Ciara Fashions a Skirt Out Of a Napkin


How naked does Ciara have to get in order to dispel those pesky pregnancy rumors?

The 28-year old dance diva wore a handkerchief earlier this week when she attended the Beverly Hills Nomination Ceremony for the upcoming People’s Choice Awards.

The ‘Body Party’ songstress snagged a nomination for ‘Favorite R&B Artist,’ a category that has her going up against Alicia Keys, Rihanna and two white guys: Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke.

Ciara will also be a presenter at this year’s ceremony, and is expected to show up with fiancé Future, and that fat 15-carat diamond ring he recently put on her finger.


  1. She is not pregnant! She is not pregnant! She has too much going on right now AND she needs to wait for a better man who doesn’t do crazy gangsta rap and who can support her like she deserves.

    At first I was so happy with them as a couple – so beautiful together, but why is he making an album called “Streez Calling”. How can we be sure that he has put that behind him? And if he hasn’t, he IS NOT qualified to raise Ciara’s children, when she gets pregnant.

    But whatever she decides, that is her choice, and her right to make, and I will always love her. She knows his heart. I dont. But I cant lie, BECAUSE I LOVE THEM BAD BOYS TOO LOL

    Can’t stand them professional boring monkeys in a 3 piece suit LOL But I paid dearly for those wild times living on the edge.

    Was the price too high? Not sure at this point, but I DID NOT allow my thug to have any signicant role in my child’s life eventhough he was the father. It was the right thing to do. Now my son is a very responsible man, who graduated from college, and is a top professional. His father could never have raised that kind of man.

    The children he raised are just like him and they amounted to nothing, eventhough they had 2 parents.

  2. I hope CiCi has the longest engagement in history like JHud and oprah LOL LOL

    Nobody cares whether babies are in wedlock now.

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