Ciara Goes Glamorous For Victoria Secret

Super C, aka Ciara, took time off from putting the finishing touches on her upcoming CD, to stop by the grand opening of the Victoria Secret flagship store on Lexington Avenue. Ciara, as many of you know, was due to release her Fantasy Ride this month but had the project scrapped and pushed back by her record label until Spring of 2009, with no definitive date for release given. According to her label it was to give her time to go back and rework the CD, bringing in new producers like Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and Justin Timberlake. However, at this point some say the entire album is more than likely never going to be released. With the majority of the album already leaked to the net and mounting competition for publicity in the world of R n’ B women, Ciara is fighting an upwill battle she seemed to be winning just a few short weeks ago.

Here the singer is looking like a model at the Victoria Secret flagship store oepneing on Lexington Avenue in New York City. She looks fabulous.


  1. I really love Ciara and all of the women in the R & B music group. I like the way that they are branching out and not just isolating themselves to the music industry. I wish Ciara all the blessings and gifts that she is due.

  2. GOOD Move CI!
    Looking GOOD! Loving new hot hair style.
    I agree Surbrai!
    Im so proud of black ladies all of them. All doing something good and positive things. From Ciara Alicia Keys Beyonce Oprah Michelle Obama and everyone.

  3. Oh and Fantasy Ride isnt scrapped its set for a March release date. Its confirmed March 2nd in Uk and France whole Europe. So im hoping a March 2nd date for USA also.
    Go Ciara! 🙂

  4. Bloggers and their poorly researched stories crack me up. 🙄 It makes no sense for Jive not to release Ciara’s album. She’s a multiplatinum selling artist. She might have pushed it back but that has happened to so many artists including TI and Lil Wayne who both went on to have huge sales on their projects. If Tpain,Lil Mama and all these flop Jive artists can get release date why wouldn’t Ciara? Come now. Stop the hating.

  5. Ciara you look the most amazing I think you’ve ever looked! You’re clearly happy & healthy, at a very good stage in your life. God bless boo xxx

  6. When will dumb arse fans learn to comprehend what they read? Nowhere does Stephanie say the album was totally scrapped, only that it has been pushed back and that there are rumors of it being scrapped completely. Lord knows this isn’t the first blog or “respectable” site to say or report such news. Ciara hasn’t sold so many records that Jive needs her. Her album being pushed back twice is proof of that. And why call the blog owner a hater when all she is doing is reporting the same thing a million other sites have reported? Fans are so blind to the truth around them and the truth is Ciara’s time has come and gone. Like Brandy, Monica, Mya and so many more, the public has simply grown tired of her.

  7. Ciara is suffering because of her own folly. A few months ago all you heard about was Ciara and her Vibe cover. It was eye catching but then she started back peddling and making excuses for it and she looked a fool. For the first time in her career she was getting bad press especially on the radio and that is when the DJ’s stopped playing Go Girl and it fell of the charts. The fact that she hasn’t performed the song on television hasn’t helped either. Why hasn’t she been making the rounds of MTV, BET, The Today Show and the like? Make no mistake about it when her album eventually comes out it will fail. Push back albums always fail. The hype surrounding Ciara, her Vibe cover and the video has totally vanished and that is going to hurt her next year. The hype started in October and it will not start all over again next year. Jive should have released the album and allowed Ciara perform and promote it like artists did back in the day. :thumbsup:

  8. It’s a wrap for Supa C and running back into the studio with Palow da Don (who admitted to leaking Usher’s tracks ahead of time) and Justin Timberfake won’t help save her album. Everyday there is a new leaked track. Go check Limewire cause you can get the whole shebang over there. Stick a fork in this no singing heffa cause she is done. :lol2:

  9. Thelma, thats a horrible thing to say. ‘stick a fork in… ‘ there’s no need :loser:
    Hopefully she comes back stronger next year. A lot of other blogs, respectable ones like concreteloop for e.g. said it was scrapped, it isnt :brownsista: fault. Unfortuntely so many has been released so she probly is recording some new ones and try and be like beyonce’s team and keep a lid on it.

  10. Concreteloop isn’t a respectable site. When I said respectable I meant something like People or Black Voices where the writers are entertainment insiders and not college kids writing this stuff from their dorm rooms. As for Ciara her music isn’t so great that she would be missed. She is a mediocre singer and performer and she is falling flat with the public because acts like hers are no longer popular. I like Janet and could tolerate Britney but their type of lip synching performances fall flat with audiences today. They seem distant and that is no longer hot. It’s time for these ppl to put down the turned off headphone mics and pick up a real mic and engage the fans.

  11. @Thelma a mediocre performer isn’t that the point. Isn’t everyone. They don’t take the time to develop an artisist anymore they develop the image. That’s why they have to branch off i so many areas.

  12. CiaraLooks Absolutely Flawlessss, Need I Say More, Hell Yeah, Greatest Entertainer Alive. Know That A Fact. Little Known Black History Fact, Ciara Has Accomplish More Than M.J. And Beyonce In Her Four Short Year Out On The Scene. Know That Ciara Has Been A Publish Writer For Seven Years. Also Ciara Has Earn HerAssociate Degree Online, Soon To Be Receiving Her Bachlor Degree , So Yes My Baby Will Be Around For A While. Ciara Is Paving The Way For Our Kids To Achieve More Than Want Is Expected . For Once Lets Be Seeing In A Different Light By Whites. You See They Pretending Brittany Spears Never Fell Off. Lets Treat Our Beautiful And Talented Sista Better, We Are Still Behind In The Race In Salary :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  13. LMAO!
    Bloggers just hoping CIaRA Will fail.. well we shall see the outcome of her Fantasy Ride.
    It is the truth just go on a Ciara site and find source for it coming out march 2nd moi… so yeah idk where you were going with that.
    GO CIARA n Still looking hot!
    Anyways gO Girl is a PROMO single who Do live shows and events for a single just to let people know you are back with something new. It isnt LEAD single lead single Im guessing coming out next month… so yeah. The video Deubted @ #1. Yup sure is wrap for Ci n her career! 😆 :lol2:

  14. why did they have to add this hood girl to Vicki Secret. She was better off doing :booty:

  15. @What is a hood girl. Don’t we all come from a hood somewhere. Now if it was those other two it would be oh this is so great and I am glad she’s doing her thing, but, now that it’s her she has to be a hood girl. She seems like a nice, sweet, happy, and country girl to me.

  16. Two Things, dangerously in love, good girl gone bad, the carter III, Circus, all of which are pushed back albums have sold/will sell at LEAST double platinum=not a flop/ failure, so whoever said that should check their facts. Also, Ciara can easily get back on top with the right single…last time i checked, the lead single off of several albums (After the Storm, Never Say Never, etc.) didn’t garner much attention orginally but when they came with a hard second single and some pushed back they sold ridiculous. don’t be stupid Dana…this is far from over.,

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