Ashanti Shoots “Behind The Music” Episode

According to Jaden Gibbs, a make-up artist, Ashanti is presently filming an episode of the VH-1 hit series “Behind the Music.” Ashanti herself tweeted the image above with the caption “still filming,” that left many wondering what new project she could be working on. Because “Behind the Music” is now a promotional vehicle used by record companies, it is safe to say that the singer must have some sort of new music coming out and the image above is a part of that. So far Ashanti has kept pretty mum about her plans for the New Year. However, since it has been almost three years since the release or her “The Declaration” album (as well as her last movie Resident Evil: Extinction), I think it’s safe to assume both she and her fans are anxious for a comeback.


  1. That pic looks like it may be from an upcoming movie or video. I can’t see what else it could be for.

    I kind of miss the “Rain On Me” days.

    That song is such a classic.

  2. I like Ashanti. Her first album is my favorite. Hope she comes out with a good album this time. I wasn’t a fan of the last one.

  3. I can not wait for this to air. I really like ashanti. So i hope she comes out with a good album.

  4. I like Ashanti…I’m so impressed with her…I can’t believe how she keeps her name and face out there…the industry still interested in her…especially, not putting out new music and not charting well with previous efforts…amazing grace…how sweet indeed!

    Go Ashanti, highly favored!

  5. Damn. They just handing out “Behind The Music” episodes now?

  6. i love ashanti but i hope this time she blows people away with what ever she has in store and if that does not happen then maybe she should consider takin an executive behind the scenes gig THOSE “GIGS” pay well!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Go Ashanti girl. I will be buying the next album. When I was going thru a rough relationship “The Declaration” was there for me. Thanx girl for writing an album for me. 😉 We need songs with real life womanly substance and Shani writes them. Keep it going girl. We miss you and please bring back real R&B.

  8. I love Ashanti. I think she is one of the most prettiest women in the entertainment business. As much as she has been put down, she is still here among us and doing it for those of us enjoy what she brings to the table.—It’s nice to read these comments about her and no one trying to compare her to anyone else. Ppl have become so dumbed down. So they act and believe it’s a sin to enjoy and love more than one artist at a time.

  9. i love ashanti and i cant wait to see it she need to hurry up tho cuz all of us fans need some ashanti rain cuz we r dyin of thirst

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