Ciara Gets ‘Turnt Up’ at LA Pride

2013 LA Gay Pride Festival - Day 1

You Got Served!

How awful for Ciara.

While performing at the L.A. Pride Festival Saturday evening, the ‘Body Party’ singer was served with a lawsuit.

CiCi was singing ‘Promise’ when she walked over to a fan close to the stage and took papers from her. The papers turned out to be a lawsuit. And though Ciara promptly gave them right back, she was officially served.

Hollywood gay spot The Factory claims Ciara violated her contract with them by failing to show up for a scheduled performance. Ciara’s publicist has a different take on the matter, saying her client gave proper notice she would not be able to perform due to her L.A. Pride commitment.

Ciara’s rep went on to say that despite being notified, the club continued to promote Ciara’s appearance. Further, at no time was the deal finalized in writing and the club paid the singer no money.

Video below of Ciara being served, as well as a kickass performance of her new single ‘Turnt Up.’


  1. Ciara is amazing in the second video.
    Can’t stand to see men do that- gay or straight.
    It just turns my stomach.

  2. eeek! lol

    this is… well, i’m just going to say that her performance-wear is nice and i like her new hairdo.

  3. I don’t get it. How do people get dancing mixed up with stripper moves. There was nothing hot about that performance. I felt like i was in a strip joint. I was gonna say gay joint but it was lol. She needs to get back into good old street dancing. Don’t know how Ciara was amazing in the second video when the gays were doing all the moving.

  4. LeLe tell your hater boss rihanna that you need a night off and that stalking and bullying is a crime

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