @ Fashionista
    India is modeling her mom’s handbags in the CD booklet. This is a link. What do you think?

    I know that this is a Ciara post, but I am so pleased by her new CD. It’s not spectacular, just so soothing and peaceful to my ears. Love it.

  22. I agree with Nicole, Stephanie should do posts on more varied ‘brown sistas’ like India Arie, Goapele, Amel Larrieux etc. Seeing Byeonce, Rihanna and Ciara all the time gets on my nerves! Switch it up puhlease. And all the other black blogs are always writing about the above three anyway so theres no point repeating what we already know.

  23. @UK Girl,
    Then don’t come on this site, or go into posts that don’t talk about
    other brownsistas, aint nobody forcing u.

  24. @ fake nicole ^^^^ If everyone were to say okay well i don’ t see about other sisters here so i’ m living this blog, blogs would not be what they are, us coming on everyday is what help the owner of this blog make money, so i think we can and should make some subjections!

  25. Testimony Vol. 2 Love & Politics is soooooo good ghetto yellow and long goodbye are my jammmmmmz

  26. @ Voice
    There is nothing I don’t like. After listening through 4 times, I now go straight to “the cure”, then to “yellow”. I think “long goodbye” would get some attention if it is released as a single.

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