Ciara is Suing Future


Ciara Takes Future to Court

If you guys haven’t heard already, Ciara is suing Future for libel and defamation of character. The Body Party singer is accusing her child’s father of using the internet to malign her character in an attempt to undermine her career. Ciara is asking a judge to muzzle the trap rapper, as well as a cool fifteen million in damages.

Now you guys know I love me some Ciara, but I’ve also been quite vocal about her obvious missteps in even entertaining Future, a man who had several children by several different women, none of whom he’d ever married. However, in the case of this lawsuit, I think Ciara is making a mistake, one that actually plays into Future’s hands if Cici really does believe he’s out to make her look bad in the eyes of the public.

A lawsuit looks desperate and petty. So what Future is making random meany comments about her online. It’s what happens in relationships in modern times. Stupid people take it to social media and so far it is only Future who has looked bad. No one cares about his Instagram rantings and they in no way have impacted Ciara’s career in any meaningful fashion. Has she lost out on an endorsement or been dropped by her label or company simply because of Future’s words? I doubt it.

Right now she’s looking rather foolish in the eyes of the public, including mine. I had hoped this story was false when I first read it on The Jasmine Brand. Sadly, it isn’t. Ciara has moved on and she should have stayed looking forward. Engaging Future in a legal battle is a bad move all around. I doubt she’ll win in court, and worst of all, Baby Future will probably continue to be passed back and forth between the two at the front door.

Even if parents have parted or divorced, it does a child well to see his parents being loving and caring towards one another. Baby Future needs time with his mother and father TOGETHER. These are the little things immature folks never think about when they’re busy trying to tear their child’s other parent to shreds.

Ciara needs to drop this lawsuit and make amends with Future. They both need to grow up, shut up, and get to down to the business of raising their son out of the spotlight.


  1. I actually believe Future. He never sounds like he’s lying. Yeah he’s a baby making machine, but that doesn’t make him a bad person or father. I believe him when he said Ciara has sicked her lawyers on him in the past and that he has to go through lawyers to see his son. I believe him when he says Ciara wanted to make their marriage a big publicity event. I believe him. Future should stay off social media, but I definitely don’t think he’s lying about what he has to go through to spend time with his child.

  2. I disagree with the article 110%. YES Ciara she have never got involved with him. People are missing the whole point of this situation. Future has bashed this woman publicly over and over again. He has the responsibility to check on how he conducts himself and his character. Ciara has remained humble and now she’s taking matters into he own hands. As a woman myself I see nothing wrong with her suing him because she has went about the parenting the right and best way as possible for their kid. Future is the spiteful and resentful one. And Ciara did her best to stay cordial with him but what did his ignorant behind do? He did the opposite of what she did and kept disrespecting her. She’s a strong and independent woman and is taking control of this because she has the right to protect herself and their kid. Since people want to disagree with how Ciara is handling the situation despite she has been the mature one is letting me side-eye some folks. I’m sure anyone else would do this as well if a person maliciously attacks and questions their role as a person. I don’t care because Ciara has the right to go about this on her own terms. Any woman who takes control and handle her business gets my respect. I see you Ciara!

  3. I’m sorry for my typos but yes my thing is Ciara has did her best to be cordial with this fool and he needs to grow up for real!

  4. I feel for Ciara because Future really is a loser. He is so beneath her. She tried to upgrade him and he’s acted like a pure heathen in return. Still, this is a bad look. No one wins in a situation like this. Plus, Future can say whatever he likes, even if it’s mean. She should’ve just kept it classy and ignored him. Future is loving this. Now he’s got more to spew about on social media. Rappers just don’t make good boyfriends or husbands.

  5. I actually read the court documents and Ciara has every right to sure this creep for defamation of character. In the emails posted online Ciara is literally jumping through hoops to get this man to see his child. He has declined several times to see his baby boy. He refuses to talk to her, but can slander her good name online. He’s pathetic, but I can honestly say that she knew this man had no scruple and she had a baby with him anyway. So, she has to realize that this is her fault entirely.

    I didn’t see what she saw in him while they were together in the first place.

  7. I think a lot of black women suffer from low self esteem, even if they don’t know it or recognize the signs. So many famous and well to do sisters take up with thugs who we all know would be in jail had they not stumbled across a rap deal or sports contract. All the signs that Future was trash were there. Just listen to his music and look at his previous relationships.

    Why is Nicki Minaj dating Meek Mill? He is embarrassing and has an arrest record. Does she not think she can do better? I think a lot of sisters don’t think they can do better and settle for very mediocre men. Kudos to Meagan Good for finally waking up and landing herself a quality man.

    Black women always want to “work with a brotha” and prove they down by dating some basic ass men who aren’t worthy of them and who often use them for publicity.

    Ciara could have done better had she believe she deserved better.

  8. Another site posted court documents. The paper trail shows she went out of her to make arrangements with him. He and his lawyer would change scheduled meet ups at last minute, etc. What more can she do? Yes, she was doing everything through her lawyer, but shes a celebrity with a lot to lose. Makes sense to have everything legal and documented. Despite her efforts future was running around saying ciara was denying him…the records show that is not true. Yeah, ciara should have picked a better guy but that doesnt give him the right to verbally abuse her in public because she fell for a sore loser. And thats what this is all about. Ciara wasnt supposed to move on she was supposed to sit around and cry like his other baby mamas.

  9. I disagree with you Ciara has every right to what she is doing and I applaud her for standing up to Futures nonsense. He needs to respect her and stop talking about their personal life on twitter,radio stations & outburst in the media all nativity story about her. Future has lied about her all over the place used the baby for records sales and most of all using the baby to have his fans attacking her. Ciara is foundly standing up for herself and putting a stop to Futures foolish. Doing this will make him shut up, stop running his mouth in the public and keep personal matters private. One is so quick to point out fawls in others people life we all make mistake its all about learning from it picking yourself up and moving on. Ciara is a good person and do not deserve harassment from Futures nor his groons calling her a bitch or hoe and definitely not a unfixed mother to her child. She have every right to move on with her life.

  10. @TIA21
    You get the whole point! Ciara is a good person and always showed herself in a positive and classy act! This fool is just trying to make her the bitter one when OBVIOUSLY he’s the one that needs help!

  11. I hope they put his broke trash selfish un-kept self in jail. This will send a message to all men and women. When the relationship, daring, etc is over move on. People right today young and older are killing people taking people lives. If the court don’t do something about this man future he going to harm Ciara next. He wanted her money. Google his net worth. Future have nothing put a mountain of child support bills. I’m praying for Ciara safety.

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