Ciara Is Still In Demand

Crunk n’ B chica for life, Ciara, isn’t letting the modest showing of her latest CD stop her from making moves in other areas. Despite poor sales of the singer’s “Fantasy Ride” album, Ciara is still very much an artist in demand. Verizon has tapped the dance diva to be the pitch woman for their new mobile device, the LG Chocolate Touch– and just recently debuted the ad campaign and commercial for the gadget.

Magazine and clothing companies are also knocking down the singer’s door. Ciara will be repping the Express fashion label and recently did a photo shoot with photographers Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold that will appear in an upcoming edition of German Vogue.

Check out the photo below…

Ciara "Express" Photo Shoot For German Vogue


  1. Here’s a link to the commercial. It’s airing on all major networks and there will be a print campaign to follow.

    Ciara also recently shot an Adidas commercial in London. Look out for that in 2010

    Thanks for the consistent support Brown Sista !!

  2. I linked to the video in the post already Ciara Stan. The word “commercial” leads to the video.

    Thank you anyway 😀

  3. good for her the BEST female dancer out in a long time. but she kinda greasy aint it?

  4. I like Ciara I really do. I hate to see her wasting away her talent like this though. She is a singer and dancer. She abandoned what made her successful and is now instead seeking out a career in a field she will never fully conquer or be accepted into.

    I am all about growth but to abandon totally what made you likable and hot is crazy.

    Ciara needs to drop the sexy wanna be model thing and return in part to the around the way girl image that made her a success.

  5. Good for Ciara…I’m happy for her…I like reading positive articles about her…

  6. can you say “photoshopped to the tee”? the entertainment industry is getting more irritating by the day

  7. i agree find a new move straddle a man is the commercial is so unnecessary u do talk quite articulate why couldn’t we hear u speak on the phone u selling instead of sing! LOL

    I agree find a new dance move cuz straddlina a man in this commercial was so unnecessary i mean u do talk quite articulate why couldn’t we hear u speak on the phone u selling instead of singing! LOL

  9. She is a dancer why not use that it’s what she is known for by everyone…now if she was naked or getting naked I would understand the concern!

    These are the kinds of things I like to see and hear I love when people get blessed for all their work she said her utlimate goal besides becoming a great entertainer was to become a Billionaire and now she is making the right steps the Modeling contracts, Advertising contracts, Acting, Talent Agency, Production Company, Writing Company…she is making all the right steps I just hope she doesn’t streches herself to thin with all her projects!

  10. well i guest she finally realized singing ain’t her thing. dancing, yeah. so maybe she should stay with the modeling and other endorsements as long as they last

  11. I wish her well also. She also looked better with more curves. And yes I agree, go back to your roots on what made you famous. But still continue to be innovative, but dont reach for something that is not there

  12. @Wish Her Luck

    With a newly recorded album by Tricky Stewart and The Dream in the works, Ciara has yet to realize that singing is not her thing. Oh well, maybe it’ll have a couple of good dance tracks to work out to…

  13. Ciara is really, REALLY small whether that pic is photoshopped or not (hopefully it is in this pic, because if not then, well…).

    I used to really like her, and I wish she would return to her roots. I haven’t liked her new image in quite a while. I understand the “grown woman” part, but you can show a mature, sexy side and still maintain your lovable side, too.

    I hope her branching out works out in her favor, and I REALLY hope that her next album is much better than the last.

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