Ciara Previews Keep on Lookin’ Video


It’s looking more and more like Ciara has shot a video for every song featured on her recently released fifth solo CD, the self-titled ‘Ciara.’

Ciara has spent the past week co-hosting BET’s 106 & Park, and during that time she has released video previews for five different songs: ‘Sophomore,’ ‘DUI,’ ‘Read My Lips,’ ‘Livin’ it Up,’ and now today, ‘Keep on Lookin.’

The ‘Ciara’ album features eleven singles and so far we have seen or been given glimpses of videos for eight of them.

Ciara will wrap up her 106 & Park co-hosting duties tomorrow, but probably not before she gives us another performance and glimpse at one of two more videos.

Check out the preview of ‘Keep on Lookin’ below, as well as Ciara’s live performance with rapper Ludacris.


  1. I respect what Ciara is trying to do but it’s just not working. All these videos seem thrown together and appear to have been taped back-to-back- some probably on the same day. They all look the same and seem to lack any type of theme. I’m happy Epic put the money behind Ciara, but a better job could have been done. “I’m Out” is great and you can see the time and energy that went into it. The rest of these are like fillers.

  2. She needs more songs like her classic ‘Goodies’…she needs to figure out that formula and why that song worked for her and then go from there. Her sound is just all over the place and most of the time it just seems like she is trying extremely TO hard.

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